December 26th, 2019

#6972: It really wasn't all that good

I wanted to like the FX version of A Christmas Carol a lot more than I ultimately did. I can't disagree with this summation of it. Having seen it I don't need to see it again, which is good, because the damned thing is three hours long with commercials. They take nearly twenty minutes to handle a scene which the Patrick Stewart version handles in under five. They needed to pad the story because they cut out any scene from the original story which showed anyone enjoying himself or having fun. The entire thing was shot grey and cold with no warmth anywhere and the scenes of people celebrating Christmas were excised in their entirety. The scene of the Cratchit Christmas dinner was used as a backdrop solely for SJW-inserted drama about the things alluded to by Cataline in his review.

Cataline only managed to watch it through about the first third of the story. I knew it was going to be less than stellar when Mrs. Cratchit was played by a black woman, because of course blacks were all over England in 1843 and white men married them without anyone ever saying a word about it. Well, they needed their token nonwhite, I suppose, in a lead role, because with the exception of Mrs. Cratchit's widowed sister (bit part) and the Cratchits' daughter (three scenes maybe?), everyone else was 100% white.

Including Mrs. Cratchit's sister, and having her be black--and having the non-Tiny Tim Cratchit children also be black--means that it's not a case of "the best person for the role" but "we are altering the story to show that Bob Cratchit married a black woman". SJW wokeness, in other words.

Of course we have the "strong woman" pulling a gun on Scrooge's headmaster to rescue Scrooge from sexual abuse at the hands of the man. Of course we have Scrooge's father (someone we never saw in the original) being protrayed as an evil, drunken, violent man. There has to be a reason Scrooge was so bad, after all! Therapy culture has taught us that it all has to depend on some trauma in his past that made him such a bad man.

And WTF was with the scene where Scrooge had Mrs. Cratchit come to his house? Seriously--it made no f-ing sense. Their explanation was that Scrooge wanted to see what the price of virtue was, but this is a woman who was trying to get the money needed to save her child's life. "The price of virtue" was saving her son's life, for fuck's sake, not thirty pounds.

But that was stupid, too. She needed thirty pounds to pay for an operation to drain fluid from Tiny Tim's lungs. Really? In 1843, quite frankly, such an operation would probably be fatal. No germ theory of disease, no antiseptic operating conditions, no anasthesia--what were they going to do for him that simply holding him upside down wouldn't do, with less risk? Surgery in 1843 was only undertaken when a patient could not possibly survive any other way, such as when a wounded limb turned gangrenous--and people died during those operations all the time. "Fluid in the lungs" is pneumonia; in 1843 you either survived it, or died from it. I can't think of a single operation that could have been done in 1843 that wouldn't kill the patient 99% of the time.

...and at the end, Scrooge doesn't want to be redeemed? What the hell is that?

Overall, it's the absolute worst version of the story I've ever seen, bar none. Do avoid it like the plague, as Cataline suggests.

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CNN runs a story about an Uber driver who lives in her car because she can't afford an apartment. "CNN's 'answer'," Karl Denninger says dosgustedly, "is for there to be parking lots where there are showers and toilets, so she can 'live' in her car."

I can't blame him for being disgusted; that's a disgusting solution to a disgusting problem. It's a typical leftist solution, one that maximizes the misery of the proletariat while simultaneously making them dependent on government.

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So computer models don't have predictive capability? Or what? Arse Technica says the galactic cosmic ray models are, well, wrong, so a problem that appeared to be solved in physics has not, after all, been solved.

So: when it comes to modeling the Earth's climate, computer models are never wrong. But when computer models show there's not necessarily a need for dark matter to explan certain phenomena, then the computer models must be wrong.

Okay? Glad we had this little chat.

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It's been going on a lot longer than that, dude. He's right when he says that people trusted Walter Cronkite and his cohort, but those reporters were just better at hiding their bias than the preseent crop of anchorbeings are.

Walter Duranty wasn't an exception, as the article attests. He was the norm, even back in the 1930s. "...[T]here was a real belief that journalists did adhere to ethical standards of conduct," but who told you that?


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Although such a confrontation is devoutly to be avoided, the numbers for totalitarians do not look very good at all. This post explains in detail exactly why the left so fervently desires gun control. A man with a gun is a citizen; a disarmed man is a subject.

The left wants subjects, people who can be controlled.

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So, let's talk about socialized medicine.

First off, the link from the other day that I didn't want to talk about because it was Christmas Eve:
Ethan Krushel is in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
December 18 at 9:29 PM

On Friday, I got into a car accident and broke my arm. I've been sitting at Health Sciences Centre for 5 days waiting to get a 1-2 hour surgery.

Tonight, after preparing me to go under the knife, they cancelled my surgery for the 6th time because I’m not a high enough "priority".

