August 23rd, 2020

#7267: Today will be lower in key than yesterday

Which is why I'm taking time to do blog post before anything else.

Breakfast was leftover steak fajitas from Reuben's, of course, eaten during the pre-blog surf. Today I am going to go buy a couple of sawhorses, some paint, cladding, wood putty, disposable brushes, and a few other sundries, as well as R134a and oil for the Jeep's air conditioning system.

Going to have to work on the cupola roof as my first priority, but today that's mainly going to consist of painting it with a good exterior paint and letting it dry completely. I don't know what I'll do with regards to the Jeep's AC; I'd like to have it functional, though.

Well, on with the usual bloggeratin'.

* * *

Wow--antifa is literally a crowd of shit-flinging monkeys.

Here's the thing about all this. We're not seeing, in general, a right-wing response to these goons for the simple reason that the right wing is busy. Right-wingers work; they have jobs they can't just frivolously abandon in order to spend weekds acting like complete fucking animals.

Secondly, there is a left-wing network in the US, built and maintained originally by the USSR, but now supported by the "true believers" who subscribed to it during its formation. A lot of those people are very rich, having been given opportunities far beyond their talents by the carefully-constructed network of the previously coopted. Barack Hussein Obama is an example: raised by rich communists, he was sent to all the "right" schools and introduced to the "right" people, and so at no time in his life did he every actually have to work for anything. I mean, where are his college transcripts? Locked away, sealed, buried, immune from public inspection lest the truth come out. Even his post as Senator from Illinois was basically handed to him on a silver platter.

And so the very rich communists finance these riots--not just providing the money to buy food and equipment, but also to pay the rioters themselves some kind of stipend so they can afford to riot all night without having to show up for a day job. I'd be willing to bet money that every last one of those asshats out there throwing shit at people are either college kids who have nothing else to do during the summer, or they're paid "volunteers" with this-or-that "community outreach program", and they get food and housing and transportation (to and from riot zones) as part of their "volunteer" work. AmeriCorps, anyone?

The numerous friends of the movement in the Democrat-run government of the cities they infest naturally give them a pass, lest the flow of campaign donations from those self-same rich communists end up being interrupted.

Kim Foxx, the dumbass who let Jussie Smolett off--there's credible evidence that George Soros (himself an actual nazi and now a communist) basically bought and paid for her position as a prosecutor, that he's done that in numerous cities around the country; and those prosecutors, if not communists themselves, are certainly fellow travelers simply by virtue of the fact that he's their ticket "in" and "up".

So it can be seen, can't it? George Soros buys prosecuting attorneys, then finances riots, and so the people he's paying to riot are given a free pass by the prosecuting office of the local law enforcement establishment.

It's Sorostitutes, all the way down.

* * *

Expect there to be a second wave of this stupid crap because if that officer is exonerated in a court of law, the Burn-Loot-Murder crowd will explode. Nonetheless, we can't punish an innocent man solely to appease the mob.

I, too, offer my apologies to the guy who knelt on George Floyd for eight minutes, because that did not kill him.

What killed George Floyd? The toxicology report says "three times the fatal dose of fentanyl, plus methamphetamine and morphine."

Why kneel on his back? Go look at the link: the officer was trained to do that in the case of restraining someone in "excited delirium". Which George Floyd exhibited. Because he was in the middle of a massive drug overdose which places the drug user into a state of excited delirium.

Who killed George Floyd? He killed himself when he took the drugs. No one else. The police did everything correctly.

* * *

"Renewable" energy is not. The basic gist of all this is that while it is certainly possible to recycle solar panels, in the process of doing so you spend $12 to recover $3 worth of material. "This way lies ruin."

The basic building block of a solar cell is a silicon wafer. Silicon is dirt cheap. There is no advantage to recycling it, because the first step in making a silicon crystal is to purify the molten silicon, and it costs as much to make pure silicon from scratch as it does from "used" silicon.

The cells themselves are wired together with copper wire. There's some value in that. The array of cells is supported by aluminum which--again--has some value. But taken as an aggregate, nothing in a solar cell array is worth the expense of recycling it. And I bet much of that $12 cost is simply paying people to separate the components.

Windmills have much the same problem; while at least they contain steel and copper and rare earths in some quantity, those huge fan blades are made out of composites which simply do not recycle and must be landfilled. And you really can't do anything about the concrete bases save break them up and use them for fill or something.

Oh, well. People don't seem to understand that regardless of how eco-friendly you think something is, you cannot get something for nothing. Universe does not work that way.

* * *

A litany of reasons the left does not want hydroxychloroquine to be used against COVID-19. Especially these:
No more contact tracing and other governmental surveillance
•No more infringement on our Constitutional Rights in order to "protect everyone"
•End of discussion on mail in voting
•Regular attendance at public events
•Return to work w/o restrictions
•Return to unrestricted interstate and international travel
•Kids can go back to school w/o ridiculous, unworkable restrictions
•No one telling us we cannot attend houses of worship
•Return to restaurants, beaches, etc.
•No "Gates" vaccine
•No fight over "digital certificates" proving vaccination
Not to mention the fact that Trump wins in an epic landslide.

* * *

Hard to believe that August is nearly done, but this is the last full week of August, and one week from tomorrow is the 31st.

Labor Day is when? First Monday in September--that'll be the 7th.

...I completely forgot that the Indy 500 was held today.



Fajitas for breakfast, went to Harbor Freight and Menards for tools and supplies, spent far too much money (but it was in the budget) and was hypoglycemic while shopping at Menards. FFS!

Got home, unloaded the truck, went to KFC for chicken--my wife and I demolished a $20 Meal Deal, somehow. It's a complete chicken (2 legs, 2 thighs, 2 wings, 2 breasts), biscuits, potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, biscuits--and the chicken is gone already. Should have spent $10 more and got the $30 one, which includes a bucket of 8 tenders.

Anyway, I lied down for 20 minutes or so after eating dinner and read manga, then got up and went out to the garage to sort through things. One of the things I bought at Menards was a nice big box of 55 gallon contractor bags; and I took all the aluminum cans which have been accumulating and put them into 2 of those. 1.67 bags full of cans. Sorted out the satellite dish, which I'm also going to recycle. Hoping to take that nonsense, and all the old batteries which have been accumulating, over to the scrap yard on Thursday afternoon.

Came back in, feeling hypoglycemic again! WTF! The last two pieces of chicken and a cup of noodles took care of that, though.

Anyway, tomorrow afternoon, after work, I'm going to put a coat of paint on the cupola roof, then see if I can't get up on the house and start making with the wood stabilizer and putty on the moulding around the perimeter of the cupola base. Scrape the lichen, moss, and old paint off the thing, start prepping it for new paint, too. We're supposed to have clear weather until Friday.

I will have to go somewhere to get some cladding for the roof, but I don't need it just yet.

* * *

This has been a pretty decent weekend, though, all told. Can't complain.