June 12th, 2019

#6703: Let me explain it to you.

A train that leaves 20 seconds early is a train that is not in the station as long as anyone expects it to be. So, let's say that you're a person who uses that train every day, and you look at your watch and see that you have enough time to hit the can before the train leaves. You hit the can, come out...and no train, because it left twenty seconds early.

Now you have to wait for the next one. And suppose there's another train, a connection that the train you missed is timed for? Only now you won't be there; and once you get to that station you'll have to wait for that next train. So you get to your destination late--possibly very late.

The Japanese pride themselves on having a mass transportation system that operates like clockwork. It ensures that riders will make their trains as long as they're in the station at the right time. In a country the size of California with a population of about a third of that of the US, the trains must run on time, as scheduled. The people don't just expect the trains to run on time; they need them to run on time.

So, yes--I can see why the public apology was issued.

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He probably does that as a "gold digger" test. I would.

It occurs to me that perhaps this is similar to the old joke. "What do you think I am?" "Young lady, we have already established that. Now we are negotiating the price."

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Had the link from this post in my lineup this afternoon and could not understand why. I closed it without comment because I didn't remember why I'd opened it. I had to dig through the blogroll to find the source again, and--finding it--understand the wry humor behind the post's sole sentence, "The lovely ladies of Baltimore."

A bunch of adipose women shaking their butts. "Twerking." On a police car, at police. Apparently at the "pride" parade.

Twerking is stupid. It is meant to be a display of how quickly a woman can move her posterior up and down during the sex act. It looks abysmally foolish. Any woman who performs that maneuver in public probably has the intellect of a can of carrots and the class of a can of Colt 45.

I just don't have the words to further describe my disdain for these useless extrusions.

* * *

Woke up from an after-work nap with a supreme craving for brownies. Fortuitously, I had enough eggs--I always make sure to keep the other ingredients on hand but eggs seem to be a challenge. Anyway, I had everything, so I put it all together; and now I am enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Perhaps a little bit too much.

#6704: I expect them to become less accurate

So the models for forecasting weather in the US will be getting the first real update in 40 years. On the plus side, this isn't something people use to get free money from the government, like global warming models; weather prediction actually has to be right or there'll be a lot of angry people. So maybe my pessimism is unwarranted.

* * *

What do you call the economic equivalent of saber rattling? That's all China is doing with this stuff. They're not going to go to war because of trade negotiations; as I've said time and again China needs access to the US market or their economy will implode.

I expect them to talk like this during the negotiations. What will, in fact, happen is that China and the US will come to an agreement and all this nonsense will be quietly forgotten.

Meanwhile, You people are morons.
President Trump's trade war has produced a logistical nightmare for American importers at Southern California ports.

Marisa Bedrosian Kosters, an executive at an Anaheim, Calif.-based ceramic tile and stone retailer, like any other retailer when they heard trade war last year, pulled demand forward by ordering additional product to get ahead of the tariffs and other duties, reported The Gazette.

But when her new tiles, packed into 40-foot containers, from central Guangdong Province, China, reached the Port of Long Beach, she said her containers encountered a logistical difficulty.

The trade war forced American importers to pull forward all at once; this created a massive influx of containers at the Port of Long Beach. Massive bottlenecks at the port formed in 2H19, which Kosters was slapped with thousands of dollars in extra costs charged by the terminals.

The Gazette said her 389,000-square-foot tile distribution center is "overflowing" with tiles because she had to order more product to get ahead the tariffs. Now she is faced with record high inventory.
Let me explain something: this situation is not President Trump's fault; it's the fault of all the stupid gits who ordered so much stock.

Trying to make sure you have a large inventory of artificially cheap goods--that's on you, bitch, not Trump. If you're going to preorder a bunch of stock, it's your fault your DC is "overflowing" and its your responsibility to deal with it.

I get so sick of people who do something stupid and then blame others for the consequences of it. The trade negotiations (it is not a trade war, at least not yet) didn't force anyone to do anything. And half of these people are complaining that "trade chaos" has increased international cargo traffic so I fail to see what the exact downside is for the larger economy.

They order massive amounts and complain that there's too much cargo coming in. If Trump gets his way and things become more level, they will complain that there is too little cargo coming in. They will complain about everything and blame it on Trump. Well, screw them; they're idiots.

* * *

Because the public has, in general, realized that the major media outlets aren't giving them the facts, people are no longer really paying attention to them.

"People will pay for quality content. People will pay for truthful content. ... But they won't pay to be insulted, mocked, despised, and deceived." And that's the problem; the mainstream news media--the big names--are leftist propaganda mills, and they routinely mock, insult, and deceive, and they've done it for decades.

About time those chickens came home to roost.

* * *

This article makes an interesting argument against the "drag queens reading to children" thing going on in some places.
When LGBT activists argue their goal is to introduce preschool-aged children to concepts of gender-fluidity and openly "queer" people, they are arguing for forcing leftist views about sexuality and gender on children. That, in many ways, is what the conservative opposition is truly about.

We do not want kids to be confused by a culture that cannot decide if drag queens are positive expressions of queer identity or a transphobic mockery of gender identity. We do not want kids to be pushed into believing their childhood exploration of identity is evidence they must change everything about themselves. We don’t want kids to look up to adult men dressed as sexualized caricatures of women and believe this is, indeed, normal or respectful towards women.
The problem is, I don't believe it.

"We do not want kids to be confused," he says, and he may be telling the truth that he himself does not want that; but the larger segment of the LGBT community seems to want that very much. That's because they are leftists and they want the children to be leftists. And, yes, it's about recruitment.

* * *

Another ebola epidemic, and it's spreading.

How soon it starts here is anyone's guess. Allowing unrestricted immigration with no quarantine is a jim-dandy way to enable that.

"You can't get it from a sneeze!" which is why the people who work with ebola patients wear face masks and goggles and so forth. Sure.

* * *

This kind of civil disobedience is only possible because the guns are not registered.

* * *

This pastor is not a Christian. I'm sure he calls himself that. The problem is, one of the key features of being a Christian is discernment, aka "judgement". Knowing, in other words, who your neighbor is, and loving him--and not loving the person who is not your neighbor. The gospels are full of examples where Jesus refused people.

I think the most eye-opening thing I got from my bible studies classes that I used to take was the fact that no, Jesus was not really the way that some portrayed him, as loving everyone despite who they were, as being always kind and forgiving and open to everyone. He wasn't. Look it up.

Jesus said "turn the other cheek", yes, but he also said, "Sell your cloak and buy a sword." It depended on the situation. We are not required to "turn the other cheek" to someone who wants us dead; we are allowed to defend ourselves. Jesus didn't say, "If your neighbor stabs you in the kidney, let him stab the other one too." Being slapped may sting a bit, but it causes no lasting damage. It's different when someone pulls a gun on you, though.

Churches (and/or pastors) who do this kind of thing wonder why so few people attend their services.

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Clickbait of course but there are some seriously spoiled asshats out there. If I were rich no kid of mine would get a fancy car for his 16th birthday.

Better to get the kid a heap and tell him, "I'll show you how to fix it up. Or you can drive it as-is." Want a new car? Get a job and earn it. Shit.

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There was a thing where--for some reason--Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to a fight in "the Octagon". So Brent Spiner picked up on that and challenged Angela Lansbury to a fight in the Octagon. Then Dick van Dyke got involved, and the rest was even funnier than I could have imagined.

It just wins the Internet.

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Raining today, and cool. Not bad weather, really. Saves me running the AC.

And, since it's 6:30, I'm better than halfway through my week, so that's a big plus.