September 7th, 2020

#7292: Well, that's just dandy.

The lede from this Arse Technica article reads, "EV adoption would have to be above 45% to trouble today's power grid, study finds."

Not in California. I don't know what assumptions they made for their "study" but they have to have been childishly optimistic.

"Renewable" electricity is wishful thinking. Wind and ground-based solar power simply cannot provide electricity at the levels required by a functioning first-world economy. California is all-in on "green energy" and we can see what it's done for them: when people need electricity the most, that's exactly when there isn't enough to go around.

I'd bet money that the government buildings and the homes of politicians are never blacked out by the power companies.

* * *

Speaking of special treatment for government, why is anyone surprised that gyms in government buildings are open? In San Francisco, "Gyms for police officers, lawyers, bailiffs, paralegals and government employees have been open since July 1."

The shutdown is not meant to contain COVID-19. It's meant to hurt Donald Trump's re-election chances.

The funny thing is, that the longer this goes on, the more stories like this come out. It's becoming obvious that the Democrat leadership is not even remotely worried about COVID-19, and now the hypocrisy that I've come to expect from everyone with a (D) after his name is becoming manifest for everyone--even some people who vote for the people with (D) after their names.

* * *

Why is this the first time that I'm hearing this?
...[A]ll males of military age who are or intend to become citizens of the United States are under federal statute the "unorganized militia", and have the duty of the militia to defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies foreign and domestic....
In other words, if you're relaxing at home when Chinese soldiers parachute onto your property and start military action, you have a duty to attempt to repel the invasion. This does not mean you're supposed to grab your gun and shoot at them even against overwhelming odds; it means you're supposed to do everything you can to warn others about the invasion and act to hinder their operations.

But it also means that if you have friends whose businesses and lives are in danger from a communist insurrection, you can arm yourself and go help them protect their livlihoods. As Kyle Rittenhouse did.

* * *

I agree that police should not have to respond to mental health calls. But the problem is, what will the social workers do when confronted with a criminally insane psychotic, armed with a knife, who thinks everyone is a demon out to kill him? Do you think social workers can handle that sort of case?

The legal liability issue is just one component of the problem. Social workers spend their training hours on talking and discussion and so forth, not hand-to-hand combat with armed madmen. I simply do not see the kind of people who become social workers being capable of handling the cases that the cops end up getting called for.

* * *

Take the statement in that image and reverse it and you realize what it's saying.

"All white people are racist," it says. Let's modify it: "All black people are criminals," say, or "All Jewish people are stingy," or "All indians are alcoholics."

The solution to racism is not more racism. But that's what "critical race theory" is--it's simply anti-white racism.

* * *

Democrats want vote fraud--as much as possible--which is why they always resist attempts to prevent it. Vote fraud helps Democrats.

* * *

An interesting idea. There has been significant complaint from some sectors that we need to spend more time exploring what's under the water rather than above the atmosphere. I disagree; "Embrace the power of 'and'."

...even though my own feelings are that exploring the oceans is a dead end. It doesn't get us anywhere; it leaves us trapped in the same fishbowl we've always been trapped in. We need to spread across the cosmos in order to ensure the continuation of our species.

* * *

I remember going to a new-agey store in Iowa City many years ago, with some friends. I stood outside as they were finishing up inside (having had enough of the unicorn flatus and pixie dust) and was alarmed to see the huge front window flex enormously every time someone opened the front door. That was after I'd been looking around inside and saw a glass shelf vibrating visually--I'm talking an amplitude of about a quarter of an inch at the center--which looked like it was one good shake from shattering.

The froo-froo folks would have been convinced it was "energy" or something but no it was just that the rocks on that particular shelf were coincidentally of the right weight and arrangement such that the shelf was naturally resonant with the frequency of the pulses of air coming from the HVAC system. I mentioned it to a store clerk, who rearranged the merchandise. That changed the resonance and it stopped.

The front window was the result of a store that was too well-sealed; opening the door caused a pressure imbalance that pushed that front window outwards by a significant distance at its center. After watching it do that a few times, I made sure to stand well away from the thing, not wanting to be in the path of any glass shards should it decide to shatter.

Glass is amazing stuff.