May 6th, 2020

#7134: This nonsense is getting really old

Three trips to the parts store and I finally have the right module for the truck, so I can have reliable turn signals again. The kick panel is reinstalled.

* * *

NYC is a shithole and apparently they recently uncovered 1,700 additional nursing home deaths there.
What do you mean "previously undisclosed"? And what do you mean by 1,700 deaths? For the love of God, the whole state of Florida right now only has 1,539 deaths! How many people have died in NY nursing homes?
I think the pandemic in NYC has been hopelessly, tragically mismanaged.

* * *

If you live in Missouri and you snitched on your neighbors for not following the stupid corona rules, well, karma's a bitch, and I have no sympathy for Blockwarts.

* * *

As long as your politics are correct, you can win a Pulitzer prize for an essay which is completely incorrect, factually and historically.
She is wrong about Virginia being the first place that African slaves were brought to America, and wrong too about the status of the slaves whom a group of pirates brought to Virginia in 1619, many of whom gained their freedom. She is wrong that slavery was the founding institution of America and wrong about its importance in key events, including the American Revolution and the Civil War. Her mistakes about the American Revolution included the absurdity that the colonial Americans launched the Revolution to protect their right to hold slaves.
The left does not care about truth. The left does not care about facts. The left does not care about science. The only thing the left cares about is power--specifically the power to stomp on human faces.

They just wanted to stir blacks up in order to help them get rid of Trump.

They are working to protect Biden from the sexual assault charges leveled against him because they cannot replace Biden with someone else--at least, not without causing a huge revolt in their rank-and-file--and the leftists are showing just how much they care about electing someone like that: not at all.

But what they don't seem to realize is, if their current efforts don't work and Trump wins another term? No one--NO ONE--will ever take the left seriously when they complain about this or that right-winger's "sexual misconduct".

Because the left doesn't care about it. They have no principles, no ethics, no morals, and are hypocritical three times before breakfast; but because they are now proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they don't care about politicians who commit such acts, I think people will stop listening to them.

I mean it. The leftists are saying, not quite verbatim, "I don't care what Biden did; I'm voting for him."

So when someone says that Trump is a rapist: "Are you going to vote for Biden?" If the answer is anything other than "No" you say, "Then shut the fuck up. Adults are talking."

* * *

1996 to 2016, global warming was 0.00...0 degrees. Average temp in 1996: 58.7 degrees. Average temp in 2016: 58.7 degrees.

No global warming even though CO2 increased in that time.

Thank you for playing.

* * *

Do you want to hear a sentence which simultaneously fills me with Schadenfreude and terror?

"Disney's income is officially down 90%."

Disney is an entertainment and media company, and ultimately their products are 100% luxuries. We do not need them to survive; they don't grow food or maintain roads or haul freight. Vox Day calls them "the Devil Mouse" and I can't argue his reasoning; Disney has not been an exemplary corporate citizen nor has it contributed much to the sustenance of civilization.

But Disney employs a lot of innocent people who just want to work a job and earn a paycheck. My fears are for them, not their employer.

* * *

Dinner tonight will be roast chicken and some kind of vegetable. Roasting a whole chicken is pretty easy; just oil it up, throw on some spices, and toss it in the oven for an hour.

...which is good, because I have no energy for elaborate meals. Hopefully we'll have some leftovers I can eat tomorrow for lunch, too.