October 31st, 2020

#7354: They're here!

I don't know how or why or anything but there was a notice in my inbox that they were on the front porch...and now they're inside, warming up. I was sitting here in my underwear and almost went and got them without dressing.

Two computers. Ryzen 5 3600 processor, 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, GTX 1660 video card with 6 GB of RAM, 500 GB SSD--all guaranteed to be massively faster than our current computers.

You know, if anyone had told me that another delivery attempt would be made today, I would not have been annoyed at all yesterday, because today is Saturday and I expect to be home all day.

Oh well. All's well that ends well.

* * *

An interesting thing about the stinkbubble: when I got home yesterday, the furnace was running, and there was NO stinkbubble. That explains a great deal; the foyer isn't where the smell is generating, but where it's accumulating.

It also means that finding the source of the stinkbubble will be just about impossible. Actively searching most of the house for a source has, so far, yielded no fruit. Argh etc.

This kind of thing has never happened before. Look: I've lived in this house for all but six of my years, and I have never experienced this phenomenon. I can kind of understand why the odor would accumulate near the front door, since there's one vent in that part of the house and it's closed, but as previously mentioned, this is my first experience with it.

I mean, unless it's some lame kind of poltergeist, I just don't know.

* * *

So, mailbox has been spammed, almost daily, with "vote yes for Kilbride!" and "vote NO for Kilbride!" Kilbride is a judge and he's a Mike Madigan crony and various folks have been trying to get him off the Illinois court for over a decade, now. Every time I can I vote "no" to retain the creep (as I have been doing at least since 2010, I never vote to retain any judges) but he persists.

I say "at least 2010" because while using the restroom I was reading old Fungus posts, and came across a mention of "Illinois Friends of Labor" supporting his retention; my reasoning was (and is) that if communists want him to stay, then I want him gone. Posthaste.

Most corrupt state in the union, surpassing even New Jersey--I'm beginning to think that everyone involved in Illinois politics is a crook.

* * *

Now that is a good quote.
After all the suffering America has endured, it is the height of privilege to suggest this country is now irreversibly tarnished because an offensive, impulsive man is president. It is the height of privilege to know what we know about U.S. history and assert nevertheless that the past four years have been uniquely dark and damaging. Imagine being old enough to have lived through the assassinations of the Kennedys and leaders of the civil rights movement, the Vietnam war, the Nixon presidency, the chaotic 1968 Democratic National Convention, and so on and actually suggest that the Trump administration is this lowest point in this country's history. Imagine knowing even a little about chattel slavery, the American Civil War, the Indian Removal Act, and the illegal bombing campaign in Cambodia, and still assert, with a straight face, that America's "innocence," "apathy," and "generosity" were not lost until Hillary Clinton blew a winnable election.
I honestly wish people would stop characterizing Trump as "impulsive" and "offensive". He is neither; a truly impulsive man could not govern nearly as effectively as Trump has in the past four years.

Trump's effectiveness and efficiency is one reason the left is in such a full-blown panic over his presidency, and over the possibility that he may get a second term. Trump ran for the presidency in order to solve problems, and he's actually got the gall to solve them, rather than leave them for his successors to campaign on--which has been SOP for both parties since time immemorial.

For example, the only mention of illegal immigration we've heard in this whole election cycle is about "children in cages", because the wall is working and Trump's immigration policies are working.

* * *

COVID-19 is the annual flu, that's all.

* * *

So, I have a lot to do today. With the arrival of the computers that list has gotten longer rather than shorter.

It is what it is, I guess.

#7355: What am I going to NAME it?

Still on Floristica, but I've started copying the data to an external drive.

New PC needs a name, a fictional world (preferably from anime that I've seen and liked) but so far nothing's come to me.

One bit of a problem with the new machine: no 3.5" drive mounts, which means I need to figure out where I'm going to put the HDD with the big data files on it.

Oh: started delving into the case to see what was what, and found a single 3.5" mount under the power supply. That'll do!

My data copy is complete. Now it's time to shut down Floristica and bring up...


"Fictional worlds". In my SF universe there's an ice world named "Elric", and since this thing's got a white exterior....?

No, that's stupid. People will think I named it after that Melnibonean poofter because he--being an albino--is white. But without Stormbringer, Elric is just a weak POS, and I'd have to double my investment here to get a video card worthy of a name.



Well, it's not a ship; it doesn't need to be named before it's launched. Anyway maybe something will occur to me while I'm working, and maybe not. I had a list, in this very blog, of potential names, but of course I now cannot find it; and the only name I can remember from it is "Catia", which I don't want to use and for which Googe says "no results".

How about "Titania"? Titania is the gas giant that the fictional world Achernar orbits (the world was originally named "Eden" but came just to be called by the name of the system primary).

Coren is the world where, in 5000 AD, they build the Microcosm...? Meh.

Lothlorien, forest world, one of only two single-biome planets in my universe, which is later taken from humans by hostile aliens...?

Meh. I'll work on this part later. Right now, it's time to shut down Floristica.

#7356: Running and posting from...what was her NAME???

Got the 3.5" and 2.5" drives moved over and plugged in, got everything else put together, and presto! Powered her on. Set up Win10. Installed Pale Moon and I can post again!

Next up: WoW. That's going to take a little bit, but not much since I've got the whole install from the old machine.

The RGB settings for the machine itself are FANCY. Right now I've got it set to scroll through all the colors, and slowly, so the fans turn one color, then the next, in sequence, while the front of the case does the same thing. I'll have to post a video, later.

Right now: install critical software and update drivers. That means "WoW" and "OpenOffice" and "Pale Moon" (already done).

Little by little I will discover what else I need and install it.


#7357: Well, we're both up and running now

Took a bit. Once I was finished with my computer I had to make dinner, get decorations down from attic, and then hand out candy, and wash dishes, and make mole chicken, and roast pumpkin seeds, and watch The Shining while eating dinner with my wife.

During the movie I swapped the drives from her old PC into the new one. Now she's got everything pretty well setup except for a couple of things that she's working on as I type this.

WoW is on the SSDs that we bought last year (or the year before?) so all I had to do was move the physical drives over. Pretty cool.

So, once I got the latest drivers for the video card--which turns out to be a GeForce GTX-1660 Super--I was able to turn the video quality slider up to 10 in WoW and get 60 FPS, no problem. That's running at the Giganto-Tron's native resolution, by the way.

I might give the included keyboard a try, too. It's a damned nice one, illuminated and full-travel keys. Like a $80 keyboard if you bought it aftermarket.

The one thing I realized is that there is no place to put a DVD drive in this thing. I'm going to have to get an external.

The case is built well and has cable management built in so that nothing gets in the way of the RGB stuff being visible. Hiding the 3.5" HDD down by the power supply is also a nice touch. Overall they're pretty quiet machines, too, even though they have four case fans and one processor fan. Vents are covered with screening which is easily removable for cleaning.

Where my machine sits you can't see the techno-bling inside the case. But I might be able to move it to the other side of the desk and have it fit all right. The RGB stuff nicely illuminates the inside of the case, and is bright enough that I didn't need an extra light to plug in the second monitor when it came time to do that. And it shuts off when the machine goes to sleep.

Still have lots of stuff to install, but that's typical. The one sour note is Microsoft forcing me to create a Microsoft account when all I wanted was a local one. Oh well, not a big problem.

* * *

Look at it. LOOK AT IT!

* * *

And in just 30 minutes, it will be November.