December 16th, 2020

#7425: I see what they're going to do

"Hunter Biden Requested $10 Million from the Communist China Party for "the Benefit of the Entire Biden Family"; Requested that Keys to His China-Partnered Offices Be Made for Joe and "Doctor Jill" Biden" and Ace ran the headline in red, italic text.

So: assuming they can't use any of a myriad of other reasons for getting rid of Joe (or techniques) they can still impeach him for taking foreign bribes though his son.

And how noble the Democrats look, impeaching one of their own! But they can gravely intone, "This is just too far beyond the pale!" ...all the while doing exactly what they want to do, which is getting Joe out of the way so Harris can take over.

They call this "win-win".

* * *

Today Limbaugh was discussing this hypothetical situation where the electoral votes are contested by Republican legislators and debate is endless so that either Trump or Pence end up being seated as president under the 20th Amendment.

I hooted at that, because you know what the Democrats will say: "The Republicans have NO RESPECT for the Electoral College or the Constitution!"

The same people that want to do away with the electoral college and who ignore the Constitution at best (at worst, try to shred it) and who got caught red-handed stealing a presidential election, and they have the unmitigated gall to be critical of others for trying to stop them? I'd like to say I'm surprised, but of course I'm not, because in order to be a Democrat you first have to be staggeringly hypocritical three times before breakfast, on a daily basis.

* * *

Jill Biden wants to be called "doctor". She doesn't even have a Ph.D; she's got an Ed.D.

And yeah, her doctoral thesis reads like it was written by a tenth grader.

* * *

"300x more likely than Biden winning the election without cheating.

* * *

Again, could not happen to a better corporation that Faux News. Their ratings are tanking, badly. "Get woke, go broke."

* * *

Googe coughed up some dicks the other day, and people couldn't turn on the lights in their homes because the
lights were "smart" lights. Internet-enabled.

* * *

So, the fallout from the Democrat riot enabling continues:

Businesses in Portland can't get insurance, because of the rioting.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, 34 out of 108 stores are closed on the "Magnificent Mile" and it's a freaking demilitarized zone. "People we spoke to said it's 'dangerous' to stay after dark, and almost all of the shops now close by 6 p.m."

Get woke, go broke.

* * *

Jimmy Stewart was a class act, no doubt about it. None of the so-called elites around today can even come close.

* * *

A nice encapsulation of why people listen to Rush Limbaugh.

* * *

Wholeheartedly seconded. Klaus was really good, far better than anything Disney is producing these days.

* * *

Steve Walsh did this song in the late 1970s. Somehow it feels more true today than it did then.

* * *

Anyway, I have bought ingredients for cookies, so I think I'll go use that fantastic stand mixer of mine to make some.

#7426: Well, that's a first

Dropped an egg into the creamed butter and sugars for the chocolate chip cookies. The whole egg, shell and all. Cracked it and went to dump just the contents but it slipped out of my fingers, and before I could react the beater had broken up the shell and mixed it with the creamed butter and sugers.

I just laughed, cleaned out the bowl, and started over...using up the very last of the white sugar I had on hand. That's okay; we're going shopping tomorrow anyway.

Prior to that I made the dough for the peanut butter cookies, but that has to refrigerate for an hour. So I--like last year--am going to leave the dough overnight and bake the PB cookies tomorrow. Good enough. And then set out to make the chocolate chip cookies.

And because of that, I'm getting back to the computer for WoW after 10 PM. Oh well!