June 5th, 2021

#7670: I don't get why I feel wrecked today

90% of the work I did Thursday and Friday was sitting at a desk, moving a mouse. I particularly did not use my upper body very much. If anything, I'd expect my legs to be achy after climbing 50 stairs multiple times.

I know that--as one ages--it takes longer for the body to respond to challenges or insults. Is that what it is? I'm merely "feeling the burn" from the previous weekend's efforts? That seems like an awfully long time.

I think it's more likely that I simply do not realize how much physical effort I expended, because my mind was on solving the problem and not paying attention to cataloging each effort that went into it.

* * *

The laws of supply and demand work, if they are allowed to. So the price of lumber is apparently beginning to come back down from the stratosphere, because the high price is encouraging extra production while reducing demand.

We're going to have a lot of these kinds of shortages happening for a while. Our economy has largely moved to a "just in time" paradigm, but the unnecessary and ineffective lockdowns screwed that up to a considerable extent. None of the prices are going to go back to what they were before the Wuhan Flu nonsense began--the government printed too much money for that--but they should ease some.

* * *

So, "Burning Crusade" happened over on WoW Classic, and the starting zone for it--Hellfire Peninsula--has been jam-packed with players.

Seriously--I was running a quest in a sub-zone called Zeth'Gor, where you have to kill NPC orcs in order to get a certain number of quest goal objects, only because so many players were doing those quests, I had to wait for new targets to spawn. When the spawn rate is well-matched to the number of players who are in the subzone, it's actually a lot of fun.

* * *

Today, I have no plans.

I'm wanting to put up the new curtains in the master bedroom sometime this weekend. Other than that, I am going to act only as the spirit moves me.
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#7671: Enjoy it while it lasts.

Summer weather is decidedly here. When I went to pick up Chinese last night I wore shorts and flip-flops. Did the same for a brief trip to the store today. Hot, humid, sunny, puffy cumulus clouds, the whole nine yards.

Pool, however, will go up soon...and when it does, we'll get a few more days' worth of weather like this, spread across the remainder of June, and all of July and August. It's good for the electric bill, but kind of aggravating otherwise.

If we did not put the pool up this year, it would naturally be a record heat wave until October.

No, I can't win.

* * *

After the last post went up I played WoW for a little bit, just running down a couple of quests I wanted to try finishing now that Ormus was 61st level. I couldn't do them any better at 61st than I could at 60th, so I dropped them (Eastern Plaguelands, probably won't go back until much later).

Meanwhile there was a bunch of nonsense coming from the "Looking For Group" channel, mostly circling around this one dumbass (who I put on "ignore"). Typical leftist hogwash: communism is great, and when presented with the 100,000,000 deaths it caused in the 20th century (not me, someone else) "USA is bad too" because wars and Christians, and "not real communism", of course. I had to restrain myself from pointing out that even if you totaled up all the casualties in all the wars and "police actions" that the USA had done since 1945, it would not come anywhere near the hundred million political murders that communism had committed against its own citizens.

* * *

Related, representative Horseteeth can't spare any of her own money to help her own grandmother.
As you've heard, @AOC's abuela is living in a dilapidated home that was ravaged by Hurricane Maria. AOC is unable to help her own grandma for whatever reason, so I have set up this Go Fund Me campaign to save her home.
This reminds me of the story about some relative of Obama, who was living in poverty. Horseteeth, besides advocating for huge government handouts for everyone, is making a crapton of money as a congresscritter. Why can't she help her own grandmother?

Her salary is $174k a year. As we have seen with other congresscritters, like her cohort from little Somalia, that is enough income to vastly increase your net worth, to the tune of something like a million dollars a year. Why couldn't Horseteeth spend some of that money buying her granny a new house? I'm sure that it wouldn't wreck Horseteeth's standard of living at all, not when congresscritters can apparently make money appear out of thin air like that.

If you are right-wing, you won't give a dime to shit like this. If you are "conservative" you probably will.

I am not a conservative.

* * *

Speaking of Horseteeth, she somehow said with a straight face that the way to reduce crime is to stop building prisons. Apparently if there are no jails, there will be no criminals.

Now, don't you feel foolish? All along, we thought that you needed to punish criminals for their transgressions. Turns out that us thinking that way was the cause of all those crimes! Someone built a jail, and whoops! A guy raped and killed a 10-year-old. Wouldn't have happened if the jail hadn't been built!

* * *

Meanwhile, another criminal got ventilated while resisting arrest, and just guess what happened after that?

* * *

In a way, it is the fault of whites. Who do you think decides not to teach black children how to read and cipher? Who do you think spends all the lesson time teaching black children that they live in an impossibly racist society which will never, never, ever let them get ahead in any way whatsoever?

