April 2nd, 2020

#7087: This is getting REALLY OLD

Yesterday was a pretty nice day, so after work (and after a side trip to the grocery store) I came home and fiddled with the Jeep.

It's still doing it--intermittently idling super-low--so I figured I'd pull the computer out completely and redo the grounds nearest it. Jeep was fine on the drive in yesterday but when I went home for lunch, CLONK. I had to pull the computer plugs for 30+ seconds to reset it, but then I was able to go back to work and run my errand without incident. So I decided I'd redo the grounds by the computer.

They weren't in all that bad a shape but when I put everything back together, I started her up and she idled just fine. I left it idling while puttering around a bit and decided that would do, shut it off, and repaired inside for the day.

This morning, went to start her up, and the damned thing wouldn't start. When I held my foot on the gas pedal it would go, but as soon as I released it, CLUNK no more. So I pulled the computer plugs again and let it get cold again and then was able to drive to work etc without incident: to work, to get lunch, and then home again.

During my lunch break I looked up the problem YET AGAIN and found that you can force the computer to completely wipe itself by doing a little procedure:
1) Remove positive cable from battery and touch to negative terminal for 30+ seconds. Reinstall.

2) Turn ignition switch to RUN.

3) Turn on headlights. Turn off headlights.

4) Turn ignition switch to OFF.
I saw this in a whole slew of different places. One person claimed that he confirmed it with an engineer that works for Jeep.

I was under the impression that the computer in the Jeep was being wiped of stored data every time I unplugged it, but that turns out not to be the case. It's got some kind of nonvolatile memory in it which retains that tuning information regardless of whether or not it has power, and that is what I want to clear out.

Did the procedure this evening after getting home from work. Started right up, but then again the thing has "started right up" every time I've done anything to it other than after cleaning the throttle body. *sigh*

We'll keep going, of course.

* * *

This made me chuckle.

* * *

"It doesn't get much more delicious than this.
I am stunned at the amount of gall required to write that society is treating the Boomers as medically expendable, this the generation that pushed and advocated for abortion on demand, also known as baby murdering. The Boomers have had it their own way for their entire lives.
...except now that they're old, they're discovering that when it comes right down to it, old people are expendable.

I especially find it shadenfreudelicious when the ones who advocated for marxism and socialism find out that yes, once you're no longer a productive member of society but have retired, a socialist government is going to consider your health care a matter of throwing good money after bad. A waste of resources. If there's a major crisis situation and any overworked hospital in the world has a choice between saving your wrinkled hippy ass or a half dozen children, it'll pick the kids every time. No matter how "groovy" you are and no matter how many musicians you got to party with at Woodstock.

It is man's lot to suffer "threescore and ten" years on this rock. Some of us get more, some of us get less, but sooner or later we shuffle off this mortal coil and move on to whatever comes afterwards. That's the whole point of the universe; nothing in it is made to last forever because this is only the very first step on a very long road.

No one lives forever. And the older you are, the fewer years you have in front of you. No reasonable doctor is going to save you from losing five or ten years when he could use the same amount of resources to save several children from losing sixty years apiece.

It's simple economics, really. We're used to living in a world where we support and help our elderly and disabled people, where all life is sacred and no one is considered expendable. That's a lovely place to be, but the level of it that we have in our society is unprecedented in all of history.

(No one, that is, except the unborn, because "womens' access to health care!!" *sigh* But you know what I mean.)

If it comes to a point where the health care system is stretched to its limit, then yes--the elderly will receive less care than the young will, and that is exactly as it should be. But when have Baby Boomers ever cared about what's right and decent and pro-civilization?

* * *

Do you want to know one major reason the federal government doesn't have the supplies to handle a pandemic? "Obama Depleted the Nation's Strategic Reserve of Ventilators, Respirators, and Surgical Masks -- Stockpiled in Case of Bioweapon Attack or Pandemic -- and Then Refused to Restock the Reserve for 8 Years, Preferring to Spend on His Socialist Priorities" goes the headline.

Yeah. Obama did that. Also, Obama tried cutting the CDC&P budget far more than Trump did.

* * *

Speaking of fake news, that teenager who died "because" he didn't have health insurance actually did have health insurance. For one thing. Of course, if you go to an urgent care place and you tell them you have no insurance, they're likely not to want to treat you. The kid didn't know he was covered, so he said he had no insurance, and they refused to cover him.

If you think you don't have insurance, and if you're sick enough to require immediate medical attention, you don't go to an urgent care, anyway; you go to the hospital.

...but the death may not actually have anything to do with COVID-19, either. No one really knows at this point; he was in an ambulance on his way to the hospital when he "coded" and despite working on him for six hours the ER couldn't get him back.

People are spinning this as, "I don't want to live in a country where people are refused medical care!" but what they don't realize is that I am 100% in agreement with that. The problem lies in the fact that their prescription is to socialize the medical system, which leads to poor quality of service and to rationing--in which case a lot more people are told "No" than the merely uninsured are under our current systems.

Regardless, there will be edge cases, and edge cases are always not what is typical.

