January 15th, 2019

#6493: Well, it's past time for a new razor

Gilette just lost my business. Have a Fusion razor I use, but not anymore; once this refill is done, it goes in the trash.

Fortuitously enough, while shopping for sundries on Saturday I happened to stop in the razor aisle and ponder buying a pack of refills, and chose not to. I also happened to see that one can buy a less-expensive brand which appears just as good; the handle is $10 with two cartridges, and a 5-pack of cartridges is $5 cheaper than the equivalent Fusion refill. So, I'll probably go back to Walmart and pick up that.

"Good luck," says Karl Denninger.

Grow a beard like Walt Whitman's, suggests Advice Goddess, rather than use Gilette products.

* * *

This story reminds me why the death penalty for some crimes is a sad necessity.

You don't have a death penalty as a deterrent. Nor, really, is it much of a punishment; a person can only die one time, and once a criminal has crossed the threshold that demands capital punishment, further crimes are "free".

No: capital punishment exists to remove these monsters from our society, permanently. They cannot be fixed, or cured, or reformed; they can only be caged or killed. Putting them in cages works well enough, but only so long as they are not let out of their cages.

Because as soon as they are let out of their cages, they will offend again. If they could help it--if they had just that much self-control--they would not have offended in the first place.

* * *

Ultimately they will find that marajuana is not any safer than tobacco is. And possibly worse for you. This post talks about the effects on the brain; I don't know if anyone's ever really looked at what nicotine does to the brain, but THC (the active ingredient in pot) is a lot more psychoactive than nicotine is.

* * *

FFS just use your hands. Your hands do not explode and cannot be short-circuited.

* * *

So, let's talk a bit about MUH SCIENCE:

"Why climate change isn't science" is the headline of this article.
What "Climate Change" is, is a bunch of doomsday predictions. Now, predictions are the critical part of the scientific method. They are what enable a theory to be proven or disproven. If they prove false, they're also the best way to refute a theory.

Climate change alarmists have made lots of predictions. Perhaps too many, because not one of their predictions whose expiration date has passed has proven correct.
Not one. Meanwhile, the people making those predictions, they claim that the people who are skeptical about their conclusions are only skeptical because they don't understand the science.

But oddly enough, that turns out to the true for people who are anti-GMO. They oppose GMO not because they have a firm grasp of the risks of genetically modifying organisms, but because they don't know shit about it.

The fundamental contradiction--I say "contradiction" but it borders on hypocrisy, which is not surprising--the contradiction is that the people who are most likely to hold up science as the exemplar of knowledge and truth when it comes to climate change are the ones who are quickest to abandon it when it runs counter to their ideology.

For the first time in history, we have made it possible to eliminate famine and malnutrition--to relegate such things to the realm of politics rather than economics, to build a world where people starve not because there is no food to give them, but because their own leaders choose to make them starve. That's a vast improvement over 90% of history.

We can modify common staples so that they produce nutrients which are lacking in local diets, for whatever reason. This fixes another major problem that's maintained for most of human history.

Just by using science to change food plants so that they produce greater yields, so that they resist bugs and fungi, so they are healthier, we can fix so many ills that have plagued mankind since the dawn of civilization--and people stand in the way of it, out of sheer foolish ignorance.

The people who claim "the science is settled!" are the quickest to condemn you for pointing out that sex is a biological fact and not a matter of opinion.

* * *

Man, that Watamote anime is just yanking my heartstrings.

Last night there was a scene where Tomoko gets dressed down by a teacher for not having her textbook with her and not doing anything about it. After that scene, they showed something else (the exterior of the school building, I think) but the sound effects were identical to scenes where she's crying.

That got me. I've been there: you're an introvert with social anxiety, and the teacher just stands there and verbally pounds you into the tarmac, and you just feel small and helpless--that happens to everyone, but when you've got no friends around you...well, it's bad, and I understood her 100%.

But it's really entertaining, and I'm enjoying it immensely. I caught myself doing the "Just one more episode!" thing with it.

* * *

Wow, it's 6 already. My workday is half over.

#6494: Now it feels hot in here

Furnace pulled its little trick again this year. Mrs. Fungus complained that the house was cold, and when I went to the thermostat I saw that yes, the house was cold--four degrees colder than it should have been.

Dec 13, 2016 was when it last did this.

Was still on the clock so I just turned off power to the furnace and then turned it on again; that sufficed to get it running to bring the temp up. Once work was over, it had dropped to 68, so I went down there, pulled the thermocouple, cleaned the carbon off it, and put it back in. Hopefully that'll hold it for a while.

Like maybe another two years.

...but of course after spending my day in a cooling house, now that it's 70 in here again, it feels too hot. Heh.