December 3rd, 2020

#7405: Well, of course SOMETHING had to happen

Short form, stayed home from work today and went to see doc. Doc says its probably nothing much to worry about, but, "Get a colonoscopy," and I'm overdue for one anyway.

Long form is, I had a perfectly normal bowel movement last night, and about 20 minutes later had to go back to the bathroom to expel more blood from my rear end than I think I've ever seen at one go. And since then, absolutely no blood whatsoever. Two smallish movements this afternoon, 100% blood free.

Called off work and made appointment to see doc this afternoon.

Doc thinks "internal hemorrhoid" and given how things went in 2018 (brain bleach warning), I'm not entirely disinclined to agree with that; but he also gave me a strong reminder that I'm overdue for an ass-rogering, and gave me a referral to a couple of GI clinics. So I've got that to look forward to.


* * *

So, let's look at the looming specter of socialist totalitarianism, and Trump's attempt to thwart it:

In Michigan, some 30,000 Biden ballots were scanned multiple times. Eyewitness swears an affidavit stating that ballots were rescanned and counted "nine to ten times".

Vox Day says, "Statistical evidence. Forensic computer evidence. Eyewitness evidence. Documentary evidence. Multiple attempts to destroy physical evidence."

There is so much evidence of electoral fuckery that if you are unwilling to accept the fact that the Democrat party is trying to steal this election, it is solely because you refuse to believe your own lying eyes.

"17,327 people who voted in Michigan have OBITUARIES." If there has been an obituary published about you, you should not be voting, because you are most likely dead. There are cases where obituaries are published prematurely, but somehow I doubt that it happens so routinely that there are fourteen thousand cases of it in one county, as is the case for this election in Wayne County.

Why did these poll workers bring suitcases with them to the polls? Of course that's the first thing I think of! "Going to count votes tonight! Better bring my suitcase!" And why were they opened after the Republican poll watchers had been sent home? And there aren't clothes in them, but ballots, lots of them.

And they kept counting, with these obviously fraudulent ballots, for three hours after Republican officials were sent home.

Where did these ballots come from? Why were they stashed in suitcases under a table, itself covered with a tablecloth, at 8 AM on election day? Why did Twippter lable this as "disputed"?

But, "no evidence of vote fraud", we are told, repeatedly and loudly, by the left.

* * *

The right wing is angry about it and we're getting more angry the longer it goes on. The left wing will naturally put on its innocent face and declare, "How can you be rebelling when we had such an honest election?" From a link in that post:
The Democrat communist Left (but I repeat myself) is running their locomotive full steam in the red zone, right at the bridge over that chasm, to get the coup they've huffed and puffed and salivated for, since 2015 (if not 1933, or 1912).
And that bridge they're counting on getting over?
Not there.
...because America in 2020 is not Russia in 1912 nor is it Germany in 1933. The American right has seen those films, and know how they end up..and in fact, 2020 America is not even America in 2015.

The very fact of the wholesale election fraud, obvious and confirmed, and coming in the wake of all the left-wing rioting over the summer, coupled with the totalitarian lockdowns for a trumped-up pandemic--all of that, is enough to show the right wing how dire the situation has become. If the left wing wants to try pulling off a coup, at this point, the right wing is nearly ready to respond in kind.

The problem is, the left wing doesn't understand that flipping the right wing's switch doesn't give them an enemy which will play by their rules. One position is labeled "business as usual". The other position is not labled "have some riots and civil disobedience"; it's labeled "FUCKING SHOOT THEM ALL." "All" means anyone who has ever worked to restrict civil rights and promoted socialism. It means Planned Parenthood. It means the ACLU. It means anyone with a little (D) after his name, but it also means plenty of people who have a little (R) after theirs but who sided with the little (D) folks most of the time. It means all the crooked officials who took bribes to look the other way. It means all the crooks who got light sentences because their crimes were politically convenient for the Democrat machines.

I'm not cheering it on and I'm not saying it's a good thing. I'm saying, "This is what will happen if you push the right wing too far." The very absolute last thing I want is a rebellion or a civil war to take place. I am pleading with the Democrats not to do this, to stop it, to give up those who promoted this attempt at stealing the election, because the alternative is a fucking bloodbath that will make the Civil War look like a birthday party, and which will not stop until one side has been obliterated.

