April 7th, 2020

#7096: Sounds as if the rate of transmission is slowing

So, here's the state of the virus thing, from what I've heard.

The rate of transmission appears to be slowing--at least away from places like NYC where they tried to score political points against Donald Trump by encouraging people to go out and mingle a lot.

You see, in January, Trump barred flights to and from China, and the Democrat-media complex salivated and rubbed their hands together and said, "We've got him THIS time!" And set out on a campaign to tell people that COVID-19 was nothing to worry about! "Why, the Chinese themselves say it's no big deal!" And Trump's move to cut off flights to and from China was premature and racist.

So the mayor of NYC, the very same asshole that's now complaining Trump's not doing enough, he told residents of NYC that they should go out and just continue business as usual! ...much like, in Italy, they said, "Go hug a Chinese person!" Because no one wants to be called racist after all, right??

Not coincidental that Italy and NYC are the two biggest hot spots on the planet.

But then, of course, the Democrat-media complex got hep to the fact that this thing might not be nothing, after all, because an awful lot of people were getting sick and being admitted to the hospital. And so they pivoted to "Trump's not doing enough!"

...but in places which were not run by complete retards, while the total number of cases continues to climb, the rate of increase is slowing. This is a "Washington, D.C. cut", and by the rules used by the Democrat-media complex (D-M-C) and moderate Republicans when talking about the federal budget, we can say, "We've cut the number of COVID-19 cases!" I mean, by the standard employed by the D-M-C when they complain that Trump asked to cut the CDC&P budget, this is eliminating COVID-19!

Okay, let's stop with the sarcasm. That the rate of transmission appears to be slwoing is very good news, so of course the D-M-C is not reporting it. They're tap-dancing on each new death, hoping that every time the fatality rate goes up, it's a Trump voter who died.

Meanwhile, there's a therapy which appears to work so well it's practically a miracle cure: a cheap, off-patent antimalarial drug, combined with a cheap antibiotic and zinc supplements. Seven days on this combination of drugs and you're virtually virus-free. So of course the D-M-C is talking up all the people who say, "This isn't science! It's not scientifically proven to work! We need scientifically proven solutions to this problem!" because there's never been a double-blind study done on the efficacy of the treatment. All we have is an ever-growing pile of anecdotal evidence showing that nearly all the infected people who get this stuff live, while people who did not get it tend to succumb at whatever the virus' natural fatality rate is.

So we have some good news (which is being ignored) and some other good news (which is being actively discouraged) and because President Trump's numbers were so good the press stopped covering his press conferences.

I'm wondering if the press doesn't realize that people see what's going on?

* * *

The very author of #METOO has decided that Democrat politicians are exempt from it. Alyssa Milano wants Joe Biden to win the election in November, so the credible allegation that he sexually assaulted a staffer needs to be carefully investigated.

Notice please that if Joe Biden were the Republican running for President in this election, not only would you see a mixtape of all his senile meanderings on the evening news every night but the entirety of the D-M-C would be calling him a rapist and Alyssa Milano herself would be out there calling for him to be castrated with a rusty spoon.

* * *

230 out of a 5,000-man crew and I bet that's just the tip of the iceberg. So the guy who quite literally called Captain Crozier "stupid" as a justification for firing him has himself now resigned his post, because if there's one thing you cannot do, it is to refer to someone commanding a nuclear aircraft carrier as "stupid" when his actions pointed out the very thing he intended them to point out. Which is--not to put too fine a point on it--the fact that he's got a whole bunch of sick sailors on his boat.

Well, not his any longer, thanks to El Dickhead, but you know what I mean.

* * *

Ecuador has a socialist government. They claim 191 COVID-19 deaths. If you go to GunFreeZone.net you'll see a couple of posts about the conditions in Ecuador, such as the long line of cars waiting to get into the cemetery, many carrying wrapped or casketed bodies.

The government collected about 1,200 bodies in one city alone.

So, yeah--big surprise that a socialst/communist government is lying.

* * *

Some Democrats are so unhinged they want to report Trump to the Hague for "crimes against humanity" because...uh...ORANGEMANBAD!!!! That's why! Because he's suggesting that we use an antimalarial drug that has never been tested against this disease!!!!111one-one

* * *

I heard about this on the radio today and Chicago's lesbian-of-color's excuse for this literally is that she can't cut her own hair.

I need a haircut, but the place I use is closed because it's a "non-essential business". I can't cut my own damned, hair, either, so why can't I go get a haircut? No, I'm not important like the lesbian-of-color mayor is, so I can go scratch.

* * *

As if we needed more proof that being a hypocrite is the first prerequisite of being a Democrat.

* * *

Yes, COVID-19 is raciss and it's all Trump's fault, we get it. *sigh*

It's "disproportionately affecting minorities", of course. As Second City Cop explains, though, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation:
Has [Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady] not been following assorted media reports? Social media reports? Guess exactly who is staying home? Keeping six-to-ten feet apart? Not gathering by the hundreds in parks, on street corners, at impromptu house parties on the weekends?

Any guesses?
No, don't guess, because if you guess right, it just means you RACISS.

* * *

Of COURSE COVID-19 is proving Trump right. Why do you think the D-M-C is doing its damnedest to turn it into an unprecedented disaster?

* * *

Today is the warmest day we've had since October 1. Remember October 1? I do.

* * *

I wish they would be clearer about this. Are they saying that one Dragon Cargo spacecraft has flown 20 times? It sure sounds like that, but a few sentences later they say that "various Dragon spacecraft" have gone to ISS.

Ah heck with it; read this:
Over the last eight years, various Dragon spacecraft have spent a total of 547 days attached to the space station, flown more than 450,000kg of cargo to the space station, and returned more than 35,000kg of science experiments and other cargo back to Earth.

For this service, SpaceX offered NASA a pretty good bargain. According to the space agency's own analysis, NASA's investment in SpaceX bought a service that cost as much as 10 times less than the traditional cost-plus contracting approach and two to three times less than the cost of continuing to fly cargo on the space shuttle.
Do you know why that is? Why SpaceX saved NASA so much money over other companies?

Because SpaceX is in the flights to orbit business. They're in the business of sending stuff into outer space.

Unlike, say, Boeing, which is in the rocket ship business.

Okay? In airplane terms, SpaceX is an airline that builds its own planes, while Boeing is...well, a company that makes airplanes and sells them to others.

That's why SLS costs so damned much. Boeing has no incentive to make their rockets as inexpensively as possible, and they have a decided incentive to make them as expendable as they possibly can. Because the more rockets that NASA uses up and throws away, the more rockets Boeing is going to sell to NASA.

* * *

Lots of engine noises outside. People getting out their fun cars and their motorcycles and-and-and.

I should have Friday off, for a wonder, and expect I'll be cutting the grass for the first time this year. It's already looking a bit shaggy....