August 6th, 2019

#6790: They shot the cat!

Critter needed a rabies shot, so I took him over for that. He went into the carrier without a fuss, but complained all the way to the clinic and then wouldn't come out for the vet; and once the exam and shot were done he scooted into that thing fast. Complained all the way home, loudest when he realized he was home but before we were inside.

But he's home now, none the worse for wear. Basically healthy cat--just needed that one shot. Well, the vet suggested tartar control cat treats for plaque, but that's not a real big deal since Critter likes treats and that kind doesn't cost any more than the regular kind do.

...but he's going back to get groomed on Thursday.

* * *

This is some of the most risible nonsense I've seen in a long time. A semi-automatic pistol can fire only 50 rounds a minute? An AK-47 can fire 200 rounds a minute but an AR-15 can fire 1,200? And a fully-automatic M-16 can only do 900?

I could do 50 rounds from a pistol in maybe 20, 30 seconds, depending on how much I'd practiced with ejecting magazines and stuffing in fresh ones. Figure a 12-round mag with no restriction on rapid fire--you can empty that mag in about five seconds. (I would not be hitting much, but I could send the rounds downrange.)

20 rounds per minute from a revolver? Ever heard of a "speedloader"? Still, I can accept that figure since not many people can do rapid fire with a revolver. But the other figures are just insane and the only reason the AK-47 figure is one-tenth of the AR-15 stems from the fact that the AR-15 is commonly available in the United States, relatively inexpensively, while the AK-47 is not.

I suspect that trying to put 1,200 rounds a minute through an AR-15 would be entertaining, not the least because it's not designed to deliver that rate of fire. And who is going to be able to pull the trigger on the thing twenty times a second to achieve that rate of fire from a "modified semi-automatic", whatever the hell that is?

Wikipedia says the M-16 does 800 rounds a minute in full auto. The guy who shot up that country show in Las Vegas, the guy who used bump stocks--he managed about nine rounds a second, which is approximately 540 rounds per minute, with an AR-15. That's under half what these dorks are claiming a "modified AR-15" can do.

But of course, the real numbers just aren't scary enough, so they inflate them, thinking no one will notice.

...and maximum rate of fire is essentially meaningless, anyway. Any swinging dick can send lead downrange fast. The real question is how accurately? Since the purpose of shooting is to hit a target they have another figure, the maximum effective rate of fire, which is typically a lot lower than the mechanism's highest possible throughput. So the M-16 has a maximum effective rate of fire of something like 45 rounds per minute. You can "spray and pray" and send 800 bullets downrange, or you can shoot at something 45 times, in a minute.

* * *

Where are the "hate crime" charges? 18-year-old is on video saying, "I don't like white people in my hood," before opening fire with a handgun. He claims the white people were shooting at him. Of course.

Now: let a white person, attacked by armed black people, say "I don't like black people in my neighborhood," and you just see how quickly he gets lynched by the press.

Other thought: is it legal for 18-year-olds to carry handguns in Ohio?

Third thought: what a craptastic shooting stance that git has. He certainly doesn't look like someone who's being shot at, either.

* * *

The idiot currently sitting in the Illinois governor's seat thinks there haven't been any "mass shootings" in Illinois. Apparently he made this statement "without mentioning two major the last decade." To which Second City Cop says,
Past decade? What about the five just in the past six weeks in Chicago? Including two seven-victim shooting in the 010 District two days ago?

Oh wait, that's just black people shooting and killing black people. No political hay to be made, so ignore it. The racism of low expectations once again front and center.
It's like gang violence doesn't even register with these people. They know that all those shootings are done by people armed with illegally obtained weapons; they're all criminals of one stripe or another and they don't have FOID cards or CCW permits--and a lot of them are minors to boot, making them ineligible for CCWs in any event.

The Democrats know that this is the true face of gun violence but that doesn't get them anything. And anyway the gangs funnel plenty of drug money into the Machine--all laundered and squeaky clean, of course!--so there's no incentive for the government to stop that shit. Let's face it: even a thousand dead gangbangers every year is a small price to pay for all that lovely campaign cash!

And it's not the guns that cause the violence. Take away their guns and they'll use knives and clubs.

* * *

Mueller's investigation has pretty well proven that a Harvard Law School degree is not worth as much as it once was. Which is to say, having that piece of paper with your name on it opens doors for you, but it doesn't mean you're more capable a lawyer than Joe Nobody who graduated from Podunk Law School.

It also doesn't help when the target of your investigation didn't do anything wrong, and when the case against him was built on a pack of lies:
Whereas the Trump team sought to defend their client from charges they knew were false, the Mueller team sought to destroy Trump first, and worry about the evidence later. That proved an enormous disadvantage from the outset. One side saw it as a legal matter of proving an absence of guilt, the other as a political effort to fuel impeachment.

In terms of blunders, they turned out to be all Mueller's. The Lisa Page-Peter Strozk text trove was an ungodly disaster for Mueller's team--revealing supposedly professional FBI dreamers of his media-hyped team as adulterous and self-obsessed Washington insiders, with a buffoonish hatred of Trump and schoolyard disdain for his supporters.
* * *

Small white text on a black background is bad for the eyes but it's pretty much a must-read, IMHO. The post details the interaction between the blogger and a troll, on the subject of transsexuals. It starts here:
Let's say that I believe myself to be a gorilla. No matter how strongly I believe it, I am still not a gorilla.
Let's say that I take pills to make myself grow more hair to look more like a gorilla. I am still not a gorilla.
If I hire a surgeon to perform an operation to make myself look more like a gorilla, I am still not a gorilla.
If I get a million people to say that I can be whatever I identify myself as, and declare than I am a gorilla, I am still not a gorilla.

