August 10th, 2019

#6797: Yes. Of course. "Suicide." Got it.

Jeffrey Epstein "committed suicide". Um, sure he did. Whatever you say, boss. There's absolutely nothing at all suspicious about the "suicide" of a man whose testimony could end the careers of a whole passel of rich and powerful people. No, hanging himself while on suicide watch, absolutely nothing at all to be concerned with, here.

Including Bill and Hillary Clinton, who seem possessed of extraordinary luck when it comes to the suicidal tendencies of people whose testimony could get them jailed.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. If anything.

* * *

Why drink iodine? What the hell happened in Russia? Pravda is that an ammo dump blew up, but ammunition that can blow up doesn't produce a "spike" in radioactivity.

* * *

God help us, the voluntary human extinction movement is going mainstream at least in the lefty-liberal "white guilt" crowd. Which, to be honest, is such a passel of useless people it's kind of okay if they don't breed.

* * *

Why did you keep electing the shithead?
Two men then complained that Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) has been representing the area for 25 years and has nothing to show for it.

"He allocated $4.6 billion for illegal immigrants but he hasn't donated any money right for North Avenue...West Baltimore. Where has he been at?"
FFS man, he obviously has your vote; he doesn't need to buy it again. But he really wants those illegal immigrants to come here and vote for his party so they can spread the shithole status of Baltimore across the entire country.

* * *

I had a trio of bits all lined up that went into detail about the horror and privation and destruction that comes from leftism, but decided I would simply not bother today. It's a nice day, they're still running the stress test on the classic WoW servers--it was extended through Monday--and it's a tedious thing to tell a tale that's already plainly told. To heck with it; I want to go punch things and work on my unarmed combat skill.

#6798: Yes, it is very good.

Playing classic WoW is just as much fun as I remember.

Today I started playing a bit after the last post went up, and only logged off twice. The first for dinner, and then again just a little bit ago. I spent the intervening time running around Elwynn Forest running quests.

Leveling in current WoW is just not that much fun. There's no challenge to it, no real effort or strategy; it's purposely been nerfed so casual players can speed right to the "endgame" content rather than spend any serious time on building a character. They've sacrificed reasonably challenging, and therefore fun, gameplay in order to skip past the "classic" content and the earlier expansion packs. That's why the pirate servers even existed in the first place--people wanted to play a fun and challenging game, not race through fifteen levels in an hour.

So, yeah--on the 26th when the thing goes live I'll be there with bells on.

* * *

Warmer today than yesterday. With me and Mrs. Fungus both in the computer room it got a bit stuffy in here, but judicious use of fans kept it bearable. I'm actually enjoying it; in three, four months it's going to be freezing again.

Low tonight is supposed to be about 61, which is nice and cool. The heat of the day has already broken so it's starting to cool off now.

...and now I guess we'll be wading back into Elwynn forest. Heh.