* * *

The representative from Little Somalia says "Glory to allah!" to Trump saying, "'The next two weeks will be very painful,' as in thousands–-very likely tens of thousands-–of Americans will die from the Kung Flu."

In other words, the worthless bigamist bitch from Little Somalia is thanking allah that Americans are going to suffer and die.

Whoever is facing her in this year's election needs to make a campaign ad all about that.

* * *

While Democrats fiddled, Trump took action that likely saved a lot of Americans from getting the Wuhan Flu.

* * *

I know why Captain Crozier was fired but I'd bet money that he knew what he was doing. Okay, they do not make you the skipper of a aircraft carrier if you're a dolt, understand?

Sacrificing his career for his men--that's a lot closer to what a leader looks like than the last several Presidents we've had.

* * *

This whole situation is very bad for the traditional American comics industry. It's hard to feel sorry for them, though, considering how they systematically set out to piss off and otherwise alienate their fan base.

* * *

I admit this is attractive, but I bet it won't happen that way. The people who like to go out and party will go back out and party, and the meek shall not inherit the Earth just yet.

* * *

Today was kind of busy, in an annoying way, so I'm going to go watch TV with my wife and eat dinner.

#7088: I must be improving

Last few days I've been feeling better. Some kind of bronchitis, I think. No way to tell without being tested but the last place I want to go is a doctor's office and especially not a hospital. Surest way to catch the Wuhan Flu is to go somewhere there are sick people.

Anyway, sometime early Thursday morning my immune system stood down, and the sensation woke me up. I don't know how to describe it except it's a generalized relaxing, somehow, though not actually muscular in nature. It's like there was this noisy sensation in my lungs that suddenly just...went away. Over the past few days the cough has stopped being totally dry, starting with this one cough that felt like it drilled right through the bronchial tube that serves my right lung. I've been taking 12-hour Mucinex and it's been helping. Also, slathering my neck with Vick's salve at bedtime. I feel better today than I did the entire week prior.

But this evening I'm feeling pretty depressed. Mom always said that when one of us had been sick, and we started either being depressed or cranky, she knew we were getting better.

Saw this in my "Images 2" folder and it really got me in the feels:

I find a lot of interesting images on Imgur. There's one that's too big to post but it shows various people with physical conditions, and they're being hectored by other people with things they say to people with mental health issues. You know: to the guy who's been stabbed in the gut, "It's like you're not even trying." To the guy puking his guts out: "Have you tried...you know...not having the flu?" To the guy injecting himself with insulin: "I don't think it's healthy that you take medication every day." The image is titled, "Helpful advice."

Same kind of thing as my "broken leg" metaphor.

Anyway, in this state of mind, it's too easy to look at everything and decide it's hopeless. Just have to keep reminding myself that despair is a sin, I suppose.

* * *

Go to work, sit in my office and do computer things, have lunch, sit in my office and do computer things, come home, fuck around with the truck some more, cook dinner, go to bed.

One of my coworkers was abruptly not a coworker any longer, no explanation. it was one of the folks that really knows what she was doing, too.

Everyone who I work with--the other on-site service people--like me, they all work for a contract agency that supplies IT services to the company I work at. When the company decided to change services, [current employer] hired all the on-site people that were otherwise losing their jobs. Some of these folks have been in these jobs for a very long time, like one guy that said he's been there 10 years.

Feeling better but not well, late to work because the Jeep let me down, looking at my 2000 Jeep sitting in a parking lot with a bunch of other, much newer, vehicles; me just feeling tired and worn-down and flat, I imagined someone at the plant asking me why I didn't buy a newer car, and me having to explain that job security is a hard thing to come by in IT, especially when you're a contractor--and when you're constantly worried about your job, you don't take out loans for things like new cars.

Career-wise, though I'm finally in a place where I can use my talents for the most good, I still have to worry. You can't be totally worry-free but there ought to be some sense of stability. I've only had this job for six months, FFS. Talk to me in November or December and we'll see what I do then, maybe.

I don't know if I was childishly optimistic or just a complete fool in my twenties, buying new cars while working part-time and going to school--but my damn car payments weren't anything like they'd be these days, either. But I never thought, "What if I lose my job?" The dot-com bust was still in the future and IT was going great guns then and I got nearly every job I interviewed for.

But when I think about it, I don't believe I'd want to go through the 1990s again, particularly not the early 1990s. I look back at that time in my life and it just aches.

Spent a chunk of time writing a regressive time-travel story, because the concept appealed to me, but I rewrote the thing to death and these days it's the last thing I'd want to have happen to me. Main character woke up suddenly 15 again, remembering everything that happened to him as an adult--and about the time I was working on the final draft of the story there were a couple of TV series like that. (Do Over was the one I watched, and I actually quite liked it.) My story is crap--it was crap before over-refinement spoiled it--and it's not worth publishing. But it convinces me that the "press rewind" scenario would just suck and have no redeeming qualities.

Going back further would be even worse. Kids are assholes.

* * *

Anyway I need to get to bed, so I'll spare you further nonsense.