July 26th, 2019

#6772: Another law working as designed

New gun dealer licensing requirements for Illinois are driving plenty of them out of business.
Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed the Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act (GDLA) in January 2019, shortly after taking office. Despite claims from the bill's sponsors that it would not impact dealers or cause any hardship, those predictions have not aged well. In reality, the new law has decimated gun dealers in the Land of Lincoln.
The sponsors said it wouldn't cause "any hardship" but that's because they don't regard it as a hardship when it's more difficult to legally sell firearms in the state. They want it to be bleeding impossible to do legally.

There are two reasons that leftists want do disarm the general populace. The first is so that the government will have a monopoly on violence; they want the populace to be unable to fight back against whatever they want to do. An armed citizenry can resist; disarmed slaves cannot.

The other reason, though, is because they want violent crime to increase. The fewer guns in the hands of law abiding citizens, the worse crime will get, and the more that some sectors of the citizenry will clamor for safety above all else. These people will be willing to give up all their liberty so they don't have to worry about being mugged or robbed or raped, and will vote for anything--even totalitarian rule--if it keeps them safe.

Then, of course, the totalitarian government can wipe out the criminals (because they've served their purpose) and clamp down on everything...and no one can do anything about it because they're disarmed.

Meanwhile, one of the "only ones" that we're told should be armed loses her gun and then ruins a man's life as part of covering her own ass.

I think that if you're a cop and you lose your fucking gun you should be fired. Why do I think that?

Well, let's imagine what happens to a citizen who forgets his gun in a restaurant bathroom. He loses his carry permit. He loses his license to own guns (if required in his state). He is charged with one or two crimes. The police arrest him and take him to jail, and they confiscate all his firearms. He has to spend time and money defending himself from the criminal charges; and even if he's successful, it's unlikely that he'll get his CCW or his guns back.

So, yeah--if you're one of the "only ones who should have guns" and you lose your weapon? Fired. Period.

* * *

I don't know if they are trying to humanize Ernesto Guevara, or what but I'm guessing it falls into the "or what" category, considering this is the first item in their list of facts about him:
Ernest "Che" Guevara was a ruthless, systematic assassin for his political ideology.

Too often, Che supporters like to focus on his ideology and ignore the generations of Cuban-Americans who were gunned down by his extremist, violent means to a political end. Jon Lee Anderson's biography, which cited Guevara's own diaries, quotes a diary entry of how he resolved deserters to the cause:

"The situation was uncomfortable for the people and for Eutimio so I ended the problem giving him a shot with a .32 pistol in the right side of the brain, with exit orifice in the right temporal [lobe]."
They were, not to put too fine a point on it, Cubans that he shot, not "Cuban-Americans".

But the article doesn't pull any punches about him being a violent thug, at least.

* * *

Now I can see a motive for Mueller's "doddering old man" act.
Mueller squirmed, wriggled, and gyrated like a worm on a hot griddle, doing his level best to avoid speaking the truth, which remains exactly as was stated in the report which bears his now-blackened name: "The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities."
That is a motive I can get my head around. That makes sense to me.

It's an attempt to keep the thing alive. It's an attempt to keep anyone from acknowledging the fact in public and on the record that THERE IS NOTHING THERE. THERE WAS NEVER ANYTHING THERE.

The Democrats cannot allow Trump to be exonerated for this idiocy, and so they do whatever it takes to keep that from happening. And so Mueller gets up there and acts like he can't remember where he left his car keys in order to keep the dream alive.

* * *

I should have known that the savages were from Chicago. The girls that mobbed and beat that disabled girl got arrested and charged with "aggravated battery and mob action". The three girls were 13, 14, and 15, so we have no names--minors dontcha know--but we have this horseshit:
The 14-year-old, who wore her hair long to her shoulders, was released to the custody of her mother and ordered to be placed on electronic monitoring.

"She's a good girl when she wants to be," the girl’s mother said after court. The mother added that older girls in the neighborhood were a bad influence on her daughter. "I'm not for her beating on anyone. I'm just so irritated with all this," she said.
Oh! The mother of one of the savages is irritated! Well, what do you know? And apparently the savage is a good girl when she wants to be! Who could have seen that coming?

Look, asshat, you're a shitty parent, okay? Because if you weren't, your hellspawn would want to be good all the time and you wouldn't have to be "irritated" with "all this." You know, maybe if you'd gotten a little more "irritated" all the other times she didn't want to be a good girl, she wouldn't be in this situation now.

And that woman's vote counts the same as yours. Isn't that lovely?

* * *

I skipped over this one yesterday because the story didn't talk about the murder suspect at all. The short form is that there was a car wreck, and then one of the drivers slugged the other--and after he went down, the murderer kicked and beat the victim to death.

Well, the alleged murderer, Lawrence Davis, was already breaking the law:
The driver in an accident that led to the beating death of a young Berkley man had no driver's license and should have never been behind the wheel.

Lawrence Davis' long driving record shows he has several suspensions--and does not even have a valid driver's license. The Chevy Impala he'd been driving was not registered to him.
So what does that mean? Well, it means a whole bunch of things, but one of them is that this bitch is now facing going to jail for a whole slew of felonies.

I just want to point out here that this guy has been told repeatedly that he may not drive, yet he persists in driving anyway. Almost as if the law didn't matter to him. I guess they should make it more illegal to drive without a license in Michigan, huh? Maybe add another ten years of jail to the penalty or something?

* * *

The question that I have over this issue is pretty simple: did they not send the guy a bill for the $8.41?

