June 1st, 2021

#7665: Jeep handles good again

The polyurethane sway bar kit has left the front end rock-solid. I was able to drive down a curvy road at speed without feeling like the front end was about to get away from me.

It's extra-nice to realize that I'm slowly getting everything fixed on that truck. I'm starting to think about doing the floor; in fact I am pondering ways that I could still drive it as a "work in progress" without endangering anyone. The best strategy still seems to be staking out a weekend to do nothing but FIX FLOOR, which will involve having to take at least half the interior apart to get the carpeting out of the way. Of course, I could drive the truck without a passenger seat or edge mouldings, and with the carpet not yet secured over the new floor.

The repair panels are available, and not hideously expensive. Figure I'd get the right side floor, seat brace, and the left and right outer rockers, even though I wouldn't be doing the rockers at the same time unless a miracle occurred and I found myself done with the floor in record time.

And I say "miracle" advisedly, because I'm going to have to figure out how to do everything as I do it, and I fully expect that just getting the floor panel in and solid will take me the entirety of a 3-day weekend. On the plus side, when I'm done, doing the rocker panels will be a lot easier since I'll have some experience under my belt.

So I find myself doing, piecemeal, what I had thought to do en masse had I been able to find a decent Miata for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, since gasoline is now headed for $6 a gallon (thanks, Gangster Party!) by August, everyone and his cousin are selling big vehicles in order to buy little ones. My commute is short enough that gas at $6 a gallon won't hurt me too much, but my wife--

The upcoming price of gas, and the overall shittiness of the automobile market--both new and used!--is why I'm not buying a new(er) vehicle, but instead simply doing what is needed to keep my truck going. Dealers are making money hand over fist because the chip shortage has led to a new car shortage. Rental companies are buying up good used cars because they can't buy enough new ones. "Cash for Clunkers" took all the median-age used cars off the market in 2010, which has left the market with no older cars; that's why there's a dearth of 2005-2007 model year trucks around.

Simply put, cars are even more egregiously expensive than usual.


* * *

You know why he's screaming obscenities? Because Amazon drivers--like all their employees--are expected to perform a superhuman level of work. If you don't, you get axed. He's probably been told that if he misses his metrics one more time, he's out...and the route app or his GPS took him down the wrong road. Making him late.

Seriously: Amazon is a sweatshop. I don't blame their employees for unionizing. It's not a case of a bunch of whiny bitches unhappy because their last raises weren't what they expected; the place is actually a freaking sweatshop.

* * *

All around I keep seeing signs that the gangster party is losing its grip.

I can't explain it, but I can discuss what I mean.

Georgia--the election commission of that state is hiring criminal defense lawyers.

The democrats are throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, at stopping the Maricopa County election audit in Arizona...and it's not working.

Major newspapers are having to walk back their assertions that President Trump was wrong and engaging in conspiracy theory when he said that the Wuhan Flu originated in the virus lab there. Turns out that it's a most credible theory after all.

Widespread use of Ivermectin is stopping the Wuhan Flu epidemic in India...cold.

The housing market, which was booming, suddenly is not.

Evidence is surfacing that the California state government itself maintains a list of some 900,000 fake welfare recipients. Allegedly, these nonexistent people receive federal benefit money which California's state government then uses as a covert slush fund. These 900,000 nonexistent people also vote....

Israel is showing signs of no longer caring what Uncle Sam thinks.

There are more--too many to list--and when I consider them all together, I realize that there's a good chance that everything that's been happening is, in fact, a desperate bid to hold on to power...and it looks like it's failing.

Of course, before it fails, they will clamp down even harder. But, "The tighter your grip, the more slips through your fingers." Things will get very bad, but it won't last.

* * *

AHHHH HA HA HA HA HA YOU GUYS ARE SHITHEADS HA HA HA HA HA HA John "I'm a communist" Cena's groveling apology to China for calling Taiwan a country was insufficient, so his little "Fast and Foolish" sequel is tanking on the red continent.

Apparently Disney thought hiring a Chinese national for some dumbass movie would help them in China, but the problem is, she said this:
It goes back to when I was a teenager in China, being in a place where there are lies everywhere. You felt like you were never going to be able to get out. A lot of info I received when I was younger was not true, and I became very rebellious toward my family and my background. I went to England suddenly and relearned my history. Studying political science in a liberal arts college was a way for me to figure out what is real. Arm yourself with information, and then challenge that too.
She knows what real communism is and what it does, and said so. Suddenly the expected take for "The Eternals" from the Chinese market doesn't look so good.

I do not feel even remotely sorry for Disney in any of this.

* * *

So, I watched a few videos on YotzoPuuzo by Umi Shinonome, a gravure idol (aka bikini model) who does videos where she builds Gundam models. And she's really good at building models. Like, when she's finished building the model, it looks almost like it's a real Gundam.

Having done this several times--because she demonstrates some really interesting and useful techniques for building any model--I now find my feed flooded with a crapton of gravure idol videos. Only these girls aren't building models or doing anything other than posing in swimwear. Which is dead boring. I'm not looking at YouTube to see scantily-clad women; I'm looking at the site for educational or entertaining videos.

No idea how to get my feed to stop suggesting this stuff.

* * *

Anyway, I just had pizza and a candy bar, and I need to go cut the east 40. Based on the rather high glycemic index of my dinner, I think I'm going to use the pusher.

Off I go.