April 14th, 2021

#7600: Tuesday, and Wednesday, and--oof.

Yesterday, hit the doc's office. Elbow pain is tennis elbow, Rx is Ibuprofen, ice packs, rest, and get a brace for the elbow. Wheee.

Came home and used the tractor to cut the back grass and the East 40.

Ended up flopping after that, until Mrs. Fungus got home.

Today, got up early to get to work early to make up for the two hours I missed yesterday, because doc appointment; and I hadn't been at work for forty minutes when I got a call that the network was down north of the breezeway.

Two hours later, after a lot of running around and checking cables and swapping bits and running pings on switches, the network was back up.

While I was doing that, though, I got a call from someone at the far offsite, whose computer had died, and I had to explain to her that she had to call the service desk because I was in the middle of working a site outage and could not help her just now. She was put out by this.

Well, sorry; "half the site without internet and phones" trumps "one person whose computer won't boot". Especially when the half of the site that's out includes the shipping department. If the product can't leave the building, no one gets paid.

Anyway, once the network was back up I turned my attention to her computer situation. That pretty much did for the rest of my day; I took 15 minutes for lunch (which was the time it took to run out and get something to eat) and then worked on imaging a replacement PC between bites of lunch. Once the PC was done I ran it up to the far offsite. On the plus side I was able to get another ticket closed while I was up there, so that was nice.

Still--busy day today.

* * *

This series sounds entertaining.

* * *

It's racist to point out that the avowed marxist who helped found Burn-Loot-Murder now owns four luxury homes, three of which are in predominantly white areas, all of which cost an aggregate sum in the millions of dollars.

* * *

Man, I don't know what the hell was going on, but when I was trying to get home from my far offsite, people were just driving like their asses were on fire.

Driving through a wooded area, two-lane highway, the guy immediately in front of me kept riding the rear bumper of the car in front of him, riding to the left and only ducking back into his lane at the last possible instant to avoid being hit by oncoming traffic.

Then, within sight of a "no passing zone" sign, the dipshit ducks left and goes to pass the guy in front of him. I saw the oncoming vehicle and stepped on my brakes, even though he was a good 500 feet in front of me. He ducks back onto the correct side of the road, cutting one guy off to do it, and then the oncoming car nearly runs into me as he tries to get his course straightened out.

Come to the controlled intersection and the dumbass--exactly two cars ahead of where he was before he risked everyones' lives--gets through the light six seconds ahead of me.

That was just the most memorable example; within a fifteen minute period I saw five near-misses, all caused by idiots who wanted to go a lot faster than traffic was moving. That first guy, I halfway expected to see him wrecked somewhere along the way, but didn't, for some reason. I saw one moron make a right turn from the left lane. Another moron in an Audi moved into the lane on my left to pass me, then cut over in front of me, nearly cutting me off, to get into the exit lane on my right...when all he really needed to do was just to move right from where he was.

Idiots! And at least half of them had temporary plates on their vehicles. "Holy shit, you must really want to wreck your new car," I said, over and over again.

* * *

But I managed to survive Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thursday, and hopefully it will be more low-key.