All this, even though I'm taking enough pain killers to put down a horse, and my arm would fold in half if I put any pressure on it.

For those of you who voted for Brian Pallister, and his bull shit regime against Manitoba healthcare, let me personally say, I fucking hate you.

Unless I'm physically dying, I'm not a priority.

If I leave to wait at home, then I lose my spot on the surgery wait list completely.

I have not met a staff member who has worked less than 12 hours in a single shift.

Today I overheard a woman who has waited nearly 10 days to get her gall bladder removed.

Our healthcare system is broken. I had no idea the scope of it's damages until I became dependant on it.

There is nothing but frustration and anger lurking in these hallways, and the saddest part is, the people to blame are no where near this building. They sit in comfy chairs, under high ceilings, with a stark naked "golden boy" dancing above their heads.

If you know someone that works in the healthcare system. Please, give them a hug.

They are the ones that have to deal with the decisions of our government. They are the ones getting yelled at by angry patients through no fault of their own. They are the ones trying to keep up.

Most importantly, the next time you fill out a ballot, please think of the repercussions.

Because this, is fucking bullshit.
I have to wonder how fervently Ethan Kruschel supported socialized medicine before he needed it? He looks to be in his twenties, perhaps early thirties. Men that age generally do not need much medical care--a checkup once in a while, maybe go see the doc for a cold or something simple, the kind of thing that socialized medicine can do very efficiently because a nurse practitioner can handle 90% of the cases. Routine things, simple things, things that don't require a lot of skill or knowledge. And so the vast majority of young people have incidental, quick visits at the clinic, and go home with their prescriptions or whatever thinking, Socialized medicine ROCKS!

But when it comes to orthopedic surgery, that's a little more complicated. It takes time to learn those skills, a lot of time. You need a doctor for that. And it's hard to find good doctors in a country where the government has total control over what they earn, so only people who are the most dedicated to the ideals of medicine take that career path. You end up with a small fraction of a small fraction, which is not enough supply for the demand that's presented. Because the government will not pay more to meet supply, it must ration.

The instant you need something more complicated than "Open your mouth and say 'Ahhh'," you find yourself right up against the reality of socialized medicine, as this young man has discovered. After waiting five days for an orthopedic surgeon, he says, "Our healthcare system is broken. I had no idea the scope of it's damages until I became dependant on it."

So, did a little digging into Brian Pallister (the man for whom this guy blames his woes) and what he's done to the healthcare system in Manitoba. Turns out that the inestimable Mr. Pallister has been working on restructuring the system. Some people claim he has "cut" its funding--I saw figures of $36 million and $80 million bandied about--but I have to wonder if that's a real cut or if it's a politician's cut.

A politician's cut is when something like this happens: "Our budget is set to go up $100 million next year." "No, we can't afford that. We're only going to give you $64 million more." "Why, that's a cut of $36 billion!" One article cited Pallister as saying that his government was spending more than the opposition government ever did, which leads me to think this is the case.

So, figured it out: what we have here is the whining of a true believer in socialized medicine being faced with the reality of it, and shifting the blame to a leader on the right side of the Canadian political spectrum.

Meanwhile, France's socialized medical system is coming apart at the seams but of course our media is ignoring that because it's a "local news story".

The perennial answer to the last sentence in the story, a rhetorical "If France cannot make it work, what makes us think that we can," is that "the wrong people are in charge! If we are in charge, of course it will work, because we're a lot smarter than they are!"

That's always the explanation for the failure of socialism: it wasn't done right. Lenin and Stalin were too interested in personal power. China was too poor. Pol Pot was a psychopath. The prior regime that was replaced by communists was too powerful and reactionary and the people don't understand how much better off they are under the new regime. And, my personal favorite, marxism was originally designed for the United States and won't work right in other countries.

The idea that it's utterly contrary to human nature just doesn't register with these lunatics.

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If you're constantly harping about skin color, you're probably the racist.

* * *

Kurt Schlichter cackles with glee over how we can tell the Democrats how to beat us, and they ignore it and keep doing what they're doing.


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Wife is somewhat improved from yesterday but I stayed home to keep her company and tend to her, not that she's needed very much today. Yesterday she was a great deal more incapacitated by her sinister illness; today, not as much.

We managed to celebrate Christmas, even so, and had a merry time together, even if she slept a lot. I read most of the book she gave me, The Three Body Problem (at but have a respectable amount left of it. Looks as if it might be first in a trilogy. *whimper*

Anyway, it's actually a pretty good read, free of SJW nonsense as far as I can tell, and it does not paint the Chinese Cultural Revolution in a good light, either.

Also, she got me the first three volume of Komi-chan Can't Communicate, a manga series I've been thinking about buying.

Anyway, I need to get a shower and go to the store for a few sundries, so I'm going to do that before the sun sets.