August 9th, 2019

#6794: Well, of course it is

They found a star that seems to be older than the universe. By some 700 million years.

There are a lot of problems with astrophysics. The universe is too big for its age, so it must have undergone "inflation" some short while after the Big Bang. The universe's expansion appears to be accelerating, so it must be full of "dark energy", something we can't detect but which we infer is there. But at the same time, galaxies don't rotate right, so there must also be the undetectable "dark matter" which holds everything together.

Of course the Big Bang theory is wrong. Look at all the "epicycles" required to make it work.

* * *

"Grass gestapo" is really the right term for it. Guy was fined $500 a day because his grass is too long.

Hmm, I seem to recall something in the Constitution...ah, here it is, the Eighth Amendment in its entirety:
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
I think a fine of $500 a day for uncut grass is excessive. Don't you? On the face of it, that's a blatantly unconstitutional punishment.

I get that communities want their neighborhoods to be clean and neat, really I do--but when your code enforcement efforts turn into that kind of excess, you need to have your clock cleaned, in detail.

* * *

Karl Denninger thinks Tulsi Gabbard ended Kamala Harris' presidential aspirations and he makes a compelling case. That certainly would explain all the screaming about it.

The real problem for Harris is that--as Denninger attests--there's no real defense from the facts, except screaming "raciss!", and that doesn't really work all that well any more.

* * *

Chicago's new lesbian-of-color mayor screaming about "rule of law" right after she refused to cooperate with ICE really does point out the general rule that you must be a hypocrite to be a Democrat.

You see, if "rule of law" were all that important to her, she would not have told the Chicago police department not to cooperate with the feds. "Rule of law" means everybody obeys the same set of laws and is subject to them equally; and that means that even the mayors of big Democrat machine cities have to obey them. "The President is a person who doesn't respect the rule of law," she asserts, but I think Donald Trump respects it a hell of a lot more than she does.

But that's not what she's worried about. No: you see, because if Blagojevich is pardoned, as Second City Cop says, there could easily be an "exit interview" where he names names and gives dates and times and the whole nine yards--and just because you've been pardoned does not mean your testimony is invalidated. And in fact our sitting governor was recorded on the same tapes that took down Blagojevich, and could himself be in trouble depending on what other evidence came to light.

That is why they don't want him pardoned.

* * *

"Oh dear, that was so not a good idea!" On Juaquin Castro "outing" (doxxing) Trump donors from San Antonio. Further quote: "I'll just go ahead and assume that the Brothers Castro have pretty written off local office-holding."

The writer paints a picture of San Antonio as "the biggest small town in the world" where the social network is robust and extensive, and that's why this chucklehead's doxxing move was a mistake.

The comments, too, are worth reading.

* * *

There is one minor correction needed here.
If Martin Luther King were alive today, he'd be thrown out of the Democratic Party for being a racist. If Malcolm X were alive today, he'd be pilloried for acting white. If Caesar Chavez were alive today, he'd be ostracized for also being a racist because he was adamantly opposed to illegal immigration. These are the end result of the identity politics which have corrupted the Democratic Party to the core, and there doesn't seem to be any way to stop it from continuing. And I have yet to hear any sane Democrat protest the insanity.
Martin Luther King, Jr. was a REPUBLICAN. He was a registered Republican. The Democrats wanted nothing to do with him.

That's a fact people often forget. Prior to 1965 a lot of black people voted Republican. Why? Well, for one thing, Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and he'd freed the slaves. For another?
The Democrats have always been a racist party. From the rise of the KKK, to lynching, to segregation, to the Jim Crow laws, it's been Democrats who've been the lead actors. Racism is inextricably entwined in the DNA of the Democratic Party. The only reason the Democrats get black votes is that LBJ greatly expanded welfare benefits during his term in office. He did not do this out of the goodness of his heart (of which he had none), but instead, it was a move of pure cynicism to buy their votes.
That's both why they voted Republican, and why they switched to voting Democrat.

So MLK wouldn't be thrown out of the Democrat party, but he would be decried as a "self-hating black man" for his views regarding the content of one's character etc. Yeah. The Democrats would treat him the same way they treat Clarence Thomas. How do you like them apples?

* * *

Socialized medicine at its finest. Canada's system is the one held up by American leftists as the model to aspire to. No thank you.

It's not a long post, and it describes perfectly everything that is wrong with socialized medicine.

* * *

It's a ridiculously nice day today.

--which reminds me: "Endless Eight" begins in a bit more than a week. "Endless Eight" being my Haruhi Suzumiya-inspired term for the last two weeks of August, winding up with Labor Day weekend and the end of "official" summer.

"Ridiculously nice day" also being a phrase taken from that arc of the series; August 18 is they day they go catch bugs, and that's how Kyon characterizes the weather.

Now I kind of feel like I need to watch the Haruhi series again....

#6795: It's hard to see a downside to this

Ace's pithy headline suffices: "Leftwingers Getting Their Dicktubes Snipped Because of Climate Worries".

Where do I send the "thank you" note? "Dear dumbass: thank you for taking yourself out of the gene pool. Sincerely, Posterity"

* * *

"New York Times examining editor's 'poor judgment' on social media." I quoted someone else the other day:
The hard left do not have a filter, they say the first despicable thing that comes into their head. Ask anyone who has been around them, when they are talking in a group of people the hard leftie just assumes that everyone else thinks like they do, and say the most vile shit about Christians, the right, Republicans, and they don't even blink when they say it.
Because he makes that assumption, said editor thought he was speaking into a leftist echo chamber.

* * *

Joe Biden: "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as... white kids"

Way to go.

* * *

This is satire. Synthesizing pseudoephedrine from methamphetamine.

...because you need a government-issued photo ID to buy an over-the-counter decongestant, but not to vote.

* * *

This is going a mite far. I mean, it's nice workmanship and all,

* * *

At work, I've gotten 1,900 emails since the beginning of August which ended up going right into the trash bin. For some reason I'm on the distribution list for a client I don't take, and every time that client (which has a dedicated team) generates a ticket, I get an email telling me a ticket has been generated.

Then they get mad if you miss an email. But we're not allowed to use filters. *whimper*

* * *

So, Blizzard did a stress test of the new Classic WoW servers yesterday. It was great fun! The only thing was, as the evening wore on, there started to be problems with taking and turning in quests--but even so it was nice.

I turned all the graphics sliders up to their maximum extent, since the client uses different settings from the present-day WoW, and with the graphics at their highest settings I was getting 120-150 FPS out of the thing. Simpler times, simpler graphics. Heh.

Anyway I'm led to understand that Vanilla WoW goes live on 8/26, so that's when I'll play it; but it sure was fun to take part in the stress test. I amused Mrs. Fungus considerably by having my dwarven priest work on his "unarmed" skill by punching wolves and boars. Heh.

* * *

I did this in perhaps 1997 or 1998. It was satire back then. Now, I'm not so sure.

* * *

Anyway, at least it's Friday! It's Friday, and tomorrow is Saturday, and here's hoping we all can have a nice relaxing weekend.

#6796: That worked

From the time we got the lawn tractor in 2008 the steering wheel would come loose. Every spring I'd tighten it; by mid-July it needed tightening again.

Finally I took it off, cleaned everything, put it back on, and put Loctite on the bitch. It has not loosened since then.