May 30th, 2019

#6684: They think that matters.

Disney is saying that it won't make any movies in Georgia because of their new abortion law. "Bob Iger said it would be 'very difficult' for Disney to keep filming in Georgia if the state enacts a new abortion law." You know, because abortions are vital to the process of shooting a movie, and if they're in a state which doesn't allow them--well, it would just be a logistical nightmare, and--eh?


I am told that generally, abortions are not necessary to make movies. Who knew?

Disney's CEO apparently does not. If the law goes into effect, he says, "I don't see how it's practical for us to continue to shoot there."

Here's how: you leave the politics to the politicians and concentrate on making movies. Lord knows you asshats only seem to be able to make entertaining movies by accident any more.

* * *

I'm convinced that the FBI is now a political organ rather than a police force.

A million pages of nothing. Heh.

Its objectives certainly are political.

To be honest, though, I want the Democrats to keep fucking that chicken, and I want them to do it good and hard every fricking day until election day in 2020. I want them to toss around the "impeachment" talk like it's confetti and, in fact, I want them to impeach Trump.

...because I know how all that will play--is, in fact, playing--in "flyover country".

* * *

China would not be saying this if Trump was letting them have their way.

I note here that there have been plenty of people who are complaining about the tariffs because they make things more expensive. That's actually incorrect.

My example is the same tired one I trot out in these cases: DRAM prices in the 1980s. Japanese companies were dumping DRAM chips on the American market below their production cost, and computer memory was cheap. When Reagan slapped a tariff on them, all the computer people were unhappy because now DRAM cost so much more.

Except--DRAM was not actually that cheap, and never was. When you bought Japanese DRAM at their fire-sale prices, there was a hidden cost: the end of American DRAM manufacturers. And if that had been allowed to run to its natural conclusion, Americans then would have had to pay whatever the Japanese wanted to charge for DRAM.

Japan was dumping DRAM on the American market, below cost, in order to drive American manufacturers out of the business, so they could corner the market and then charge whatever they could get for it. The tariffs did not raise prices on DRAM so much as correct the price on DRAM to what it should have been.

So, yes, it costs more to get electronic components from China because of the tariff. Chinese companies are only able to sell these parts so cheaply (absent tariffs) because they pay their labor slave wages, and because they have effectively no environmental regulation and can just dump their toxic waste wherever is most convenient.

I have no beef with this.

China accusing the US of "economic terrorism" is just saber-rattling. It's politics. They know they need access to our markets if they don't want their entire proletariat to rise up and squish them.

* * *

If you name your kid after a made-up person you deserve what you get. One of the lamest things I see in WoW is when someone has named his character after someone in a movie or a TV show. For fuck's sake, you have the chance to be anyone and the best you can come up with is "Jonsnow" or "Kaleesi" or "Bilbð" or-or-or?

One time I was running around on Torgilgrimm and someone asked me, "Why did you name your character that?"

Me: Because it be a fine dwarven name!

Him: Right, but why did you give him that name?

Me: ... Well, why did you call your character Btyler? (not his real name)

Him: Because my name is Bruce Tyler.

Him: your gay

So I put him on my "ignore" list and got on with my life.

Inflicting "Khaleesi" on a girl is like calling your son "Frodo", for fuck's sake. It's stupid.

One time I was at an anime convention, and there was this little girl toddling around in the dealer room, and someone called to her, "Come here, Belldandy!" I honestly hope that was a nickname because WHAT THE FUCK you actually named your daughter after an anime character?

(That little girl would now be, what, maybe 22? And probably in therapy.)

* * *

I have to wonder if this nonsense was behind all the data complaint calls I took for Verizon. Apple iphones apparently call home about you:
With the help of privacy firm Disconnect, Fowler encountered over 5,400 trackers in just one week - mostly within apps, that send his information to third party companies. Over the course of a month, the unwanted trackers were on track to upload 1.5 gigabytes of data.
I'd bet money that sometimes those trackers can hork up a dick and spam the connection and use tons of data in a single night, too.

In a system that didn't bill by the megabyte that wouldn't be a problem.

* * *

This person's descendants would qualify for reparations if it were done the way I suggest it be done, i.e. a one-time payment to descendants of actual slaves.

* * *

Read everything in this post. They're all good. Incidentally, I don't know what that large blade weapon is called, but it looks like you could shave with it. Yeeesh.

