November 16th, 2019

#6926: Waiting for the SSD

Thursday evening I ordered an SSD for Achernar. HP branded, 256 GB, under $40 delivered--why not? I'd thought that it said delivery was Friday, but when I looked yesterday it said "Saturday".

I have at least one spare SATA SDD drive laying around the house, but that's 120 GB. The drive I ordereed is twice as large and has the M.2 interface; M.2 is fast--even faster than SATA, which is already plenty fast.

Anyway, I expect to spend an hour or two (or three) trying to cram the contents of the HD onto the SSD. Once that's done, Achernar will be the closest thing to "instant on" that a modern computer can get.

I had actually gone to Amazon to check the prices of 500 GB M.2 drives; when I saw this particular drive at that price I decided, what the hey?

Supposed to get here "by 9 PM" but it doesn't even show as being out for delivery yet. We'll see, I guess.

* * *

Incidentally, if the arrival day is "guaranteed", how do they do that? I have Prime, so shipping is free, so they can't refund the shipping. What do they do, give me a credit or something?

Probably, it's just mumbo-jumbo.

* * *

Thanks, Googe. Web browsers use an egregious amount of memory. Googe's idea was to do...something...that reduced the amount of memory Chrome used. Except that it broke web pages so that users got "white screen of death" rather than the content they wanted to access. And a lot of these users were corporate users, people who needed those web pages for business purposes.


* * *

There is one line in this post which sums the entire thing up perfectly. "Having her bubble burst that the rest of the country is not Manhattan must be painful as hell."

The article is by a hoplophobic woman who lived in New York City and then moved to Texas, and could not cope with the fact that firearms are legal in Texas and people can own and carry them.


* * *

So it was warm enough yesterday that the snow melted, at least mostly. When I got into the office the sun was barely up, so it was still there; I got busy, and the next time I looked outside, the grass had turned green again.

You know, I am trying to remember the last year it snowed before the week of Thanksgiving, and stuck like that, and I can't. I think it was 2004 when it snowed the day before; and sometime in the early 1980s we got something like four or five inches early Thanksgiving day. But while I know there have been years where it snowed on Halloween, I don't remember when that was. 1970s, probably early 1970s.

So far we've had accumulating snow twice in the space of as many weeks and a couple days' worth of single-digit temperatures. I don't know what that forebodes for winter, but it's interesting.

* * *

SPAM subject: "Keep your family warming in winter with HEATED VEST". It's like they're barely even trying anymore.

#6927: It's arrived

I'll admit to being a little bit worried about the thing not actually being HP. I mean, it wasn't even $40! Most of the time you buy something like this, it comes in a plain box, even if it's name brand; they call it "OEM packaging" and it's done all the time. Not this one! Retail box, with a hologram sticker in the lower-right corner--if this is a knock-off, it's a damned good one.

Also, there's something amazing about storing 250 GB in something the size of a mailing label.

I'll tinker with it later, though, after dinner.