June 3rd, 2021

#7668: Well, that was frustrating

Second day, trying to upgrade at least ONE of the computers in the control room at the near offsite. I was there until 6, trying to copy the data from the old PC's hard drive to the new one.

My boss said not to do a copy via the network, which is very slow, because I can go to the site. So there I am, on site, and none of the methods I've tried using to copy the data over has worked.

Part of the problem is that it takes 20 minutes to do a copy attempt. Windows wants to spend all kinds of time figuring out what you want to copy before it starts actually copying it. The old computer is not less than five years old (probably closer to eight) and it was absolutely packed with silica, having spent its entire operating life in the control room of a giant machine that makes silica. I was in the middle of one copy attempt when it overheated and shut itself off, which prompted me to get a can of air, take it out to the entry gate for the parking lot, and blow the dust out. Even after I blew it as clean as I could get it there was still a crapton of silica in it, but at least it didn't crap out for thermal reasons again.

One of the problems is, it would get to an SAP directory in a user folder and just stop. No error message; the estimated time to completion would grind out to "several days" but the system would just sit there. With me logged into the system with my administrator account, Win10 still would not let me delete folders created by Win7 that belonged to someone else. So I had to take the drive and put it back in the dusty PC and manually remove those folders. (It was just temp file stuff that SAP saved in AppData; it wasn't necessary to copy it.)

Seriously, I worked on this stupid thing almost all day, starting around 10:30-ish and with about an hour's break for lunch. Six and a half hours.

Yes, very frustrating. I'm halfway tempted to put on my steel-toed boots and kick the system all the way around the building. Once I've gotten the data off it.

* * *

At least tomorrow is Friday.

I want to get some work done on a machine this weekend. I don't know if it'll be the dirt bike, the motorized bicycle project, or what, but I want to do something. Of course, before I may do that, I'll need to put up the curtains we bought last Sunday.

The past few days I have been tired, and I think it's because of all the work I did over Memorial Day weekend. My muscles still ache a bit from all the stuff I did, which is pretty cool.

My wife has been effusing over how good the cupola looks. I'm also happy with it, and it does me proud to see that the weathervane does indeed indicate which direction the wind is from.

* * *

Probably should get off towards bed.