* * *

But I'm linking this one because in H. Beam Piper's SF world they counted the years from the first demonstration of nuclear power. So 1945 was the year 0 Atomic and 2000 would be the year 55 Atomic and so forth.

The section of the article titled "Why They Hate Nuclear Power" is a MUST-READ:
In the 1950s, President Dwight D. Eisenhower encouraged the use of nuclear energy to lift nations out of poverty as a way to redeem humankind generally, and the U.S. particularly, for the sin of having created nuclear weapons. But not everybody was on board with the project of ending poverty. Cheap energy would lead to overpopulation, deplete scarce resources, and destroy the environment, prominent scientists in the West feared.
They're wrong, of course--100% wrong--because ending poverty lowers the birthrate. (Evidence: the top economies of the world all feature low birth rates, except China, which only recently became a top economy. Give them 30-40 years.) People who are not poor have entertainment options other than sex. They also have access to birth control.

Learning how to harness nuclear power is on par with learning how to make and use fire. In the distant future, if they remember anything about us at all, they will be aghast that we didn't immediately abandon coal as a power source the instant we had fission.

Not using fission to generate electricity is like people in the iron age insisting that there's nothing wrong with bronze and it does everything that iron can, and iron is too dangerous because it has all these military applications and it doesn't melt until you get it REALLY HOT and remember old Aescolimedes? He got too close to molten iron and his face melted off; clearly we need to ban the smelting of iron because it causes too much death.


* * *

Little Hitler apparently cannot spell the word "buy". Good retort, though, from "Fuzzy Chimp".

Little Hitler: You shouldn't be able to by [SIC] a gun, gun parts or ammunition over the internet."
Fuzzy Chimp: "You shouldn't be able to go to Harvard if you can't spell 'buy'."

Ha! HA!

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WTF is going on here?

Oh, I get it: Avatar: The Last Airbender slashfic goes mainstream. No thanks.

* * *

This looks like a great idea. I have been looking at the bunker's crawl spaces with a jealous eye. This house originally was to have a full basement, but the architect who designed the place did something "space-age" crazy with the roof line; and in order to get it corrected, the budget for building the house had to absorb that, and the full basement turned into a half-basement.

The roof was originally designed to be sloped, higher in the front than the back, while still being a peaked roof. I'm sure it would have looked chic and modern in 1965, but by 1980 it would have looked like complete ass and Dad was right to rein in the architect's impulses.

...but we have a half-basement. More like a third, actually, compared to the floor area of the house itself.

One thought I had was to find out if it was even possible to excavate those areas (or one of them) and then lay down gravel and have cement pumped in to make a floor. I haven't the faintest idea if that would even work but my instinct is "no" because I'd bet that the foundation doesn't go down that far. I have a feeling that the foundations for the "crawl space" part don't go down as far as those for the "basement" part. I don't know, of course. Finding out would mean excavating near the crawlspace area with a post hole digger. A long one. Regardless, it would be a really expensive process to undertake and it would have to be done by someone who knew what the hell he was doing, which leaves me out.

Second idea is to make the bulkhead bigger and then do something like what's been done at the link. Even without the mini-forklift there's no reason sealed containers would not be 100% safe in the crawl space. It never gets too cold or too warm in there and it's dry enough. But the entrances to them would have to be bigger and more convenient.

Third idea is just to simplify, get rid of stuff we don't need, and leave everything as it is. This is the easiest and least expensive one.

* * *

Speaking of lawn mower maintenance, until I saw this I was worried that I'd never greased the spindles.

...if the bearings are sealed on both sides, the grease you pump into that Zerk won't go anywhere. EGAD. But sealed bearings are, as he points out, cheap and common, so as long as the shaft itself isn't gruckled (technical term) you should only need to replace those bearings. And you can get ones which are open on one side so that you CAN grease them with the Zerk in the spindle.

* * *

Today is a ridiculously nice day. I'm hoping to have at least one day like it this weekend, when I can go outside and enjoy it. *sigh*

#6685: Okay, it's really good

Ended up doing I don't know how many more eps of Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun and was treated to several laugh-out-loud moments.

"Who knew that a white board could fly that far?" I laughed a lot at that one.

* * *

I won't mind working so much when it's 90° in the shade outside, but with all these pleasant spring days it's just not that easy. Oh well. Same as it ever was, and everyone has the same problem.