September 4th, 2020

#7286: There's one detail he missed.

Borepatch explains to us how the Democrats cannot steal the election with "vote by mail" fraud.
Within a month of starting this analysis, the Trump campaign will have identified and quantified the scale of the fraud and the Justice Department will have opened criminal investigations in all 50 States and the District of Columbia. The election will be on hold.

And here is where we see things fall apart for the Democrats....
The thing is, there is a time limit to this. The election must be certified by January 20, because if it isn't, then Congress gets to pick who the President is.

It's laid out explicitly in the 20th Amendment:

If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term,...the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President,...
Emphasis is mine, of course.

"Shall not have been chosen" basically means that if the states can't (or don't, or won't) certify their votes so the Electoral College can vote, then a President has not been chosen, and by one intepretation of the wording of this thing it means neither candidate has qualified--in which case, Congress gets to choose who the next President is, and it does not have to be anyone who was running. Okay? The amendment doesn't specify; it simply says that Congress gets to decide who's the next President.

They would not pick Donald Trump.

The Democrats want the chaos that Borepatch describes, because this is the only way they can appoint their choice of President that has even so much as the tiniest smidge of constutional legitimacy attached to it. That's why Hillary and the rest of them are telling Biden "Don't you dare concede the election!"

So on election night, my prediction is that it will be an overwhelming landslide for Trump...but the blue states won't certify the vote citing "mail-in ballots" and it'll be enough to keep everything in flux. The Democrats' strategy from that point onward is delay, delay, delay as long as possible, because they only need to stretch out the election to January 20, 2021. If they can keep it from being certified by enough states to put Trump over the top in the electoral college before January 20, then the Democrat-run Congress gets to appoint--

Hillary Clinton, Horseteeth, Al Gore, Michelle Obama, literally anyone they want to.

The other thing to be mindful of is that idiotic and extra-constitutional "multi-state compact" where they automatically give their electoral votes to the Democrats whoever wins the popular vote as counted over the entire nation. I don't believe they have the required number of states to do it, but I don't know, and I'd bet money these people are going to pull out all the stops in order to keep Donald J. Trump from a second term.

Despite the expressed will of the people, because what do those idiots know?

I can see it as clearly as I can see the monitor in front of me. This is my bet; I think this is the Democrat election strategy. There may be a few details that I missed, or got wrong, but I'm still going on the record now as saying This is what will happen.

Really hope I'm wrong, too.

#7287: One more detail.

Dishwasher is installed and currently working on washing dishes!

Ace did not have the fitting I needed; I had to go back to Menards for it. Once home, it took some time to work out how I was going to make the connections since the manual's method would not work--my water supply hose is too short--but then I got to work and made it happen.

Leveled it, test-fit it under the counter, made sure it was plumb, then laid it down on its side and started hooking things up. Drain hose, power, supply hose, and feed the end through the hole in the cabinet. Tucked it under the counter, hooked up the water supply line, spied the insulation sitting atop the counter, disconnected the supply line, pulled it out, attached the insulation, tucked it back under the counter, hooked the supply line up, cheked that it was plumb, then affixed the mounting brackets and screwed them to the counter.

Powered up the circuit, checked everything. Opened the hot water valve, checked for leaks; none. Good to go. Rinsed off the dishes in the sink and put them in the thing, added a detergent pod, and started her up. Whee! Still no leaks!

The last thing left to do is to put the kick panel back on. It's twenty seconds to do, but I want the thing to run through a complete cycle correctly before I put it on.

* * *

Every time there has been a Burn-Loot-Murder riot, it has been over the shooting of some absolute waste of oxygen. You don't see black marxists getting upset when innocent black children are shot by black gang members. You don't see black marxists holding rallies over the black people who obey the law and work hard and who get shot by black criminals.

No--the people that the black marxists have riots over are criminals, shot while resisting arrest to a man, and some of them--like Jacob Blake--are serious scumbags.

"We have a bona fide rapist and a Jew-hater. Thats practically a Democratic national ticket right there." No kidding.

And as I noted before, a startling number of leftists are outright deviants and perverts. "...[T]he wrap sheets of various Antifa corpses shows a definite affinity for the crime of pedophilia."

Remember that Mao himself was a pedophile. And mohammaed married a 9-year-old girl, which is probably one reason the American left loves muslims so much.

* * *

The first pic is pretty freakin' funny.

* * *

I have stopped presenting evidence that the mainstream media in America has an extreme left-wing slant to it, treating the proposition as proven, particularly given the coverage of President Trump. Others are still making the case, though, and more power to 'em.

Let me flip one of them and you'll understand.

Media: "President Trump denies racist tweets were racist."

Me: "Democrats deny Joe Biden's senile ramblings were senile ramblings."

You see how that works?

Also, I noticed that bit about the paid family leave thing--how it was an important thing that Americans have, and it was so desperately needed by working women, oh, woe that we have such a nazi for President!

...until Trump actually enacted paid family leave, at which point, suddenly, "family leave hurts women!"

If President Trump were to say tomorrow, "We have a lovely blue sky today!" the press would have a dozen articles up by suppertime about how the sky is not blue, but a different color; how you can't say "the sky is blue" when it's cloudy somewhere; how this woman and her child suffered terribly when it rained on them because Trump said the sky was blue when it wasn't. Snopes and other self-styled arbiters of truth would call Trump's statement a lie because there was a cloud (one small one) in the sky where and when he said it. There would be endless discussions of whether or not Trump could even say the sky was blue because after all what if the color he perceives as blue is actually yellow to someone else? A few idiots would pipe up with commentary to the effect that a blue sky is evidence of global warming, which must be stopped before we all die. And no litany of left-wing garbage reporting would be complete without someone angrily fuming about how elitist and racist it is to look up and enjoy the sky being blue, because this country has a legacy of slavery and the slaves got whipped if they ever looked up from their tasks, even for a moment, which is why all white Americans owe blacks reparations.

