December 5th, 2019

#6946: OMG they're going to DO it!

The Democrats are working on articles of impeachment! They're actually going to do it! They're going to do the single worst thing they can possibly do to their own chances of election come November of next year, and they're basing it entirely on nothing!

The media have dropped all pretense at fairness and have declared themselves to be anti-Trump. So the Democrat-media complex intends to hammer, uh, whatever it is they've invented from President Trump's phone call with the President of Ukraine, impeach impeach impeach.

The only thing I can think of, here, is that they want to keep any good news out of the news cycle. Impeaching a President would do it. But Trump is popular and the Democrats certainly cannot get a conviction--and if the thing actually goes to trial in the Senate, the senators can call anyone they want to testify. Which means they can call on Adam Schiff (who is spearheading the impeachment effort) and they can call on "the whistleblower" and they can ask them all kinds of super-inconvenent questions. Questions which--answered honestly--will utterly annihilate the Democrat case for impeachment. Answered dishonestly? Your guess is as good as mine, but I don't think they'll get away with it, if perjury is their plan. Certainly they won't have anything approximating the truth on their side.

And if Trump is removed? Bad things happen.

The latest thing they're trying now is saying that Trump wants to be a "king". Limbaugh played a clip of some Democrat dipshit claiming that by naming his youngest son "Barron" he had somehow ennobled the lad, but that "titles of nobility" are banned by the Constitution.

Of course that makes absolutely no fucking sense; by that standard Martin Luther King Jr. had also been ennobled.

Regardless it's going to be interesting to see what the Democrats think they can do with it.

"These people are terrifyingly stupid."

* * *

Ah, good old Reggie Love, we are told, is Barack Obama's "body man". What does that mean?

Rumor had it that Reggie Love was Obama's gay lover. I guess you could call that a "body man".

* * *

Boeing is crying that if the FAA does its job and doesn't let Boeing certify its own products it will have to halt production of the unsafe 737-MAX 800.

Look: Boeing did something very bad, gaming the FAA's certification processes so they could ship an unsafe airplane. I don't have any sympathy for them; hundreds of people are dead because they thought they could get away with half-assed engineering.

* * *

Hackaday has an interesting post up about upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and 8. I've done this; you can definitely upgrade a Win 7 machine to Win 10, even now. Achernar had a Win 7 license but I installed Win 10 on it, and it works fine.

I keep thinking about putting Win 10 on Floristica, in fact. I don't know; Floristica is already 5 years old and I keep wondering if a Ryzen 2200G would be a good candidate for a brain transplant. What I need to do is to try putting Floristica's GTX-1050Ti video card into Achernar and then see how it runs.

I have to believe that a chip introduced in 2018 would perform slightly better than one introduced in 2013. They're both quad-core chips and they both run around 3.2 GHz (the Ryzen runs at 3.5, the Core I5 at 3.2) but the Ryzen uses DDR4 memory where Floristica uses DDR3. (Guess which is faster.)

The other thing: while at Menards the other day I browsed wall mounts for televisions. You see, I was thinking that it might be nice to replace the Giganto-Tron with a monitor that doesn't have burn-in problems; you can get a 1080p 32" TV for not a lot of money these days. The problem is one of desk space; the stand for a TV set probably won't fit on the desk. I reasoned that if I could find the right kind of wall mount, I could suspend the monitor over the desk. It'd be really nice to do that, because then I could use that space for something other than monitor stand.

Menards had one that I saw, but looking at their web site I see several--"full motion", they call them, meaning the display is mounted on an arm that lets you basically put it where you want it, and you have some ability to tilt and pan the display. There isn't any real vertical movement possible with any of the mounts I see, so I'd have to set the vertical position by carefully choosing how high to mount it on the wall.

Oh--this one has some vertical adjustment in it. No price tag, though; bet it's $200 or some shit.

Oh...$54, but it's a discontinued item and "supplies are limited". *sigh*

Anyway--no matter; I'm not doing it this week (or even this month) so I have plenty of time to find something that'll work. Found a rough equivalent to the Menards one at Amazon after less than five minutes' worth of looking. And at a lower price, too.

* * *

The little heater I bought works quite well. It was nice and warm in my office today. Of course the high was 45. And I was told that the company now has the new heater on hand and it might be installed as soon as this coming weekend. That's good, because some cold weather is supposed to come next week.

* * *

Well, it's Thursday, at least.

Last night I was so tired I just left the turkey stock in the pan in the garage. Tonight I containerized it and stuffed it into the freezer. I will use it the next time I need to brine a turkey.

First week of December is nearly over. That leaves me with just two weeks before Christmas. I'd better get a move on.