April 17th, 2021

#7603: Absolutely correct

I have never liked that band. Apparently the music of Rush works well as a contraceptive.
The music of Rush is marked by erratic signature changes, unconventional chord structures, heavy use of synthesizers and electronic effects, and, most importantly, lead vocals that sound like an ancient witch is being exorcised out of your body with live wires.
And: "Your reproductive system intuitively knows that it should not bring a child into a world that would reward this music with success."

And: "About 30 seconds into the melodic meandering and feral-cat-being-threatened-by-a-raccoon vocals, a woman will experience a complete and total shut down of her sex drive."

I have never been able to listen to that crap. I have never understood why people like it.

* * *

The Gamers was their first film, and I hahd been champing at the bit to buy it on VHS when it was first released because I'd seen a teaser reel at an AnimeIowa convention.

* * *

You need to understand something. Burn-Loot-Murder was founded to help black people. The co-founder who just bought several million dollars' worth of houses is herself a black person, and so you see that BLM is achieving its goal of helping black people. This isn't that hard to understand.

So the crap about cleaning black neighborhoods, sending poor black kids to college, donating to food banks--that stuff is peanuts. They're already providing housing to a (formerly?) poor black family: that co-founder.

* * *

CNN has admitted that they are a propaganda organ for the democrat party. Well, it was already obvious, anyway.

* * *

Well, looks like Starship is going to the Moon. NASA just picked it for that role.

Well, FFS, it's further along in development than SLS is. SLS started development in 2011, Starship in 2012; Starship has already had four test flights and SLS has had a couple of static tests. Then there's the question of cost and speed; Boeing thinks they can maybe manage to build three SLS per year at a per-flight cost between two and four billion dollars. SpaceX has cranked out five Starships in the last four months.

"Yeah," the dumbasses say, "four failed test flights." Even if you accept that the test flights were complete failures (which they were not) that's still four more flights than Boeing has managed at all after ten years and eleven billion dollars (and counting!), all money that came from NASA. NASA's investment in Starship is $135 million.

Boeing wants to sell single-use vehicles. The market wants to buy flights to specific destinations.

* * *

Grey Saturday, and chilly. 55 is the projected high temp. I'm only awake because Maki came into the bedroom and meowed loudly. I squirted at him with the water bottle but the damage was done, and here I sit.

But I think I'll go back to bed for a little while.