October 11th, 2020

#7333: Is that even Spanish?

Over on Gun Free Zone, there's this twittle message about a Trump Caravan that the media ignored.
#CaravanaPorLaLibertad Policia en Miami estima en 30 mil vehìculos la participaciòn de ayer en la caravana contra el comunismo y por la libertad.
I understood what it says.

I mean, I had to sit here and puzzle out what it meant, but I did understand it and I didn't spend much time on puzzling. "Police in Miami estimate 30...'million' is too many, maybe thousand? 30,000 sounds too big, too. Anyway, 30 (whatever) vehicles participation in a caravan, against communism and for liberty."

Googe translate:
#CaravanaPorLaLibertad Police in Miami estimates that yesterday's participation in the caravan against communism and for freedom was 30 thousand vehicles.
Anyway, this is bad news for Democrats, isn't it?

* * *

The T2 chip is worthless. Except for doing one thing, which is to brick a Macintosh computer so it can't be resold.

* * *

Could not get to sleep last night, then slept badly, but I managed a solid 5 hours of sleep after that. I got to bed late, which also didn't help much.

But, eh. Details.