June 26th, 2019

#6726: AIIGH I'm not sure I can TAKE this

This song is like 105-octane high test depression fuel, so be forewarned.

I first heard this song on Musical Starstreams years ago, and at the time I was struck by how much of it was simple raw, agonizing pain.

Have not heard it since then. Happened to think of it and did a search, and found it...and YE CATS it's the musical equivalent of watching someone rolling in broken glass.

But it's amazing. There is only one other song I know of that works like this one does, called "Tori no You Ni" by Kaneko Wada; that one's from the Kimagure Orange Road (KoR) movie (the first one, "I Want to Return to That Day") and it too is nothing but raw pain.

Pink Floyd's music doesn't affect me like that; it's a completely different feel and it just kind of bounces off. But this hits me in the emotional gonads like a wrecking ball, just like that Kaneko Wada song does. (And the ED for that KoR movie, "Hold Me Again", which is really hard to listen to since Mom died.)

Of course I listened through it twice.

But now we're all in need of a pick-me-up.

A flash in the pan first. I first heard this in 1998 and I should tell that tale sometime.

One of the most cheerful anime songs I know of:

Mr. Blue Sky!

What could be happier than a story about a guy whose true love is a goddess?

Trivia: Oh! My Goddess! was actually a spin-off of You're Under Arrest which also has a cheerful opening theme:

And then finally a two-fer from Project A-ko. This is one of the first anime soundtracks I bought:

Okay. Now I can go to bed!

#6727: SO desperate

From today's AoSHQ Morning Report post we have this gem:
The fact that CNN, which is the de-facto house organ of anything and everything anti-Trump, during an interview by Anderson Cooper had to cut away from [E. Jean Carroll] when she declared rape to be a sexual turn-on, should put the nail in the coffin of this borderline psycho fraud (NB: she has ties to the Lisa Bloom of Dewey, Cheatham & Howe infamy).
All the lefties who got up gloated about Trump being accused of rape--I wonder where they are now? Her rape fantasy turned out to have been cribbed from a TV show and she's clearly a complete lunatic.

CNN keeps embarassing itself. It's impossible for me to take CNN seriously any longer.

* * *

You always get "pushback" because you're fucking wrong.
In reality, the sole purpose of dropping nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 was not to end the war, but to show the rest of the world in general and the Soviets in particular that the United States had both the capability and the savagery to wipe out any city in the world with a single bomb. The war, in fact, had already been won, and the Japanese were already on the brink of surrender as the fearsome Soviet forces entered into the war in the Pacific. The narrative that the use of nuclear bombs was a tragic but necessary means to end World War II is a lie that the US has used its cultural hegemony to circulate around the world, much like the lie that America was mostly responsible for Germany's defeat and not the USSR.

I always get a lot of pushback from Americans when I point to this, not because I don't have facts on my side but because it's so glaringly different from the dominant narratives that Americans are spoon fed in school. If you don't believe me, read the aforementioned LA Times article titled "Bombing Hiroshima changed the world, but it didn't end WWII", or this article from The Nation, or this one from Mises Institute.
I trust most of those sources as much as I'd trust a $50 car. Those people--most of them--are part of the "Blame America First" crowd, who think that any time America defends itself or wins a war it's a horrible miscarriage of justice and quite possibly a war crime. Also, these people are trying to depict the usage of atom bombs in WW2 as utterly unwarranted and unnecessary. I mean, come on: the LA Times article was written by Peter Kuznik and Oliver Stone. I place no credence in any historical interpretation generated by Oliver Stone; he's a fucking communist.

Japan was not "on the brink of surrender". They were teaching people how to resist the American invasion, right down to telling women how to become self-propelled land mines to take out tanks. Japan was prepared to fight down to the very last person. The atom bomb changed their minds.

It was necessary to show the world that we had the thing, and that we'd use it. A decisive and fast win in Japan was necessary to keep the Soviet Union out of Japan; if there'd been an amphibious invasion the USSR would have taken part, and then Japan would have been split just like Germany was.

Harry S. Truman, for all his faults, knew what he was doing. This was a man who had been Ambassador to Japan; he took Kyoto off the target list specifically because he'd been there and didn't want to blow it up, knowing it was full of Japanese cultural heritage. But he authorized the use of atomic bombs on Japan because it was the fastest way to end the war with the fewest American casualties.

The idea that the USSR was the country which was mainly responsible for defeating Germany--for the USSR the war started in 1939. The invasion of Normandy was in 1944. Why is it that it took five years of war before the Germans started losing, and why is it that it took only ten months from the time the US invaded France to the end of the war in April of 1945, if the USSR was mainly responsible for Germany's defeat? What was the USSR doing from 1939 through 1944? Were they bombing Germany? Or were they simply holding the Germans steady at the eastern front while the US did the work of actually invading Europe?

This is nothing but a bunch of anti-American horseshit. I'm all for making sure we have an accurate take on what happened, but it's pure communist propaganda to say that America did not play a major role in ending WW2, and to instead lay all the credit at the feet of the USSR.

