July 25th, 2020

#7232: They're not going to get in the way for any reason whatsoever.

Can anyone tell me what demographic is most likely to use "glory holes"? Hint: outside of porno movies it is not straights.

Once again we see that no matter what the situation is, nothing must be allowed to get in the way of the homoesexual lifestyle. This happened with AIDS and its happening now with COVID-19.

In the latter case, it's just proving that COVID-19 is not nearly as serious a disease as the governments of the world would like us to believe it is. The same way that the US government is telling people that there's no infection risk in gathering in huge crowds to "protest". This is entirely political.

* * *

A&E dropped Live PD, saw viewership drop by half. A smidge less than half.

"Yes, let us cancel our most popular product in order to signal our virtue! This makes sound business sense and will never cause our company any trouble!"

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My question is, "Why?" Why "amplify black voices"? Black voices already speak very loudly in our culture today. Disproportionately so; considering that blacks make up under 14% of the population of America, they sure do get what they want. Our government bends over backwards to make sure it's giving blacks everything it can.

Okay, that black idiot who knelt on the white toddler's neck? He's in jail because he had outstanding warrants, but if he hadn't, do you think he'd be in jail? If a white man had done that to a black toddler, he'd have been lynched--and not just by black people, but by the same whites who rampaged in the inner cities in the recent riots. And what about the high school teacher who advocated killing the toddler? Do you really think he's going to be fired? I do not. But let a white teacher advocate the killing of a black toddler--he'd be lucky to make it to the parking lot after being fired before the mob descended on him.

This post about unpersoning Christopher Columbus makes the point.
The largest lynching in the US was of Italian immigrants in New Orleans in 1891. That was only one of many anti-Italian violent attacks in Louisiana history.

A minor story about two Italian immigrant anarchists, Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, committing a robbery in 1920 was sensationalized into a moral panic by the media (they have been sacks of shit for a long time, haven’t they) which kicked off more anti-Italian violence across America.
And then there's this bit:
[Remember] a time when Italians were lynched, because as the Governor of Louisiana John M. Parker said, the Italians were, "Just a little worse than the Negro, being if anything filthier in their habits, lawless, and treacherous,..."
And you can see it in popular culture, if you look for it; my favorite example is in It's a Wonderful Life, when Mr. Potter is trying to lure George Bailey into his employ. Potter tells George that he's "frittering his life away, playing nursemaid to a lot of garlic eaters."

This NPR article talks about how Italians were regarded as recently as the 1940s.

Funny thing, though. The Italians worked their asses off and did their best to fit in and not make trouble.

* * *

Speaking of which, now that the Colombus statue has been taken down in Chicago, Second City Cop predicts no more violence in the city! It's a miracle! If only we'd gotten rid of Christopher Colombus statues sooner! Who knew that they were all part of an an alien mind-control plot that drove people into violent rage?
After all, the Columbus statues are down. There's no more reason to protest, march or shoot guns. It's a new America and we can't wait to be a part of it.
YES THIS IS SARCASM and so is SCC's post.

* * *

"Good sci-fi speaks to the times, and Domain has done that twice in four years," says the headline of an Arse Technica post on a series I don't give a crap about. Actually, good science fiction speaks to the timeless issues. That's why Star Trek was so good but Star Trek: Discovery is so bad. The original series explored eternal questions; the most recent extrusion explores only the latest SJW fads.

Actually, the original series was also about as SJW as it could manage for its day (eg "first interracial kiss") but at least breaking cultural taboos wasn't the sole focus of the thing.

Writing SF that "speaks to the times"--actually, writing anything that speaks to the times!--is a sure way for your work to end up forgotten in minimum time. Just as an example, when was the last time anyone other than the man himself cited Rush Limbaugh's The Way Things Ought To Be?

In 2017 I donated about 99% of the "Dan Quayle Presidential Library" because as important as those books had been in 1992, 1993, 1994, by 2017 they were outdated, having been outstripped by events. A lot of them talked about current politics--current for the mid-1990s--and therefore are of little utility two decades later. Useful for the formation of my political foundation because they put then-current events in their correct contexts, but useless in 2017 for doing the same for others.

(As an aside, these days I notice that when I form an opinion on something, 3-5 days later Rush Limbaugh says approximately the same thing. If he's not just ahead of the curve, but is the curve, then where does that put me? Above it?)

What makes Arse Technica happy here isn't that the SF is good--I'd wager that it in fact is not good--but that it strokes their SJW egos.

* * *

To understand this, you just need to remember which party is the one that brought us the Civil War, the KKK, and Jim Crow. Hint: it is not the Republican party.

Democrat policies look like they are designed to keep black people ignorant, poor, frightened, and dependent on government largesse because they are designed such. It keeps a solid 14% of the American electorate on their side. The left certainly doesn't care about how many black people need to suffer in order for them to gain power. In fact, ideally, the left would like all of us to be ignorant, poor, frightened, and dependent on them. It'd make us a lot easier to control.

The suffering is the point of all this. Read Orwell, particularly the "stomping on a human face" bit.

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A Boomer reflects on the wreckage that the sixties wrought.

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The COVID-19 expert who doesn't know how to wear a mask? It's all--this whole COVID-19 flap is--bullshit.

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Seattle is going to get even more entertaining. I can say "entertaining" because it's a good two thousand miles away. If Chicago does the same thing my words will be rather less ambivalent.
Seattle is currently under a court order by U.S. District Judge Richard Jones that prevents the use of chemical and kinetic crowd control methods such as tear gas, flash bangs and rubber bullets until Sept. 30.
Isn't that lovely? Get a left-wing judge to rule out riot-control gear so you and your commie cohorts can wreck the place.

As I've said before, looting used to be a good justification for being shot dead. People trying to burn down buildings (particularly with people inside them) used to be what the cops call "a good shoot". Someone trying to inflict grievous bodily harm on others (such as, I don't know, blinding them--literally and permanently wrecking their eyesight--with lasers) used to warrant a lethal response.

But now?

I think if this shit gets bad enough the gloves will come off, and when they do, antifa is going to find out what the actual law says about their actions, and they won't like it. They already are screaming because the feds are not doing the "catch and release" shit their local police are doing. How much worse will the screaming be if they start getting shot?

As they damn well ought to be?

* * *

Glass is an amazing material and we have only scratched the surface of what can be done with it, PUN INTENDED WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT AHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

* * *

I do like this quote.
During my lifetime, it was certain that the Soviets, Japanese, and Chinese would become the most powerful economic power on Earth. Now? The Soviets don't exist, and the Japanese have become focused on anime and talking cats.
Mine too. Change those last two words to "cat girls" though.

* * *

Well, today is tree removal day at the bunker. Finally, that mostly-dead tree that looms over our neighbor's house is going away, and with it the elm tree that shades the north side of the driveway. The elm tree is mainly just in the way, but it's gotten big enough that its roots have buckled the driveway and made a hummock that lets me know I can stop and put the Jeep in park. Right after the left front tire goes over it, stop. That hummock will remain, but won't get bigger, and the roots won't get any closer to damaging the garage foundation.

Bye-bye, money. But hello decreased worries about insurance liabilities!

What a world.