October 19th, 2020On this day in different years

#7341: Completely new faucet!

I decided not to bother with trying to replace just the hose. At some point you have to think about your time and what it's worth to you, so I just bought a new firkin' faucet. The fact that it was leaking from somewhere inside the housing for the valves indicated to me that something had gone wrong. But I have no idea what brand the fixture is, even after having taken it out, so I would have had to disassemble it, go to the hardware store, get what I thought worked, come home and put it in, and then test it--and if I was wrong, go back for more parts...and quite possibly end up replacing the whole thing, anyway. Yeah.


...so I just shelled out a Benjamin for a nice new Pfister pfixture, same color and approximately the same style, with one difference that I purposefully selected for: the actual outlet of the thing is taller--twice as tall--than the one it replaces. No more struggling to get stuff under the faucet! And it still looks fantastic, so I call that "win".

Could have, of course, spent oodles of money on touch-on-touch-off or proximity sensor ones, too, but I really didn't want to. I'm fine with mechanical valves.

Thanks to the intelligent design of modern plumbing, it was pretty simple to get the old one out and the new one in. Shutoff valves under the sink. Flex hoses from shutoff valves to the fixture. Adjustable wrench to loosen and tighten, no pipe tape or dope needed. Plastic wingnuts spun on to brass fitting to hold the thing in place. (Not really wingnuts but I'm not sure what to call them. They have tabs every ninety degrees of circumference and are meant to be tightened only with fingers.)

Gonna do a post-mortem on the old fixture just to see what failed, but I'll do that later, when I have time.

* * *

So, the big news of the day is "CNN Legal Analyst and Noted Abortion-Financier Jeffrey Toobin", one of the soi-disant "elites", got suspended from his cushy Acela corridor career because--

...look, I can't take this any more. You know? What IS It with these people? Is there nothing in their brains but a neon sign that flashes "ME HORNY FUCK NOW" every thirty seconds? For crying out loud, this anus started masturbating as soon a Zoom call was over, only his camera hadn't shut off yet and everyone saw it.

Yep, he was rubbing one out.

He is "very excited" about your ideas.

"I had a really good time during the teleconference." He was watching porn on his other screen and rubbing one out while talking to people on this Zoom call.

Then these people wonder why their grip on power is slipping. I mean, most of us hicks out here in flyover country understand the difference between how you behave during work, and what you do in your off hours. Most of us out here get it: "When you're on the clock, no yanky your wanky!" Okay? No slamming the ham, or bopping the baloney, or pulling the pud or whatever you want to call it. Strictly an after-work kind of thing. Or, before work, if you have time in the morning; I'm not here to judge and what you do on your own time is your business.


This really isn't that difficult to understand, you know? Think about it!

* * *

Thanks to the Streisand Effect, more people know about Hunter Biden's laptop than would have known if Twiddle and Faceboob had not tried to shut the story down.

So now a clearer picture has emerged of how this happened. Hunter Biden took the laptop in for repairs, so it is most definitely his laptop. It got left there. The tech, while fixing it, found evidence of illegal conduct on it. He copied it, then gave it to the FBI, which promptly disappeared it into their archives and sat on it. He then also sent a copy of the data to Rudy Giuliani, which is probably the only reason he's still alive and walking around with both halves of his brain.

Democrats are trying to play the whole thing off but the one thing that the Biden campaign has not done is to claim it's false or--even more telling--to fire up a libel/slander lawsuit.

You see, it's not libel or slander if it's true, and the courts take a dim view of it when you file a case solely for the sake of appearances.

And so, here we are:
It's Not Real
It's Russian Disinfo
It's Real But Doesn’t Matter <-- YOU ARE HERE
It Matters But Not Very Much
This is Old News
Shut Up Racist
I like that they're hauling out "The Russians! The Russians!" again. Someone should remind all the Democrats of all those years that they sneered at us about how the Russians weren't spying on us and they weren't trying to do anything bad anywhere.

Anyway that's a tale already plainly told, and I don't know how much traction they think it's going to get with anyone other than their die-hard base. Biden just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar in a really seriously major way, and given the history of the past three years in general, and ten months in particular, I don't think many people are going to buy it this time.

Especially not after the ham-handed way Twaddle and Faceboob tried to cover it up for the Biden campaign. That was done with all the sophistication and nuance of the Three Stooges.

* * *

Now, this is interesting.In a Kansas City neighborhood, notes were left at the homes of Trump supporters to the effect that if Trump won, their homes would be burned down.
Two points here. First, and most obvious, anyone trying to carry out that threat in my neighborhood had best come prepared to be fertilizer. Second, and most important: This is good.

No, really, it is. They asked Trump if he'd concede peacefully the last time around too, remember? And they quickly dropped it, because a) it was just a keyboard commando fantasy anyway, and b) they were so sure Hillary was going to win, it was basically a joke to them.

Had they had any doubts in their minds at all last time, we would've seen this crap then, too. And the more doubtful they were, the more of it we would've seen. Please note that while I'm in no way saying this is rational behavior, it is predictable behavior.

They're scared shitless. You can't look at the Left right now without seeing mass, blind, lemming-like panic.
I wonder why they're so worried? What are they afraid of? After all, isn't Trump a stupid loudmouth who couldn't find his ass with both hands and a flashlight? They make a big deal about how stupid and feckless he is, after all, so why worry so much?

* * *

There's half a dozen movies I wouldn't mind seeing like that but they are none of the movies they're offering.

What I'd love to do would be an Interstellar, Martian, and The Arrival triple-feature. (The Arrival being the one with the heptapods and their time-invariant language.) Three good hard SF movies!

...or any one of them, individually.

Me and my wife, $99 plus popcorn and drinks--WTF it wouldn't be that much more expensive than a regular night out at the movies!

* * *

Today we're having November weather, which isn't really a problem since my chore du jour was to replace the kitchen sink faucet. Still, gotta get that cupola done....