* * *

This is a feature, not a bug. "Religious liberty" is another freedom the left cannot tolerate. If you worship God, you're not going to worship the State. The left absolutely cannot tolerate any competition for your loyalty; that's why the destruction of the family is always the first thing they do.

The left loves it when children inform on their parents. "My Dad said Dear Leader was a poopy-head!"

* * *

Ah, Arse Technica, the global warming resource.

Headline: "Swapping spark plugs for nanopulses could boost engine efficiency by 20%"

First paragraph:
Here in 2019, only the most fringe reactionaries are able to claim with a straight face that climate change is not a thing. But after years of the media doing its "two sides" thing, recalcitrant policy makers dragging their heels, a continued lack of investment in public transport, and intense, well-funded opposition from vested interests like the oil industry, there has been a heavy cost on attempts to decarbonize. When it comes to the transportation sector, even with the best will in the world, it will be decades before we see the end of the internal combustion engine. So when a new technology comes along that offers a really meaningful improvement in fuel efficiency when fitted to existing engines, my interest gets piqued. Such is the case with a new ignition system from a company called Transient Plasma Systems.
They absolutely can not talk about internal combustion without prefacing it with a screed about THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED!!!!!111one-one

As usual it erects the straw man that people are denying climate change. The fact is that we do not know how much effect human activity has on the Earth's continously variable climate; but instead of arguing that point these people simply skip past it to the straw man, which is a point no one is making.

...and it leads to an improvement of 4%, not 20%. Taking an engine from 41% efficient to 45% efficient. 4% of 41% is not "20%". It's barely a 10% improvement.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but you won't see the end of the internal combustion engine until electricity is a hell of a lot cheaper than it is now. And that means more generating plants.

* * *

They simply cannot help themselves, can they? They hate President Trump so much they are incontinent with rage.

If I owned that business, that woman would not work there any longer. You can't just spit in peoples' faces. Shit.

* * *

San Francisco has solved all the other problems so now they've banned "vaping". Still okay to shit and drop used syringes in the street, but don't you dare inhale water vapor with nicotine in it!

* * *

Fine, don't go. No one cares. It's womens' soccer FFS and your "principled stand" is the same one that all the other commie creeps are making and for which they'll be hailed as "courageous". Except it's not courage to stand up (or sit down, as the case may be) and say the same things everyone else is saying.

* * *

Again, feature, not bug.
Free public college will destroy the public college and university system quickly and as effectively as public housing is turned into slums, and for exactly the same reason.
The elites want this. It means that the proletariat won't be educated, and thus easier to control. Their schools will remain private and not-free, of course; and the same way in the countries that have socialized medicine there are two tiers, one for the elites and one for the rabble, the same will be true of higher education.

The elites are focused on one thing: remaining the elite. They can't do that if someone can reach their status simply by being reasonably intelligent and working hard; and so they will do everything they can to make sure that they are the ones who decide who can climb to their level, and who cannot.

* * *

It is certainly true. I keep saying that one reason the Democrats should hesitate to impeach Trump comes down to the fact that if they somehow managed to remove him, they'd get PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE in his place. And then they would find themselves wishing for the good old days when Trump was President.

The way they now wish for the George W. Bush days.

* * *

A gay pride event which was, at least, more tame than the ones in the big city.

And, yeah.

* * *

Demonitizing doesn't really hurt that much. I expect there are some people who are hurt more than others, but all the YouTube channels that I watch typically hawk merchandise as part of every video. "buy my stickers!" and "buy t-shirts!" and-and-and.

So, yes, the push will be to force payment processors to stop handling those accounts.

* * *

Make no mistake about it: Googe trying to influence the next election is a big stack of federal crimes.

And by the way, the old maxim is true: under the veneer of liberalism is a hardcore fascism. Gadzooks, Googe has an internal newsletter where people can publicly denounce others for being racist/sexist/bigoted/whatever-ist.

* * *

"Far nicer than the 'fuck you, you're fired' I would have gone with." Me too. "Oh, you don't like making money? Have a nice life. Don't let the door hit you etc."

* * *

The old rocket launch paradigm is antiquated and inefficient. So yeah, SpaceX is "dominating" launches, because they're not just building bespoke rockets and hoping for the best like the old guard does.

They will inspire imitators, of course. This is a good thing. The more competition there is for launches, the cheaper they'll become.

* * *

The problem is that those laws were never meant to be enforced and yet President Trump is insisting on enforcing them.

* * *

Hey, summer has finally arrived! It's hot outside! It's actually hot! I mean, you go outside, and you're like, "Damn, this is pretty hot!"

Plus side, it's after 6:30 PM on Wednesday, which means I'm halfway through my week already.

* * *

Oh, by the way, now, rather than "rape", it was a "fight". Oh. Okay. So we're just supposed to forget that you guys were screaming "rape" and accept the new scream of "FIGHT", right?


* * *

Whole lotta nothing, otherwise. Just working, and trying to relax when not working.