September 26th, 2019

#6864: What the HELL is going on here?

I skip posting for ONE DAY and when I get back to it, the freaking LiveJournal page is in Spanish--

Anyway, reset my password even though it's probably a system glitch.

* * *

Wednesday was a pretty tough day. I did not get as much sleep as I wanted to, and then it was pretty much go go go all day. Today was easier. That's how training goes, though; at least today I was given my new work computer. Another laptop, this one a tiny little Dell Latitude 7480. Same approximate specs as the last work computer: Core i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, SSD. Not a bad machine overall.

Have not yet seen the new work space. My role in supporting end users does not technically begin until October 1 so I've been doing off-site training, and I won't actually visit the work site until Monday. I am told, however, that the previous on-site guy left...abruptly...and that things are therefore a bit of a mess. My immediate supervisor says one of the first things I'm going to have to do is to take an inventory of equipment.

Hoping that I'll have an office to myself, but it's not the way to bet. Oh well.

* * *

"Desperation shows its ugly face in many ways. No one can escape the times we live in." I honestly don't know what the Democrats think this is going to get them, but I do know that actually making a move to impeach Trump is a desperation move they can't afford. I agree with some of the commentors who say this is because Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has lost control of the hard-left wing of the party and must do this in order to keep her seat. Nothing else makes sense to me.

I figure they think this will hurt Trump's ability to govern even though his ability to survive the process is pretty manifest. I'm not sanguine about that; my thinking is that people are already hep to the fact that the Democrats have been prosecuting a vendetta against Trump.

Time will tell, I suppose.

* * *

Tulsi Gabbard, still making sense.
Can you imagine if Google's CEO was a conservative Republican who was shutting down Democrat voices that they disagreed with? Can you imagine how up in arms progressives would be if it were their voices being shut down?
This observation demonstrates why she cannot win the nomination. Unlike most of the Democrat party she does not identify Republicans as enemies who spout hate speech and who are worthy only of oppression.

Which is a pity, because she's probably the most-Presidential of the lot of them. I'm just as happy; she's the one Democrat running for the office who could actually beat Trump.

Meanwhile the Democrats have people defecting, saying they won't vote for Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren if she gets the nod.

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s is really a good idea.
Push back twice as hard.

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Can you see what's wrong with Michael Moore's timeline? Notice the date he talks about removing Trump from office: 11/3/20. Which is election day. The fat blimp knows that the Democrats can't remove Trump from office but he thinks that impeachment will ruin his chances for re-election.

The left wants to impeach Trump because they can't win, and they know it.

* * *

This story is well in keeping with today's post title. So, in England, they're talking about mandatory instruction for first graders which will teach them how to masturbate.

This is sexualizing children. That's exactly what it is.

At age six, seven, you don't need to know about that stuff--and there is enough scientific evidence suggesting that sexual activity is bad for kids, mentally, that anyone involved with this shit should be immediately taken to a place far away from any children.

* * *

Anyway, yesterday was so tiring I ended up flopping after getting back from work. Today I flopped in bed for maybe 30-40 minutes or so, but then my hunger reflex kicked in. Heh.

Right now I want to try playing a little WoW before I need to get back into bed to do it all again tomorrow. Whee!