August 4th, 2020

#7242: Some bald assertions

I'm not linking some of these; I'm just saying them. If you don't like them, go ahead and look up references. I don't care.

#1: Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is very effective against COVID-19. It was demonstrated to be very effective against SARS, and since SARS was a coronavirus, guess what?

Saw a story somewhere about how there are a lot of people in Africa who are on HCQ because they have malaria, and guess what? COVID-19 cases are short and mild there for anyone who's taking HCQ.

#2: The Democrats do not want there to be any debates between Trump and Biden. All right: even if Biden brain wasn't cottage cheese, if Biden were as hale and hearty as he was, say, in August of 2008, they still would not want Biden to debate Trump, because Trump would clean the floor with him.

But Biden is suffering from senile dementia, or some other sort of grievous mental confusion, and he's not capable of stringing together more than three coherent sentences. Not even when he has a teleprompter to read from. In any sort of debate format that Trump would agree to, the fact that Biden is utterly unqualified to hold any office at all would be manifest.

And, in fact, if they put Biden up on TV, even if they have everything set up their way, it'll probably come out.

The only reason Biden is polling at all well stems from the willing disbelief of the Democrat voters. "Trump says that Biden's senile, but that's just Trump saying that. Everyone on our side says Joe Biden is ready to go. They wouldn't give the nomination to a senile dotard!" They have faith (however misplaced) that the Democrat party would do the right thing. And the press has not let so much as the barest whisper escape about Joe Biden's actual condition.

That's why you're seeing all this stuff about how debates aren't actually indicative of leadership ability, how they don't really change minds, blah blah blah etcetera--but let the Democrats front someone who is a master debater (kek) in 2024 and debates will be essential--no, not just essential, but a CRITICAL part of the campaign process--particularly if the GOP nominee is not much in a debate.

#3: Despite the Democrat-Media Complex's (DMC) best efforts, Joe Biden is not leading in the polls, and everyone knows it. They report that he is in an attempt to discourage Republicans, but I think a lot of Republicans regard this as a "broken glass" election: they will crawl on their bellies over broken glass--broken glass soaked in hand sanitizer!--to vote for Trump.

#4: The Democrats are absolutely terrified that Trump will win in a landslide. They've run "wargames" where secession was an option. In other words, just like in 1861, if the lose the election, they'll take all their toys and leave.

Vox Day asks, at that link, "Ask yourself this: why are Democrats wargaming the loss of the election if Creepy Joe is genuinely ahead in the polls by seven points?"

If the entire west coast of the United States were to secede, I have to wonder if we'd even bother to stop them? Let them take their socialism and live with it, without any help from DC, with a border wall and tariffs and all the other things that will result in the left coast being a third-world shithole.

It's not just being out of power that scares them. Unless I am very badly mistaken, in Trump's second term the floodgates are going to open and all the corruption and the perfidy and the rot and the sewage that has accumulated in our government will out. And when it does, a lot of prominent Democrats are going to face real jail time, and a lot of Republican enablers will, too. Do you honestly think that the "NeverTrump" crowd of so-called "conservatives" really care about the tone of the debate and Trump's boorishness and all that other crap?

The fact is that in a Trump second term, handcuffs become a lot more likely for a lot of bad people. Getting rid of Trump was their first and only goal for the last four years because if he manages to get just one toe inside the door, they're done for, and they know it.

#5: The COVID-19 vaccine is going to have a lot of dangerous side effects. If they did not, the companies who are developing those vaccines would not be demanding that they not be held accountable for bad outcomes. So, to sum up: hydroxychloroquine has been on the market for decades and is well-understood but it's too dangerous to use against COVID-19. These vaccines are being rushed into production and there's no time for safety testing, but it's okay because SCIENCE says they're perfectly safe, and we just need a liability waiver so you can't sue us if something goes horribly wrong.

* * *

This does indeed win. "Nobody cares about your fuckin' skin color. Nobody gives a DAAAAMN about your brown skin. See, it's your fucked-up, shitty behavior is why people don't like you."

* * *

I was talking about this the other day.
Rioters in the face of police who are hamstrung by their Democrat masters in city hall do not get a sense that they're in any real danger, because they are in fact not. Even if you get arrested, you'll be held long enough to be booked and let go again.

But when those same people face men with loaded guns who are protecting their own homes and their own's going to be different. Antifa turns around when faced with this kind of display because they realize that these men will kill us.
ANd lest you think me wrong, this exchange from that very incident:

"We're peaceful!" a sissy whined. "And you pointed a gun in my face!"

"That's why you're peaceful," a female citizen replied.

Also referenced here with the ominous title, "The silent majority is losing patience".

* * *

In Louisville, the Burn Loot Murder crowd has turned into a protection racket. The BLM thugs posted a list of nine demands for businesses--that they employ a certain percentage of blacks, that they pay a certain percentage of their profits to "black local organizations", that they do this and that and the other thing.

This is organized crime, you know. You can't make that kind of demand "or else". I wonder if the FBI will do a RICO investigation?

* * *

Even with the example given by Detroit, Chicago continues to follow the same path.

* * *

#6: Turns out that there is a monetary incentive for hospitals to report deaths as COVID-19 deaths. Heard that on Limbaugh; he didn't say what or why (or how much) but the simple fact is that the reason motorcycle accidents and shootings and stabbings are all listed as "COVID-19" deaths stems from the simple fact that they're being subsidized.

* * *

A muslim attorney general does not want police to handle rape calls. He's from a religion that stones rape victims to death, you know.

* * *

I don't give a fuck about Fifth Avenue or Michigan Avenue or any of the "big name" city streets.

* * *

Big explosion in Beirut. Official explanation is that "2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate" was left in a warehouse for six years, and it blew up.

Ammonium nitrate, by itself, won't do much. It's a potent oxidizer but you need some kind of fuel for it to oxidize. A common and cheap high explosive is ANFO, ammonium nitrate and fuel oil (diesel or kerosene). That's what McVeigh and his buddy used in the Oklahoma City bomb.

* * *

So, today I went to work, and had to take a trip to the far offsite; and the truck's brakes were fine.

I mean, as soon as I touch the brake pedal, I can feel them start to bite; they actually come on sooner than they did before. (Probably because the right side caliper can actually, you know, slide on its sliders.) The sponginess is almost gone now, and the brakes feel good and solid. There was some pedal pulsation that developed over the past couple of months, but with new rotors of course that's gone.

I don't have to bleed the brakes. I don't have to replace calipers so I can bleed them. Somehow, I managed to get all the air out of the system with that half-assed bleeding method I used last night, and they work fine.

The broken sway bar end link is going CLUNK so I'll have to fix that, but it can wait a few days.

* * *

Well, that's Tuesday. Tomorrow is Wednesday and I'll be at the near offsite for most of the morning; and then I get to go on Thursday and do it again, for a different reason. *sigh*

But I'm getting things done, and people's issues are getting fixed. I suppose that's got to do.