If I were to believe myself to be a gorilla and took the steps above, people would say I am crazy.
That really is the long and the short of it.

Further, this stuff makes a hash of reality.

* * *

This has like 30,000 autoplay videos but DNC firing white people based solely on their race. So they can hire "people of color" to replace them.

Not racist at all, right? *rolleyes*

* * *

"Not in MY neighborhood!"
Residents of one of the wealthiest, most liberal counties in the United States are freaking out over a measure to increase the availability of affordable housing in the area--yet another example of how rich liberals readily abandon their alleged commitment to social and economic justice when given the opportunity to actually follow through on said commitment in their own backyard.
Look, these rich leftists know what the score is. They know that if "Section 8" housing is set up in their neighborhoods, the crime rate will increase and the property values will drop.

"Affordable housing" is supposed to be put by rich Republicans or dumped in the middle class areas, not the tony high-end leftist neighborhoods! They already do so much for the disadvantaged, you know, just by caring about them. Asking them to put their money where their mouths are is probably racist, anyway.

You think I'm kidding?
The protestors were up in arms over a modest proposal to increase the availability of affordable housing units by allowing homeowners to establish small apartment in their backyards or in the basements of their residence. The measure passed, but not without vocal opposition from wealthy homeowners who worried that the increase in affordable housing units could lead to "flophouses," and "boxcars" with loud music, or an especially horrific scenario involving "strangers walking by your house all the time." More than 1500 people signed an online petition to block the "dramatic" changes that would "alter the appearance, density and value of our neighborhoods."
And so it goes. I followed the rabbit-hole link in the middle of this one:
One county resident, Katherine C. Gugulis, wrote a letter published in the Washington Post denouncing the "shortsighted proposal" using language offensive enough to warrant a condemnation from the Maryland chapter of the Sierra Club, among others, which took issue with her use of "harmful racial and economic stereotypes" that have historically been used to advance segregationist policies.

"Allowing campers, trailers and storage containers to be put in a neighbor's backyard to house low-income residents is a slap in the face to those people who have worked hard to build a comfortable home and neighborhood," Gugulis wrote. "Just because others flee crime-ridden and poverty-stricken areas doesn't mean Montgomery County has to be turned into a slum to accommodate them."
It was the word "condemnation" but it links to the watermelon group Sierra Club, so I'm not giving them the link; anyway it's in the post. That last paragraph is the "offensive" remarks she made--deemed "racist and classicist" by the Sierra Club--and they sound perfectly reasonable to me. But of course I don't purport to be anything other than a right-winger who thinks people need to work, rather than sponge off the government. This is a county that went 4 to 1 against Trump, though, and leftist voters sneer with derision at anyone on my side of the aisle for being "heartless", and claim to have a monopoly on compassion for the poor and oppressed. long as their taxes aren't increased and they don't have to live near the poor people.

* * *

I, too, think this will be something, after all.
The media continued its uniform drumbeat of "Pizzagate Has Been Disproven!" but we were never explained how or by whom, and I was not the only individual to notice the hollowness of such denunciations. An award-winning investigative journalist named Ben Swann at a CBS station in Atlanta broadcast a short television segment summarizing the Pizzagate controversy and noting that contrary to widespread media claims, Pizzagate had neither been investigated nor debunked.
A guy went in the place and fired one shot and that was the last we heard of the place--which does not mean it's nothing and there is no story there. I'm keeping an open mind about it.

* * *

Zimbabwe is just about done. The wheels came off a while ago; they've been driving on the brake drums for quite some time now--but while the shower of sparks is really pretty, those drums are wearing through. And then the real fun begins.

So: the decline that started in 1980 has nearly hit its nadir, a mere forty years later. They got rid of Robert Mugabe in 2017, but that was probably at least a decade too late to stop this.

* * *

Sweden is facing power shortages as a result of its push towards "renewable" energy. This isn't surprising; it's as predictable as the tides.

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This post explains why we cannot fix Africa. It's why the Chinese can't fix it, either.
We hear a lot about the kleptocratic elites of Africa. The kleptocracy extends through the whole society. My town had a medical clinic donated by international agencies. The medicine was stolen by the medical workers and sold to the local store. If you were sick and didn't have money, drop dead. That was normal.

So here in the States, when we discovered that my 98-year-old father's Muslim health aide from Nigeria had stolen his clothes and wasn't bathing him, I wasn't surprised. It was familiar.

In Senegal, corruption ruled, from top to bottom. Go to the post office, and the clerk would name an outrageous price for a stamp. After paying the bribe, you still didn't know it if it would be mailed or thrown out. That was normal.

One of my most vivid memories was from the clinic. One day, as the wait grew hotter in the 110-degree heat, an old woman two feet from the medical aides--who were chatting in the shade of a mango tree instead of working--collapsed to the ground. They turned their heads so as not to see her and kept talking. She lay there in the dirt. Callousness to the sick was normal.
When those people come here, they do not adopt our ways; they continue to live the way they lived there. The problem is, those ways are not the ways of western civilization.

Those ways are why they live in a festering shithole. It's not our fault.

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Yeah, I agree with him. "Correction, asshole! She's not called 'Thor' at all! Because 'Thor' is not a title; 'Thor' is a name, you stupid shit!" (3:58, more or less.)

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"Detectives say this college bookstore employee stole $20,000 worth of books." Comment: "Oh man I hope they recovered both the books!"

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Some goober asked NASA why they're not exploring the ocean. Someone needs to spell out the acronym to him: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Says nothing about oceans.

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