Let's face it. If I get a bill from the government saying, "You still owe us $8.41 for interest on your property taxes," I write them a check and mail it. But was any such bill sent? Did the government make a good-faith effort to collect that $8.41 from the guy through reasonable and proper methods prior to taking his entire fucking house?

Or did they just say, "Well, that $8.41 is still outstanding. Fuck it, take his house!"

It's rotten. I'm not surprised, though. This is what government does.

* * *

You know what would stop this horseshit? Not buying oil from them. I think that if the world stopped buying oil from those mideastern savages until that shit in the gulf stopped, the nations in OPEC would slap Iran down and we wouldn't have to lift a finger.

* * *

Netflix's success as a streaming service was based on their invention of the model. Now, however, other services have cropped up, and the pie of streaming subscribers is only so large; inevitably they will lose subscribers to other services.

Meanwhile AT&T has their own problems. DirecTV is all right, but for the fact that a good strong storm will interrupt your service. The problem is, while satellite works great for downlink, it's craptastic for anything requiring interaction. A satellite in geosynchronous orbit is 0.13 light-seconds away from the ground station linking to it. So if I ask to download a file, request takes 0.26 seconds to get to the server, and it takes another 0.26 seconds for the data to start coming in. A lag of 0.52 seconds is palpable; you can feel it when it's happening. A really simple web page typically has half a dozen elements in it, at least, and each element gets that 0.52 second lag.

Okay, 0.52 seconds when ordering a pay-per-view movie is nothing to worry about. But a web page? And you can't play an online game like WoW via satellite; the lag makes it unplayable. People want fast internet, and that includes low latency, which satellite internet cannot provide. That's just the laws of physics. (That's also why Elon Musk is doing that thing with Starlink; satellites in low Earth orbit are considerably closer. Four hundred miles is four milliseconds of latency rather than 520.)

People need wired Internet to their homes. What they don't need is hideously expensive subscription television service, which is why Comcast is losing subscribers for cable TV.

* * *

I've got nothing else. I'm just glad it's Friday.

#6773: Computer bits

Looks like the processor, memory, CPU cooler, and thermal paste are all scheduled to arrive today. The motherboard, tomorrow.

The part I need the most--to figure out if I already have a case I can use--is the one that arrives last. Of course.

The machines I have downstairs are all Gateway computers. That usually means "forget putting an aftermarket motherboard in." In all liklihood I'll be heading over to Fry's to pick up a case, mainly because I want to look at cases and see if I can't find one I like the looks of, rather than buying on-line and hoping it works out. That would take a couple hours out of a Saturday or Sunday.

...just took a gander at cases and then closed the tabs because I am going to wait, damn it.


#6774: I D F C. You have to go back.

Illegal alien ignores deportation order and everyone's aghast when ICE deports him.
He didn't break any laws he works every day and comes home that's it but we are all human and have rights at the end of the day.
But that's where you're wrong! He did break laws--several of them:
Millan-Vazquez has had a misdemeanor on his record and was ordered out of the country by a federal judge in 2011.

'Millan-Vazquez complied with the judge's order by returning to Mexico,' Neudauer added.

'However, five days after he returned to Mexico, he was encountered by immigration officials after he illegally re-entered the United States under an assumed name. He was issued an expedited removal order.'
Right there is the law he broke. And that is why the ICE people busted out his window and dragged his ass out of the car.

And get this:
A fundraiser for Hoyt shares that the couple have two children, an 11-year-old boy and a 7-month-old infant. Their daughter has medical conditions and her father was the family's sole provider.
So why the hell aren't they going to Mexico where their father can "provide" for her? Why is she here? And who the hell is this "Hoyt" woman to the family of illegals in question, anyway? The article doesn't say who the hell she is.

I have absolutely no sympathy for any of these people. If you are here illegally you do not belong here.


* * *

Take a look at these people who Alyssa Milano wants to save. I have a lovely idea: if Ms. Milano is so concerned about them, let's let her take care of them. Just drop one of 'em off at her door with an ankle monitor. "Okay, we won't execute this man, but you have to take care of him now." See how she likes that.

Put up or shut up, bitch!

* * *

So the Democrats are going to investigate Trump more and move to impeach him next year. Mueller's testimony was a disaster but they're still going ahead with this?

It's like they don't understand how this hurts them. I mean, it's like they keep hitting themselves in the head with the same blunt instrument, all the while blaming Trump for the blood and bone and brain matter that's falling on the floor.

* * *

So, the CPU, memory, and cooler are still not here; but the package tracker now shows a map that pinpoints the location of the delivery vehicle. So it shouldn't be too much longer for them to show up here.

The thing that always worries me about this is that there are actually three separate hunks of street in the Fungal Vale that have the same name. There's Fungus Street, where I live; then there's another chunk of Fungus Street about two blocks away which does not connect with my street. Beyond that, then, there is Fungus Avenue which is even farther away and not connected with either one. I always worry they'll get it wrong, even in this era of GPS-enabled delivery tracking.

That's why--a couple months ago--a speaker set was delivered to my house that should not have been. The number was off by 10, and the corresponding house was probably on the southern chunk that's not connected to the piece I live on.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes. This is quite exciting.

UPDATE: They arrived pretty quickly after that. The funny thing is, the processor comes with a heat sink and fan, so that was $15 I didn't need to spend. Already have the RMA slip printed out for that, and it'll go to Kohl's for the ultra-convenient free shipping back to Amazon.

So, price paid for the parts is down to $190. Still not sure if I'll need a new case. Time will tell on that point.