August 24th, 2019

#6818: That's the way it works.

Red flag law is working as designed. It is meant to allow the government to confiscate firearms from the law-abiding without due process. Put up as many of these outraged stories as you like, but the people who want these laws are smiling with satisfaction: two down, 299,999,998 to go!

* * *

Related: Another "I tried to buy a gun to prove how easy it is and got mugged by reality" story. Journalists who don't know shit about shit think they're going to do this big expose and raise a big scandal talking about how they just went somewhere and bought a gun, and they always discover how easy it is not to buy one.

* * *

So, it turns out President Trump has the authority to forbid American companies from doing business with Chinese ones. The law is some forty years old, but it's still valid and on the books.

So all those stories claiming that Trump's gone around the bend and he can't do that? He can, you're wrong, and STFU.


Vox Day frequently cautions us to wait two days after President Trump does anything that seems outrageous, stupid, or out of character, and that has thus far proven to be sage advice.

* * *

Obama's new digs are a whopping one meter above sea level. So, go ahead and get up and warn us about the dangers of global warming. Is the house fitted with hydraulic stilts or something? Because if it's not, then either you're an enormous fool (not entirely out of the question) or else global warming isn't real and you're just a hypocritical windbag.

...actually, if I were to cut the "either/or" construction and substitute "and" it'd still be correct.

Still, it highlights how much Ex-boss Tweek expects sea level to rise in the foreseeable future, doesn't it?

* * *

Last night I continued watching Haruhi Suzumiya. Finished "Melancholy", then watched the baseball ep, the Tanabata ep (which is still a big favorite), the "cave cricket" ep, and then the two eps set on the remote island. That sets me up now for a straight run through season two, starting at episode 2 of that season, which is the first ep of "Endless Eight".

Once those eight eps are done there's the plot arc where they make the Mikuru movie, which takes us clear through ep 14. I probably won't watch the movie episode itself (S1E1) and I expect not to watch the last three eps, as I watched them Thursday night.

But after that, Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, particularly since I've only seen it once and that was in 2010. I've read the book at least twice.

It's interesting and entertaining to revisit old favorites like this, and even though I've seen this stuff plenty of times it still makes me laugh and I still enjoy it.

One of the lines that always gets a laugh from me is in the first ep of "Melancholy of...", S1E2, where Kyon is warning Yuki Nagato that Haruhi is going to take over the club room. The English translation approximates, "She's going to end up using this room for an I-don't-know-what club." The word Kyon uses in Japanese is wakaranbu, using an informal negative construction for the verb wakarimasu, "to understand", but adding -bu to the end of it to indicate that he's speaking of a club. (Like in K-on! they refer to their club as the "k-on-bu").

As you can see by the lengthy explantion, the word is something of a pun and it does not translate, but I get it and it makes me laugh every time I hear the line.

Another interesting thing I've noticed: Yuki Nagato never wears anything but a swimsuit or her school uniform...except for when they go to the island. Those two eps are the only time I can think of where Yuki was in casual clothes. In "Endless Eight" she wears a kimono; otherwise, unless she's at the beach or a swimming pool, she's in her school uniform.

A thought occurred to me the other night. When she introduces herself, Haruhi says she wants to talk to aliens, time travelers, espers, and sliders. During the course of "Melancholy of..." she recruits, for the SOS Brigade, an alien, a time traveler, and an esper. The question of "sliders" seems to disappear.

I found myself wondering if Kyon is the slider. ("Sliders", by the way, means people from a parallel universe, after the '90s SF series by that name.)

It makes sense; the story begins with Kyon talking about how he's never really believed in things like Santa Claus etc but that he's always wanted to live in a world where they exist. Perhaps the same force that gathered the other characters brought him onto the scene.

* * *

Anyway: woke up with a dry mouth and needing something in my stomach; I hadn't intended to write today's post yet. Oh well--one less thing to worry about today.

#6819: As usual

One of the Koch brothers died, and as usual the left can't wait to cover themselves in glory by celebrating it. Some say they hope it was a lingering, painful death. Some hope that the living one joins his bother in death ASAP. The rest of them spew the kind of hate-filled garbage you can only get from a leftist.

I don't like them, and have not liked the Koch brothers for a long time. They're NeverTrumpers, country club Republicans who have more in common than centrist Democrats than they do the right wing. I have no love for the NeverTrump wing of the GOP in general because they've shown where their loyalties lie: with the elite, not with the party. Rather than support the person nominated by the party, they chose to try to sabotage him. Some of them voted Democrat.

That's why I no longer read anything by George Will, one of the key NeverTrump people. Whatever he claims to be, he certainly isn't right-wing.

But longtime readers of the Fungus will note that when Teddy Kennedy died, I did not celebrate it; all I said was "that's for Mary Jo"--and prior to his death there were nothing but good wishes for his health. Ted Kennedy was a pretty awful person.

And in the current case, Ruth Bader Ginsburg: while I wish she'd step down, I'm certainly not acting like a leftist and saying "fuck it just die already" or anything. The odds of surviving metastatic cancer at age 85 are not good but we wish her the best.

This is a human life we're talking about. As bad a person as Ted Kennedy was, he wasn't a monster, not like Yassir Arafat or Fidel Castro. And Ruth Bader Ginsburg just has politics which are different from mine; as inconvenient as that may be, she hasn't caused thousands or millions of deaths in support of a totalitarianist ideology.

But the left doesn't look at it that way. Anyone who does not support them is an enemy to be destroyed, and that destruction is cause for celebration. When one of their opponents dies, they exult in it.

Considering that their idology is steeped in blood, though, it's not all that surprising, and I ought to be used to it; but the truth is that whenever I see an example of it, I'm still revolted by it.