March 21st, 2020

#7074: Sometimes it just boggles the mind

So California went "shelter in place" and "nonessential" jobs are curtailed. So far so good, right? Truckers aren't "nonessential" and therefore are allowed to continue working, and hauling the stuff consumers need to the stores from which they buy it.

The only problem is that warehouse workers are "nonessential".

So what you get is, a bunch of trucks lining up outside the distribution centers (DCs) for...well, everyone, unable to drop or grab their loads, because the stuff isn't moving around inside the building.


I mean, not only is this stupid on that level, but it's stupid because it's wasting the truckers' time. In this country we already had a shortage of CDL holders who were willing to drive trucks for a living before all this. Now, when stores are screaming for inventory, a dumbass government decision has truckers sitting and doing nothing instead of hauling loads around.

The federal government has eased downtime rules for truckers specifically because their services are so desperately needed. How utterly like California, to waste a scarce resource on stupidity.

* * *

So what our state government has done, essentially, is to give criminals carte blanche to make trouble.

Definitely going to avoid the city for the duration of the emergency. I'm really glad I'm locked to my home facility at work, let me tell you, because I don't relish going to the farther offsite. That's not even in the city; it's just in an "industrial" area in the south suburbs.

People are nervous. I can feel it whenever I go to the store; there's an unsettled feeling that makes me think of a herd of cattle just before a stampede.

* * *

But yes, this is why Boomers aren't scared off their nut by all this. Boomers have had panic after panic thrown at them since they were old enough to watch TV unsupervised, and that was on top of the constant threat of nuclear war.

I say "constant threat of nuclear war" but in fact by the 1980s no one seriously believed one was likely, mainly because thirty years of that drumbeat had worn everyone out. The fact that the earliest members of the cohort had been subjected to "duck and cover" drills in school--for something that never happened--is alone enough of an explanation for why COVID-19 doesn't really scare us all that much, if at all.

Look: the world has always been ending (at least since the 1950s) and so far, it hasn't. The media have cried "wolf" so often in our lives that we know what it means when they do: very little.

* * *

Well, it's Saturday, and because there's really nothing to do, I'm going back to bed.