The problem is, the left wing is promising to do exactly what it did every other time it gained total power over a country: to punish its political enemies. They've been all over the news lately talking about how it's not enough to de-elect Trump, but he must go to jail--along with his family, friends, supporters, and subordinates. It's not enough to remove him from power, but he must be ruined, and everyone who voted for him, too. The government must be purged, and the people must be purged, they say, in order to slake their righteous fury at having been denied the Presidency in 2016.

And make no mistake about it: this blatant and obvious attempt to steal the election--if it is not defeated and its perpetrators punished severely--will mean that the left wing has indeed seized total power in the United States. If they win this, then we have lost our republic, and we're at the mercy of people who have none, who desire only power, and who will take us quite quickly to a nation with concentration camps, gulags, political slave labor, and death camps.

* * *

Speaking of which, if I even take the vaccine, which I'm not sure of, I will burn this card. The Democrat party insists that we don't need to check IDs to verify voter identities because "vote fraud is very rare" but of course we need to have an ID card stating we've had our COVID-19 shots in order to do anything at all.

No. No. I've said it and said it: I WILL NOT be numbered by government. The instant they put a number on you like that, and require that you show that number to do anything at all, you are a slave.

The Nazis numbered their concentration camp inmates. That's all I need to say.

* * *

The correct way to word this headline is to say, "Feds sue Facebook for favoring H-1B visa holders over US workers".

Here's how they wrote it: "Feds sue Facebook for failing to favor US workers over H-1B visa holders" which does everything they possibly can to soften the impact of the fact that Facebook was preferentially hiring H-1B visa holders for permanent jobs.

Why? Because the H1-B guy is cheaper than the equivalent American. Tech companies that do this are suppressing wage growth for middle-class Americans. Anything that hurts the middle class is just fine with the left wing, of course.

Facebook is merely a high-profile target, though, because pretty much all the tech companies do this kind of horseshit. It's illegal and they for damn sure ought to be punished for it.

* * *

You are not a man and your name is Ellen and SHUT THE FUCK UP. I didn't know who Ellen Page was until I read that post and learned she had the starring role in Juno and, uh....

Oh, she was in Umbrella Academy, too. She's got a respectable CV but nothing that really shows as a big role except for Juno, as far as I can tell. But, IMDB has already corrected its entry for Juno to credit her as "Elliot Page" and the role name "(As Ellen Page)". When I go to the page for her, all her roles are now listed "(As Ellen Page)".

The Babylon Bee nails it with this headline: "Elliot Page Retroactively Awarded 17 Oscars For Amazingly Convincing Portrayals Of Women".

I'm thinking, "for the publicity!", like Anne Heche and Ellen Degeneres and other celebrities who flip-flopped on some major point of identity when it was convenient for them.

* * *

The Representative from Little Somalia sure has lined her pockets in her two years in office. She was elected to Congress in 2018, and had a net worth of about $65,000. I believe she's been re-elected (somehow) in 2020 and has a net worth around $3 million.

Gee, how amazing! I'm agog at the business acumen she's displayed, here. After all, her annual salary as a congresscritter is $174,000 per year (plus benefits, but the benefits aren't fungible, so we'll ignore them). Not sure what tax you pay on an income of $174k, but even so--to increase your net worth by $2,935,000 in two years with earnings of $348,000--why, she must be a legendary gambler or investor or something, right?

In all seriousness, though, she did pay income tax on the $1,467,500 per year that she's earned while in Congress, right?

AHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA oh geeze that was such a good one!

* * *

Video of the collapse of Arecibo has been released. There won't be a replacement anything built there. Why would there be? All that will happen is a bunch of government money will be spent on doing nothing useful there, and if we get Biden/Harris in the White House, the US will (in fairly short order) be unable to afford such things as radio telescopes, because we'll be wrecking our economy for the "Green New Deal".

