April 20th, 2021


Some fatuous pinhead on the radio said that Chicago was ready for "looting and other forms of protest".

But you know what? It's fine. We no longer have rule of law; we're a former republic which has descended to mob rule, which means that if you have a big enough mob you can dictate to the judicial system exactly what the verdict will be for any given case.

Witness and jury intimidation is now completely legal and practiced by the government itself, as highlighted by Maxine Waters' own horseshit. A sitting member of the house of representatives, inciting insurrection--democrats don't seem too broken up by that. Of course, it's not democrat politicians who will bear the brunt of the riots. January 6 wasn't a big deal because it was violent; it was a big deal because the politicians thought they were about to be lynched.

On the plus side, Maxine Waters' dumbass stunt is grounds for appeal, and if the judge hearing that case isn't a complete retard (like the one that heard this case was) I bet the verdict will be very, very different...assuming of course that the cop in question lives long enough in jail to get his day in court.

* * *

So tell me what this kid was doing in NYC with an AK-47 when he lives in Columbus, Ohio?

* * *

I am so glad today is over. I'm gonna read the comics, and then I'm going to play some WoW.

#7607: Oh, yeah

Had another opportunity today to play Pat Metheney's "Spring Ain't Here", because it snowed for most of the morning.

But yeah, "global warming" or something.