February 11th, 2021

#7529: You know what? No. Not gonna do it.

I had sat down here with the intention of discussing all the weirdness that's going on in DC and our country, but I've had enough of it.

* * *

Today, when I left for work, it was snowing...out of a blue sky.

There were some very, very high cirrus clouds which looked like they were dropping snow, and it seemed like the snow could have come from there.

It did that several times today. Nifty.

* * *

Not much else going on. I'm gonna play WoW.

#7530: 10 PM already

Mrs. Fungus came home, we hit the store, then got Mexican, came home and ate it. I couldn't finish my burrito. *sigh*

* * *

The day went by pretty quickly for me. I worked on imaging computers and installing software all day, trying to get some Win10 upgrades handled. Had to remote into a user's PC to install some software there, and whoever was in charge of making that software package is an idiot.

A single 2 GB file on DVD-R. Run it, and there's no sign that it's doing anything. We waited almost fifteen minutes and it never showed any sign of doing anything, and there was nothing in Task Manager. When I closed the DVD drive process it took Windows Explorer with it.

Anyway I copied the file to the hard drive and then, at least, it ran correctly...but it still ran, basically, silent, so I had no idea what it was doing. In the end it did finally install, though, despite the best efforts of the people who slapped the package together.

Field service engineer came out to replace a drive in one of the servers, only the drive turned out to be a dud. Totally not surprised by this.

* * *

Tomorrow I get to go out to the kiosk again and try hooking up the phone. It's also supposed to snow tomorrow. We'll see how I do.

* * *

So several blue states stand to lose representatives because their populations dropped so precipitously. I expect that will be "fortified", though.

* * *

But, Mrs. Fungus has Monday off, so I took Monday off as well. I get one "floating holiday" per month, and I used it for that. I don't know--the world is a seriously depressing place right now. I wonder how I would have handled this if it had taken place when I was ten?

Not the "fortification" of the election, because that couldn't happen in 1977--the technology didn't exist, and we were still a Christian nation then--but the COVID-19 "one year of two weeks to flatten the curve" and the rest of it. I mean, would I be a seriously depressed kid because I couldn't go outside, or would I have just been reading everything I could get my hands on and not caring much about the lockdown? Staying home from school for a year--

...except that people had sense in 1977. The "fortification" of the election couldn't happen because if it had, the FBI actually would have arrested people. COVID-76 would not have been blown out of all reasonable proportion, because no one would have gamed the numbers the way the CDC has. It would have been, "Well, there's an especially nasty cold going around."

True fact: there was a cold that went around when I was maybe 17 or 18 or so which caused people to lose their senses of smell. Dad got it, one of my aunts got it--that was probably a coronavirus!

I had a really, really bad cold around that time, and for the better part of a week I couldn't smell anything; and when my sense of smell came back everything stank. That was probably mucus and gunk stuck in my sinuses, but still--


* * *

Getting tired of not being able to find my cursor, I set it so that it's always the opposite of whatever color it's over. So if it's on top of white, the cursor is black. On top of black, it's white. And any color inbetween. I no longer have to move the mouse to the upper right corner of the screen to find the cursor.

Yeah, I'm getting older. It beats the alternative! And I'm still using the GigantoTron, so there's a lot of acreage in which the cursor can hide. At least I didn't have to turn on "mouse trails"!

* * *

Well, on the plus side, it's Thursday night, and tomorrow's Friday. I'll go to work and work on getting computers ready to ship out, and handle whatever glitches arise, and do what I can do, to the best of my ability, all the while thanking the Lord for the day He has made for us.