November 20th, 2019

#6930: Headlight? AGAIN??

Right side headlight--the one I just replaced a couple months ago--went bad. High beam works, low beam, no. *sigh*

Anyway, had to go to one of my offsites today, and on my way back this guy pulls out in front of me in some kind of SUV/truck, maybe a quarter mile ahead or so, and theres a massive cloud of smoke as he accelerates.

Me: Hey, you're burning a little oil there, chief.

But the cloud doesn't dissipate; it gets thicker as he keeps going. I get into the cloud and it's burning rubber, not oil. Then the guy slows down and gets in the right lane--I think because he's realized that something is wrong--and I start to catch up with him and see that something's sticking out from the side of his vehicle. But he keeps going, and I'm not catching up very quickly, until he turns off onto a side street--and then finally I get a good look at him and THERE IS A TIRE STICKING SIDEWAYS OUT OF HIS WHEEL WELL.

Okay--it's not the tire that was supposed to be there; the rim had a fully-inflated, proper-size SUV/truck-type tire on it. This is a low-profile tire, like for a sporty car, wedged between the tire and the wheel arch. On top. So that the extraneous tire is on top of the proper one.

"How the hell," I wondered aloud, "did he manage that?"

The only way I can imagine getting that tire out of there would be to jack the thing up and take the wheel off. Holy crap.

Anyway, on my way back to the office I sacrificed some lunchtime to get a new headlight. Just put it into the Jeep now, before taking my coat off. I need to get a new retaining ring for that headlight.

* * *

Been busy the past couple of days, and nothing in the blog-o-sphere really appealed much to me. Ended up "scribbling, bibbling, bibbling, scribbling", not writing anything useful and not getting much of anything done. AV has been on my mind over the past couple of weeks but I am obviously not going to manage to keep my new year's resolution that I'd finish it. Well, I can recycle it for next year.

* * *

Looks like wokeness draws the line at "P" in the grand rainbow of LGBTQP. The "P" stands for "pedophile", but of course these people would say "minor-attracted adults".

In the comments, people discuss the distinction that is being made by leftists without using the correct term. Pedophile is the term for someone who is sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children. Ephebophile is the term for someone who is sexually attracted to post-pubescent children. So if Jeffrey Epstein liked, say, 13-14 year old girls, but not younger, then he was an ephebophile. Mind you, that's just as bad as being a pedo, but the "pro-P" crowd thinks otherwise, so they think, "Ehh, there was nothing wrong with what Epstein did!"

But the mainstream (which is to say, anyone to the right of Mitt Romney) considers anyone under the age of 18 to be a child. Which is why corporations are stepping away from Prince Andrew and his charities.

* * *

Democrats are trying to find a charge that polls well, and failing. Which is to say, they keep changing the focus of the investigation because nothing is getting any traction. "Campaign finance" didn't work, "quid pro quo" didn't work, "bribery" didn't work--and now they want to impeach Trump because he refused to meet a foreign dignitary.

In Wisconsin, impeachment is failing by 4% which is probably fairly close to the margin of error, but anything that is not plausibly positive for Democrats is bad news for them.

The general gist that I am getting from my perusals of various news sources is that this entire impeachment fiasco is a losing proposition for the Democrat party, but that they cannot abandon it because their base will riot if they do. Their absolute only hope is that they find something that resonatees with the American public--and really soon, because their time is running out. The closer we get to election day 2020, the less sympathetic the public will be to impeachment.

* * *

Pixy Misa leads his post today by talking about how the media memory-holed a story because it didn't make Trump look bad.

They came out blasting with both guns until they realized that the statistics cited were from 2015, and that the current number is a lot smaller--at which point they withdrew it.

Not "corrected" but "withdrew". Deleted tweets about it, took the stories off the wires, and so forth. Made it into "un-news".

I am completely unsurprised by it, too. At this point, the fact that they are so blatant about engaging in propaganda is merely an interesting datum.

* * *

Woman director makes a craptastic SJW-ized version of Charlie's Angels, and then blames men when it tanks. Men love strong female characters. We like Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor and Utena Tenjou.

What we don't like is being nagged by harridans about how stupid and sexist we are.

* * *

More bad news for Democrats from Ukraine. There is something pretty big there, and it's likely to end up causing them a lot of trouble.

* * *

Yeah, I noticed that myself.
Back when the USSR was a going concern, the Left spent a great deal of time excusing Commies' behavior Scooby Doo-style--they would've gotten away with it, were it not for those meddling kids! The Reds' hearts were in the right place, of course, but gosh darn it, the CIA insisted on interfering with spontaneous sovereign people’s movements, and that's why the Marxist guerrillas invariably had to massacre all those peasants.


Naturally, then, all correct-thinking people hated the CIA and their domestic Mini-Me, the FBI. Those two organizations used to show up at college job fairs, and a good way to meet easy girls was to drop in on the inevitable protests.
The CIA and the FBI and the NSA were the bad guys for a long time...until the left became the establishment.

* * *

Had to put gas in the truck today. Only made it 13 days between fill-ups. "Only." Ha!