August 26th, 2020

#7271: The next few days will tell the tale.

So, driving the truck today--I did not open the windows at all but relied on the AC. It remained a reasonably comfortable temperature inside, even at 1 PM with the midday sun blasting down, and outside air in the mid-nineties. Though I had to run it at full blast to accomplish that.

It does not seem to be any less effective than it was last night, though; it seems to be working about as well. I suppose what I should have done is to affix a thermometer to one of the vents and take readings.

It works tolerably well, though I am worried I might have too much refrigerant in it (2 cans, total of 22 oz of R-134a, 10% over) but it does work and it does cool the interior. A day like this, windows up or down I would have been sweating my ass off without it. At 1 PM, hot air and full sun, I was a touch warmer than I wanted to be, but not sweating hot.

I'll take it.

So while trying to research the question of "how much is too much refrigerant?" I happened across a "how-to" which said to remove the fill plug on the compressor and pour the oil in there, and I was sure that I'd really screwed the pooch until I found another "how-to" which said to pour the oil into the compressor's intake port, which is what I did.

Anyway, after work, I came home and flopped for about an hour or so, then went out to the garage and painted the underside of the cupola roof. I'm not making a lot of progress there, but I am making some, and I'll take it.

Next step is to get up on the roof and do paint prep on the cupola base, and fix its minor deficits. Thought about doing that today but 90+, on a hot roof? No thanks, not even after 5. It's supposed to be in the upper seventies this weekend and it can wait until then.

* * *

Dan Quayle: "What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is."

Joe Biden: "We cannot let this we we've never allowed an any crisis from the Civil War straight through to the pandemic of seventeen all the way around sixteen we have never ever let our democracy sakes second fiddle way they we can both have a democracy and elections at the same time."

Which would you rather have for President?

* * *

The writing is on the wall, and rumor has it that Di$ney is heeding it. We're hearing that the SJW contingent at Di$ney may soon be out on its collective hemorrhoid. Interesting, isn't it, how quickly the corporate vision is refocused when they have an incredibly shitty year?

Will it be thorough enough, and happen soon enough, to save them?

* * *

And so, consequences--

The antifa jerks try to mess with the wrong person and the results are, well...gory. Messy.

Protip #1: if you are armed with a skateboard and you attack someone who has a gun, you're probably not going to have a good time. Or, in fact, a rest of your life.

Protip #2: if you pull your pistol and go after the guy that just shot the guy with the skateboard, you too are probably not going to enjoy the rest of your evening.

The latter case--the damage done to the guy's bicep indicates to me that he's not going to be doing very much with that arm for quite a while other than physical therapy. I was going to make a crack about him not doing any curls but he's going to end up doing a very great many of them...with a five-pound weight.

In the hand attached to that arm? Semiauto pistol. He's lucky he didn't end up like Skateboard Dude. "Seems a little odd for a paramedic to be carrying a pistol and chasing people down the street, but maybe that's just me."

Owner of car dealership protects his property.

And--most importantly--what is the first thing that the Burn-Loot-Murder and antifa terrorists do when someone starts shooting at them? These people who are insisting that we defund and disband the police, what do they start screaming when the lead is flying in their direction?


These asshats seriously think that they can keep on doing all this, and that nothing bad will happen to them. No consequences--no arrests, no serious injuries, no deaths. And the instant that it's pointed out to them (in the only fashion that gets through their thick skulls) that your enemy gets a vote too, that the people whom they are attacking and terrorizing are shooting back, they start screaming for the protection of the very government officials they are protesting against.

* * *

I count this as a failure to understand the primary objective.
Folks who fancy themselves cynics like to say that the Powers That Be don't want the riots stopped--they're SJW True Believers, and nothing gets their thighs moister, faster, than a good race riot. But look, y'all: nobody's that stupid. Not even a tertiary-educated ovulating White Democrat from a gated community.
They want the violence and the mayhem because that's how you bring down a society: demoralize, destabilize, cause a crisis--and then you and your cronies can step in and put a stop to it, and take power without exposing your tender skin to any actual shooting.

But of course it's not working, not the way they'd hoped, not the way they'd intended.
What they’re really hoping for, of course, is that the Bad Orange Fascist will roll in the tanks. Which impulse--credit where it's due--he has so far manfully resisted, and seeing as how his poll numbers keep going up the longer this goes on...
The scenario the Democrats desperately wanted was for Donald Trump to go all "law and order!" and order in the National Guard and have them start shooting. Then they could have paraded all the "innocent victims" in front of the TV cameras, and danced in their blood, shouting, "SEE HE REALLY IS HITLER".

Problem is, as usual, Trump has stubbornly refused to play their game. Respecting the 10th Amendment, he's told all the politicians in charge of these left-wing shitholes, "If you want help, we're willing, but you have to make that decision." If they really want the violence and mayhem to stop, all they have to do is ask the federal government to do it. On the record.

Ah, but that's the problem, you see? If Governor Moonbeam and Mayor Unicorn-Flatus are on the record asking Trump to help them, then when people start getting shot who do you think is responsible for it?

They have to be sitting in their offices, staring blankly at the TVs, wondering why Trump isn't following the script, why he's not sending in the military and imposing martial law like he was supposed to....

And so they're killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, cutting off their noses to spite their own faces.

And guess what? Now that the numbers are in and the Democrats are finding that the riots are driving more people towards voting for Trump, now suddenly they are a problem. They're not "peaceful" or "mostly peaceful" protests any longer; now they're riots.

* * *

Tomorrow is the follow-up visit for the doc visit 2 weeks ago where we discovered that GERD was probably the cause of all my respiratory symptoms.

As a side effect of taking the...uh...whatever it is, the stomach pills, my stomach feels better. Go figure.

* * *

Well, the US Space Force uses Army ranks, exactly as the Air Force does.

Should use Navy ranks. They're ships, not tanks.

* * *

When I first read H. Beam Piper's Little Fuzzy, Piper described the conditions out in that little canyon where Jack Holloway was mining for sunstones, and he mentioned the sun in "a brassy sky". I thought that didn't sound right.

...but now that I'm older, I know better. When it's a hot day, the sky is not blue, particularly not in the morning or afternoon. Instead, it has a peculiar color that screams IT'S M-F-ING HOT TODAY.


And Piper was simply explaining to us that it was, or was going to be, a hot one where Jack Holloway was prospecting for sunstones.

Thought of that on my way in to work this morning, looking at the morning sun hanging in a brassy sky.

* * *

I feel like watching some anime, but so far none of the series I've tried to watch has really clicked.

Watched the first ep of Infinite Stratos the other night, and part of the second, and then realized that I never did like it all that much but for Charlotte, who doesn't appear for many episodes. Can't seem to get into the second season of We Never Learn. I don't know. Maybe I ought to fire up Achernar and watch Just Because again.

Well, not tonight.