July 15th, 2019

#6755: The molotov cocktails are arriving rather earlier than I expected.

Of course it's just one guy, right?

An antifa goon was trying to set fire to a detention center for illegal aliens but ended up getting himself ventilated by police instead.

Dude was member of a group called "Puget Sound Anarchists". The funny thing about anarchists: they are almost universally leftists. Although I know there must be some (due to law of averages if nothing else) I have never met, nor even heard of, a right-wing anarchist. Closest that the fringe right comes to that is the militias.

"From milkshakes to Molotov cocktails in 14 days," says the article.

The dead goblin's manifesto said "I am antifa" which means, yeah, total leftist.

Pixy Misa says, "The response from social media has been swift and definitive and consisted entirely of crickets chirping." Of course.

They will continue to escalate the violence until they are stopped.

* * *

So, speaking of the whole immigration thing--

Karl Denninger lays out why the ICE raids are happening. As previously stated they're trying to deport people who have deportation orders against them. These people have had their days in court already, they've lost their cases, and they are simply fleeing from the authorities, attempting to avoid being sent back to wherever they came from.

President Trump is taking measures to end the asylum for people who travel through Mexico but of course some judge in Hawaii will block that measure, because Hawaii is an overpriced shithole that physically cannot have an illegal immigration problem. (You try swimming to Hawaii from Mexico.)

Third-rate-has-been actress compares Mike Pence to Heinrich Himmler because of course the Jews traveled thousands of miles to get into Auschwitz etc. Way to remove all doubt.

Another story about former ICE director handing Horseteeth her own ass. Heh.

DNC telling people how to evade the law. Gotta keep those illegal aliens here so they can vote Democrat. Right?

* * *

Here's the funny thing about this. The Chinese don't give a fuck about any of the racial third rails that Americans avoid touching.

* * *

How do the people suffer when their country falls to socialism? This guy explains it on a personal level.

(That's a link through Faceboob. I normally truncate them, but if I do that with that one it's behind a paywall. If it doesn't work, I apologize.)

But socialism is the worst economic system ever devised because every time it's tried it leads to poverty, famine, and mass murder. And, apparently, a lack of good beer.

And socialists always lie. If a socialist makes a statement that is allegedly a fact, you may depend on the exact opposite being the truth.

The Democrat party has been reduced to running hard left to get votes.

Environmental policy is about control, not about the environment. It's always been.

2019 politics in a nutshell. The instant Trump says anything the Democrat-media complex decries it. If Trump said the sky is blue, there'd be endless discussions on CNN about this controversy.

* * *

"If the gender binary is so bad, why do those who reject it sound like morons?"

* * *

President Trump keeps saying the most entertaining things, precisely because it pisses off all the correct people. George Bush wouldn't have said these things. John McCain and Mitt Romney wouldn't have said them. But they need to be said.

* * *

You need sleep. Everyone needs sleep. Somewhere along the line the doctors forgot that they, too, are human, and need sleep, so it's become commonplace for doctors in training to be run ragged.

* * *

The actual minimum wage is zero which is why the chain of restaurants has had to file for bankruptcy.</a>

* * *

A famine warning is probably premature but we can expect to see some price increases in the food sector. The excessively rainy spring we had kept farmers from planting, and you can't grow what you can't plant. Better hope the autumn is long and warm.

* * *

This is absolute gold. A gun advocacy group turned in some 26 junk firearms and got a total of $2,420 for them from a gun "buyback" program.

I put quotes around "buyback" because the government is doing the buying and the government never owned those guns, so it's not actually buying them back so much as it's just buying them, period.

* * *

Sometime in the next couple of months I'm going to have to do this. Not looking forward to it, either. But it's an apt description of the colon prep for a colonoscopy. Not for the faint of heart.

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I'll look at the links in this piece on space flight later.

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Some spectacular storm images over at Up Ship.

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That's Monday in a nutshell. Actually, Tuesdays are the ones I always had problems with. And Wendesdays. Thursdays. Fridays, sometimes. But otherwise, the week's okay!

* * *

One of the things that annoys me on YouTube are the (seemingly) endless videos demonstrating how well an engine will run if you replace the oil with X, where X is pretty much anything which is decidedly not anything with lubricating properties.

So far I've seen videos that show what happens to an engine if you use soda pop, honey, Orbeez, and a host of other non-lubricants in place of the motor oil. And guess what the result is? Just guess! C'mon, have a go.

If you have half the intellect that God gave an artichoke, you guessed that the engine stops working in pretty short order, and you are of course CORRECT! Engines are not designed to run without lubricant; and not to put too fine a point on it, it's got to be some kind of actual petroleum oil, either synthetic or fossil. You can put a vegetable oil in an engine and it will run, for a while--at least until the heat polymerizes it and turns it into sticky goo.

But water? No. Soda pop is just water with sugar in it. Orbeez are hydrophilic plastic--so, water again, mostly. Honey is a sugar syrup and highly viscous, so it'll just clog everything up. KY or Astroglide--the water-based "personal" lubricants are, again, mostly water, so that's not hard to guess, either.


Okay, if you fill your car's crankcase with Vaseline, it's too thick to do anything and it won't work. Cut it with some mineral oil, to lower the viscosity, and it would probably work pretty well. But Vaseline is petroleum jelly--it's a hydrocarbon paste--and in fact some guys pack their oil pumps with it to aid in priming when starting a new engine.

Laundry detergent: laundry detergent is soap. No matter what brand you buy, if you're buying a liquid, it's got plenty of water in it. Water in the oil kills engines. Soap, in fact, only feels slippery because it's a surfactant and it plays tricks with surface tension.

It's like that stupid Mythbusters episode where they tested all kinds of car myths, and poured bleach into the engine. Laundry bleach is 90% water. Guess what happened.

Stupid waste of machinery.

* * *

I've had a headache since about this time yesterday, and right now I just want to go back to bed. *sigh*