January 3rd, 2020


On the heels of an attack on one of our embassies orchestrated by Iranians President Trump has one of the most important Iranian military leaders blown up, along with a couple of other worthy targets.

Predictably enough, the left went from gleeful salivation over Trump being embarrassed by his own personal "Benghazi" to being outraged that Trump had the unmitigated gall to order a decisive response.

There's no way to emphasize how important the deceased Genereal Soleimani was to Iran's military effort. It's kind of like Germany taking out George Patton in WW2--or maybe even Eisenhower. And the thing that makes it so awesome is that the friking ayatollah said this on Wednesday:
Iranian dictator Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tweeted Wednesday that the U.S. was powerless to respond to Iran's attacks against American contractors, soldiers, and diplomats: "You can't do anything," he taunted President Donald Trump.
Bitch, you'd better be careful about what you say. Just because the last handful of occupants of the Oval Office didn't do it doesn't mean it can't be done. Good luck replacing Soleimani; men like that are hard to find, especially in your neck of the woods. He was reportedly the second-most powerful man in Iran.

The left is beside itself because Trump did what he always does: completely subvert their expectations.

Now they're all predicting that Trump has just started a major war with Iran because that's always what the left goes to when a Republican President shows any kind of spine whatsoever. But I think the opposite is the case: Trump just sent a very strongly-worded message to Iran: I am not Barack Obama. Do not fuck with me.

And with much grumbling and rattling of sabers, Iran will subside and play nice until Trump's last day in office. It might even get to be a habit.

I say all this because the press coverage is following exactly the same pattern it did in 1987 when Ronald Reagan had Tripoli bombed. Turned out that a terror attack on a German nightclub that killed some American soldiers had been a Libyan operation. The Chicago Sun-Times said the next day, "US JETS RIP LIBYA" and oh, the cavailing and kvetching on the news! They sent a team to Northwestern University and all the rich white kids there dutifully complained about how unsafe it was going to be for them to travel abroad now because this was just going to provoke more terrorism, blah blah blah!

...and we didn't hear a peep out of the islamic world for three years. The next time there was something we had to pay attention to was when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, and that was only dangerous if you happened to be in Kuwait.

Trump having our military blow up a powerful and important enemy leader sends exactly the same kind of message that Reagan's air strike sent in 1987: if you fuck with us, we'll kill you. It's the only language those islamic savages understand, and it's a reminder that is long past overdue.

* * *

By the way--think about how much security there must have been for Soleimani to be in Iraq. I'm sure no one knew where he was or where he was going to be, except for a very small number of insiders in the Iranian government. By blowing him up while he was outside his country, right in the middle of his security detail, Trump sent another important message to the surviving islamic savages: you cannot hide from us. We will find you and you will die.

They need to be afraid of us. Otherwise they won't stop trying to kill us.

* * *

The last thing I want to see is an American adaptation of any anime because it's bleeding impossible for Hollywood to get anything right. (I want to see Battle Angel Alita because I am told it's a rare exception.)

This post also contains a comment which is a real head-turner, because it puts bullying in a totally different light--a perspective I had not thought of before. I'll have to think about that one.

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So, this is the old bath house with the rickshaw stand:

And this is, it turns out, a view from the other side of the building, at 180 degrees to the first view:


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I am so glad it's Friday. I'm still recovering from the sinister illness of last weekend, though I'm a heck of a lot better today than I was last week or even a few days ago.