April 6th, 2021

#7593: Fifteen years (plus three days)

Yes, I have been blogging--nearly every day--for fifteen years. This thing started April 3, 2006, and now it's April 6, 2021, and that's fifteen years--because after fifteen years, an extra three days is a rounding error, anyway.

My various home improvement projects and such over the past week or so have resulted in a strained hand; my left hand has very little grip strength before I start wincing and then yelping with pain. It's better now than it was this morning, but I think I'm going to try to use it as little as possible over the next few days.

* * *

Went to the town hall and voted, mainly so I could vote NO on the referendum asking whether the school district shall be allowed to build two new elementary schools.

A fiver says they'll build these new schools on new lots, and then not tear down or otherwise divest themselves of the old buildings that are so desperately in need of replacement because after all they're just Too Far Gone to refurbish in an economical fashion.

Seriously: they just had to build a new high school at a cost of $65 million, because the old high school wasn't usable any longer...then they decided to use the old high school as a "sixth grade center". That lasted two years, maybe, and now it stands empty--completely unused--but still costing the taxpayers of the Fungal Vale a serious chunk of change to maintain. The elementary school that I went to? I don't think it's in use, either. The junior high I went to got converted into an "administration building", which probably means the whole thing is air-conditioned now, but at least they're using it. (Though it begs the question why a small suburban school district needs that much office space....)

The materials I got about the referendum promised that there wouldn't be a tax increase for this...but way down in the fine print it says that the district needs about another $40 million for "other projects". That's "stage 3", of course. "Stage 1" is the referendum letting them spend another $65 million on horseshit we don't need. The whole thing is set in motion by the referendum in question today, and if they get that, then the rest will follow, and our taxes will rise again.

If you shitheads want more money, get rid of your old properties first.

* * *

Heard it on the news today: grocery prices are up 3.5% this year already. Ha! That's just the beginning; get ready for the worst damned stagflation this country has ever seen, because it's coming.

You can't emit ten trillion dollars of helicopter money into an economy and not get inflation. Of course wages will not track price inflation, either; you can bet on that. So, good luck trying to make ends meet when a loaf of bread costs $1,000 and you earn, say, $10,000 per week.

Shortly after that the bread will be $10k and your salary $100k, and it still won't stop.

* * *

Gorgeously warm days--Sunday, Monday, Tuesday--and Wednesday's supposed to be nice, too, though a bit rainy. Thu, 65 and rainy. Oh well.

* * *

Well, anyway, I don't really have anything else today. See ya!