August 13th, 2020

#7252: GERD??

Described my symptoms, and doc said, "You have just described all the symptoms of GERD."

Me: Oh, wow. makes perfect sense, it fits the bill to a T, and the remedy is to take a proton pump inhibitor so my stomach makes less acid.

My lungs are totally clear, they did an EKG to check my heart and that looks fine, and the fact that I occasionally get that belch-up crap in my sleep is a symptom, too. And I had an issue with GERD back when I worked at Rockwell-Collins, too.

So--basically healthy, not asthma, no chest X-ray needed. Woohoo!

* * *

"Xi Jinping has addressed his nation called upon the people of China to not waste food." What do 1.4 billion Chinese people eat?

Remember the stories about the porcine ebola that forced China to slaughter sick pigs in industrial lots?

Recall that there's been epic flooding in China?

...the United States makes a surplus of food every year but do you think China wants to buy American food when we're in the middle of negotiating a path towards a more equitable trade balance? Of course they may not have a choice.

Look: the communist Chinese government maintains control over the Chinese people for two main reasons: 1) fear, and 2) inertia. If the Chinese people get hungry enough, there are literally not enough communists in the world to stop one point four billion people from flattening whatever is between them and the food.

The communist hold on China is not the iron grip that communists had over the USSR, because there are five times as many people in China as there were in the Soviet Union at its zenith.

Pit one thousand infantry against ten thousand farmers armed only with hand tools but who no longer care because they're going to starve to death--how do you think that battle would go?

I don't know how all that shakes out, but clearly the Chinese government is afraid.

* * *

This is what I was saying about education programs at colleges, the other day.
The less there is to distinguish ed schools from diploma mills, the more power their graduates have been wielding on college campuses--and not just over students. In the fall of 2018 San Diego State took the inevitable next step by creating several faculty positions in "Diversity and Inclusion" and "Equity in Education," positions which will report to the ed-school-trained Associate Vice President for Faculty Diversity and Inclusion. More recently, ed schools at North Carolina State and University of Colorado at Denver launched, respectively, PhD and doctoral programs in "educational equity," just in time to meet a rising demand.
What about "teaching mathematics", "teaching grammar", "teaching history"? Nope! The new hotness in education degrees is left-wing agitprop.

Same as the old hotness.


* * *

It's probable that the left is going all-out now because they can see the counter-revolution that is coming. I don't think they can stop it, though. Or perhaps I should say, I devoutly hope they cannot.

* * *

So: two weeks on this one prescription drug for GERD, then (probably) switch to over-the-counter Pepcid (or generic equivalent) and just keep on keeping on. We'll see how this goes.

Meanwhile, it's Thursday evening already; though I left the office at noon, getting my pills took until after four PM.

At least I can relax a little bit. Right? Right??