April 18th, 2021

#7604: Well, she died doing what she loved, I guess?

What else can you say? Heavily edited quote: "[R]adical pro-abortion supporter Maria de Valle Gonzalez Lopez died during ... her "dream" abortion...."

Abortion was illegal in Argentina until just recently, and apparently this 23-year-old woman got pregnant as quickly as she could after it became legal specifically so she could get an abortion...only she died during the procedure because like any invasive medical procedure shit happens.

I'm not going to celebrate her death but I'm also not going to express any sympathy.

* * *

Speaking of karma hitting folks in the face "like a 18-lb sledge", gomer slashes someone's tire and then gives them the finger. Literally:
A couple in Maricopa woke up to their tires slashed and a severed finger in the driveway on Thursday morning.
Okay, so first off, how do you sever a finger when slashing someone's tires, and second, why did he leave it?

Cops won't have any trouble getting fingerprints, and matching them to the perp. Just look for the guy who is missing a finger. At least one.

Can you avoid a trip to the ER for a severed finger? Doesn't that need stitches, or something?

Moral of the story: if you're going to slash someone's tires, maybe wear a good pair of gloves to protect your hands.

* * *

These kinds of "gotcha" videos are pathetically easy to generate because nearly all the time, the measure that is proposed is actually a good idea, but it's spun as bad by the democrat-media complex. So when you go to a college and ask all the young skulls full of mush about the desirability of various parts of the proposal, they agree that it's all a good idea because--gee--it really is a good idea.

* * *

So now Canada wants its police to arrest people who move around without permission. It's all for the Wuhan Flu, of course: "Effective Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 12:01 a.m., police officers and other provincial offences officers will have the authority to require any individual to provide their home address and purpose for not being at their residence."

I don't think so, eh? At least some local police departments are refusing to do this.

Canada is turning into a police state.

* * *

American labs could not find the Wuhan Flu virus in 1,500 positive tests.

The virus is not available.

* * *

There is a reason I commonly refer to them as "econazis". Because they think genocide is a great way to save the Earth.

* * *

DOS games machine. Neat.

* * *

Last night I was playing WoW, and found myself consumed with ennui, so I put the PC to sleep and had a look to see what was on Netflix, and ended up rewatching two eps of Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun. It's funnier than I remember it being, so I'll rewatch the rest of it.

But not right now.