* * *

How does someone working in the aerospace field make this kind of mistake? Someone wired the thrust-vectoring system backwards. When the rocket needed to turn right, it instead turned left, causing the guidance system to command more right turn, only with the crossed wires it commanded more left turn. This way lies ruin.

* * *

Speaking of massive failures, Disney is starting to lay off executives, now. And movies are no longer going to be theater-exclusive for the first few months.

In all probability we've seen the last of the movie theater, which is not a good thing.

* * *

Dune on TV. I don't know--my first exposure to Dune was the 1984 movie, which was bad. Watched the cable TV miniseries, which was better. Read the book.


...the 1984 movie was tolerable in its badness, I suppose, mainly because in the 1980s science fiction film and TV was a barren wasteland compared with today. The cable version was pretty well-done. I read the book because of that; but I was underwhelmed by this so-called classic of science fiction.

My first exposure to Frank Herbert's work wasn't Dune but an awful book called The Jesus Incident. I think it was that one; the only passage I really remember was one where a female point-of-view character is thrown into the place they keep all the mutants, and the leader of the mutants has both male and female genitals and is able to have sex with itself, and is doing so while talking to her, and there's a strong implication that the poor woman is about to be gang-raped by mutants.

So, not a fan.

* * *

Christmas is coming and so we have a piano wired up with some gizmo that switches Christmas lights on and off according to which keys are played.

It is pretty, I'll give them that.

* * *

So, it's Thursday night--garbage night--and Thanksgiving was already a week ago. Christmas Eve is three weeks from now.

Hard to believe it, though. 2020 went by pretty quickly. "Time flies when you're having fun," and while I wasn't really having all that much fun, I was--at least--not bored.

Well, we're not doing too badly for the first year of the "Screaming Twenties" and I expect next year won't be much worse than this one, unless of course that whole "left wing coup" thing pans out and we have to start fighting to retain our civil rights.

I really don't see much that can stop it. Trump's efforts are a hail Mary unless he actually "crosses the Rubicon"; I'm not sure what form that will take but it will be something on par with Julius Caesar's crossing. To be sure, the left wing will regard it as the first shots fired in an illegal attempt to hold on to power, and of course will regard their wholesale cheating as nothing objectionable or even noteworthy, much less a justification for declaring martial law or whatever "crossing the Rubicon" looks like in 2020 AD. The left-wing press already reports on the Trump administration as a festering pit of racism and corruption (which is one reason they are so unloved by the American public) and doesn't hesitate to talk about how Trump must be tried and jailed and executed for his crimes against "democracy". (When they say "democracy", I just substitute "the Democrat party", which highly enhances the accuracy of the statement.) It's a travesty that one of the cleanest, most law-abiding, and most egalitarian administrations in recent history has been tarred with Democrat projectionism like that.

The Republican leadership is not helping matters. Just as they were for the entirety of the Obama administration, they seem determined to lay down and let the Democrats have their way, without fighting, or even voicing a mild objection.

Ultimately, though, it comes down to what the American people will tolerate. Americans are not Russians or Germans. We don't regiment very nicely and we stubbornly cling to the notion that we have rights, inalienable rights which the government cannot take away. Ultimately my faith lies in the American people being unwilling to put up with the strictures that a totalitarian government needs in order to survive. I'm heartened by the stories of people telling their local governments to piss off and shove their COVID-19 restrictions up its collective ass; and if the news gets out in a general way that the Democrat party tried to steal the Presidency, their name will be mud (except on the extreme left) for quite a long while to come.

I think everyone who is represented by a Republican needs to send an email (or three or five or ten) to their elected official asking, "Why won't you fight?" And when they get back an email filled with the usual political gobbledygook with which politicians answer such difficult questions, ask again, "But why won't you fight?" Shame them into doing what needs to be done. Explain to them in simple terms why they need to fight, why they need to stop this, why we need them to do the kind of hard work for which they were elected.

With the warning--and we have to mean it--that their next term of office is contingent on them doing what we sent them there to do. We have to start challenging our nonperforming representatives in the primary elections. Make them spend money defending their candidacy; that's the only way they will understand that we mean business.

Because the alternative is for us to spend long bloody years shooting all the communists.