Tell me I'm wrong.

* * *

Anyway, ridiculously nice day today.

Recycling took longer than I expected, but put $16 in my wallet. Getting the crucial fitting for the dishwasher took a good long time, though, because holiday traffic and everyone who could took today off.

Spent perhaps 10, 15 minutes at Ace trying to find this dingus, and could not. Normally, when I go to Ace, I have three people ask me if I need help before I've taken five steps inside the store, but I don't need help because I am pretty familiar with that store and can find what I need. Not today, though--and of course no one offered to help me, not even in passing.

I've had them come up to me when I'm looking at something, having identified this is what I need and just about to pick it up: "Need help?"

But today? Nah. Even though I'm looking at fittings, looking at the install manual in my hand, then back at the fittings, trying to find the right one and failing--no fewer than three clerks walked right past me. The fourth, having just finished helping one guy, walked away from me as I was about to ask him to help me. Finally I got disgusted and left, because I had been over and over and over the relevant shelves and had not found what I needed. To be sure, I could have bodged something together with what they had on hand, and I considered it. Heck, it wouldn't make any difference because the bodge would be invisible and it wouldn't leak any more than the correct fitting would--but finally I thought, No, I am going to do this the right way.

Drove across the ass to the Menards in Schererville. Walked into the place, went up to the second floor where the appliances are sold, went to the display with appliance parts and gizmos on it, passed all the stove and washing machine stuff to the dishwasher section, and was able to put my hand right on the fitting I needed--I practually just walked up to the shelf and grabbed it, it was so easily found; and so easy, in fact, that I found myself questioning whether or not I had actually found what I needed.

Got out of Menards for under $5. Came home, had a PBJ, and installed the dishwasher.

More, I cannot ask for.

However, it took so much time to get that fitting that I don't really have time to do anything about the cupola today.

Oh well!

* * *

At the scrapyard I got rid of those two big bags of aluminum cans, and lead-acid batteries: 3 UPS batteries, 2 batteries for my motorcycle, one for my wife's, and the garden tractor's original battery.

Need to continue taking oil to the car parts store. My aim had been to take used oil in whenever I went there for any reason, but that hasn't really been happening. *sigh*

Maybe instead get a garage heater that can run on used engine oil....

#7288: AAND it leaks.

There is a very slight leak from the door seal on the right side, so during the course of washing a load of dishes, perhaps a tablespoon of water ends up running down the inside of the door. Maybe a little more than that.

Tried to use Whirlpool's web site to schedule a warranty repair for the thing, but of course the site could not find my model and serial number, so I'm up a creek until I can talk to customer service.

Well, it's just a little bit of water, and we're not going to use it every day; and further, looking at the information I could get on-line we shouldn't be too far out from getting a service appointment.

Still--based on my experience thus far, I can't recommend Whirlpool dishwashers at this time. It's amazingly quiet, but for fuck's sake, it's brand new and IT LEAKS. Any answer from all these people that approximates, "It's not that much water, and this model just kind of does that," is 100% unacceptable.


So, I'm ecstatic that we have a new dishwasher, and that it's so quiet compared to the one it replaces; but as I told the customer survey for the Whirlpool website, if I wanted a dishwasher that leaked water on my kitchen floor, I could have just kept the old one.

* * *

So, tonight's dinner was steak. T-bones, bought from Jewel for the princely sum of $10 each. They were delicious, perfectly seasoned, and tender. A can of corn, $1; a bowl of Bob Evans' mashed potatoes, $6; if we had as much as $30 into this meal I'd be greatly surprised. Including the electricity I used to cook it.

And our steaks were vastly superior to the ones we had at Gino's Steakhouse in Merrilville, Indiana, which you should avoid because it's incredibly overpriced.

But after that, movie time; we watched Battle Angel Alita which was really good. I liked it much more than I liked the manga. Recommended--it's a pretty exciting story and I was well entertained by it.

Bonus points for the story actually having a reason the little slip of a girl is such an awesome fighter.

* * *

Tonight's AoSHQ Open Thread post is chock full of good quotes!

Such as?
Case in Point: Remember M*A*S*H? Now consider a first season episode with Frank and Hot Lips trying to suck up to get promotions while Hawkeye and Trapper effortlessly foil their plot with hi jinks galore verses a late season Very Special Episode where BJ almost cheats on his wife but at the last minute remembers What's Really Important In Life or the one where Hawkeye's all "OMG Spanky, the chicken was a baby! Waaaah!".
That was, as I recall, the last episode of the series. Hawkeye had ended up in a mental hospital (in Okinawa?) and the psychiatrist character was talking to him about it. That was annoying.

And then there's this:
The Real History of Antifa This article does a pretty good job of laying it all out. Personally, I don't give Antifa any credit for being "Anti-Fascist" because they're fucking commies. Communism is the one ideology in the toxic brew of Marxism that's actually worse than Fascism. That's like being in favor of lung cancer and expecting to get props for it because you're against pneumonia.
What a great simile!

* * *

Anyway, it's getting on towards bedtime. I can't do anything else about the dishwasher so I'll work on the cupola tomorrow. I hope.