February 2nd, 2020

#7011: Utterly unsurprising

In 1979, Bernie Sanders stood with the "Iranian students" who seized the US embassy in Tehran. As leader of the "Socialist Workers' Party".

I mean, I realized the man was a communist; I didn't know he'd been an actual avowed one. I'm not surprised to learn this, of course.

That puts this into perspective, then. I can see the Des Moines Register shutting up its poll because Bernie Sanders is in the lead. The Democrat party does not want to front an avowed communist, for a variety of reasons; but as I said, communism ruins economies, and without a productive economy there's no gravy train.

There is another reason:
t's obvious that the Democrats desperately want to avoid throwing a decrepit jewish socialist up against the God-Emperor Donald I. As wicked and stupid as they are, even they understand that will end in disaster as blacks and Hispanics either stay home or vote for the only candidate they can possibly respect.
The Democrat party may be trying to avoid Trumpslide, because that would put Trump well outside the bounds of even unreasonable opposition. I don't know if they can, but they're going to try.

* * *

Michael Moore doesn't seem to understand the party he supports. Of course they're going to change the debate rules to let Bloomberg in. Of course they don't actually want any of the minorities who stood for the nomination to win. We're talking about the party of Jim Crow and the KKK, here.

* * *

I'd say that's a brewery which needs to quietly go out of business. But since "get woke, go broke" is more than just a catchy rhyme--it seems to happen with startling regularity--I'd say that "Joe's" sudden backpedaling is indicative of what's already happening to his business' fortunes.

* * *

Wowee. I think a question from somewhere in the middle of the article is an apt one: "Why do they always talk about [having sex with] kids?" I had to read that one a few times to realize that the word "fucking" wasn't being used as an intensifier; I've edited it to make the meaning more obvious.

So, the guy is gay and he has a predilection for young boys. Big surprise.

* * *

What a fiasco. A cop had to tase his K-9 dog because it bit a cow. WTF.

* * *

Well, it's close to 60 outside today. Yep. 60. First real sunshine in two weeks, too.

* * *


Okay, I've got no clever or interesting way to end this post. Sorry about that.

#7012: Much obliged, sportsball!

Thanks to the major sportsball meet taking place today, my wife and I were able to watch Dolittle in a theater which had exactly four people in it. Including us. And once the movie started, the other pair (a woman and her son or grandson) were so quiet I forgot they were there.

The movie itself was nicely entertaining, too. Nothing else that's out right now appealed to us, but we've been wanting to get out and see something for a while.

Sportsball day is a lovely day to go out. Glad I don't give a rat about which sportsball team wins the pennant or cup or whatever it is they win.