Leftist white educators teach them those things. Leftist white educators allow them to be promoted to the next grade after failing everything. Leftist white educators set the curriculum of hard left propaganda, rather than the "three Rs".

Leftist white educators, who send their own children to private schools.

It is--and always has been--the left that has told minorities that they cannot succeed without their (the left's) help. Far from wanting to empower blacks, the left wants to keep them as ignorant as possible, because that way they have a constituency who will reliably vote for them. That's why any successful black person who turns out to be anywhere to the right of Josef Stalin is pilloried and canceled: the left cannot afford for blacks to find out just how capable they actually are...and just how racist American society actually IS NOT.

Because if the blacks ever twig to the fact of just how big and long a ride they've been taken on, they will murder the left. If black opinion ever changes--well, just one fact is that some fifty million black babies have been aborted since 1974. Under slightly different circumstances, that qualifies as "genocide".

* * *

Let's just imagine what would happen to this asshat if she had said those things about black people, instead of whites. All you need to do is to read what she says and change "white" to "black" and suddenly she sounds like Hitler.

* * *

This anus thinks members of the right wing automatically have high incomes. "All conservatives should have to spend a year living off a minimum-wage job," she says.

Yes, that's exactly right. Conservatives, you see, are people who never have to worry about money, because their conservatism is the result of being wealthy since birth. The way to fix that is for them to be forced to live on minimum wage for a year, so they learn how hard it is to live on such a pittance.

...and anyone who thinks that doesn't know shit about the ideological right in this country.

If you look at the richest 1% of people in this country--especially the people who were born into that wealth!--you find that they are monotonically leftist. These are not people who have ever had to decide between Hamburger Helper and putting gas in the car; these are people who pay other people to worry about what dinner will be and how much gas is in the car.

Even when they don't get any money from their parents, the offspring of the super-wealthy have connections and opportunities which ensure they will never have to worry about paying the rent or keeping the lights on, and certainly will never have to do physical labor to earn a few bucks an hour. Peter Buffett--Warren Buffett's son--makes really bad new age records for a living and reportedly does not receive any money from his father. But do you think he ever had to survive on what he could earn as a busboy or a retail clerk or an auction porter? Or did he go right from childhood to college to grad school to a career in new age music?

If anything, I think the better prescription is for all of our elites to be forced to go two years on a minimum-wage job, where they have to be at work at a certain time and wear a nametag and a uniform and pick up trash and clean floors and-and-and...and to see just how much money they lose when the tax bill comes due, and to have to worry about how they're going to pay the bill when the price of "renewable" electricity is so damned high.

Three years. Five.

* * *

Oh, spare me, please. This kind of story always disgusts me. People lavish praise on this girl for being "brave" and "speaking truth to power" for ditching her valedictorian speech and talking instead in favor of unlimited abortion.

It takes so much bravery to stand up in front of Vladimir Lenin and tell him how wonderful of a leader he is, how intelligent and brave and wise and kind, and how his vision for communist Russia is going to usher in a glorious new future for mankind.

What? "Abortion"? Oh, sorry. No, the point I'm trying to make here is that it doesn't take any bravery whatsoever to parrot the left's party line. It doesn't take intelligence to repeat back to them the same words they've been saying to you. It's not daring to flatter them.
Lake Highlands is an upper-middle-class community in Dallas, Texas.

It went 65% for Biden in 2020 and 61% for Clinton in 2016.

The national media, pop culture, teachers' union and, Dallas school board, etc, all are Progressive.

So what did this girl do?

She threw out a speech celebrating her graduating class to give one that is pro-abortion, in front of an audience that is overwhelmingly like-minded, to the thunderous applauds of the like-minded media and pop culture.
...which is why I mentioned standing up in front of Lenin and singing his praises. Do you think Lenin would have you shot for extolling his virtues, saying how good a job he was doing?

Or do you think Lenin would have you shot if you stood up and told him that communism was bad, he was a miserable, murderous thug, and he would lead Russia to ruin if he was allowed to continue leading it?

Flattering the left wing is not brave. It's not "speaking truth to power" but praising power. It's not doing anything other than fellating the left wing. By standing up there and talking about unlimited abortion, this stupid girl took the absolute safest stance anyone can take on the issue of abortion. Far from being brave, it's gutless.

I can guarantee that if the girl had instead gotten up there and talked about how the new law was a good idea and she was glad that there would be some limits on infanticide, the microphone would have been cut in seconds and the left wing would be ablaze with indignation: "How dare she bring politics into a sacred graduation?"

* * *

And not to put too fine a point on it, if I were graduating from high school, the absolute last fucking thing I would want to hear in my graduation ceremony would be a speech about abortion, pro or con. So this is a double fail, as far as I'm concerned.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus picked up a bag of flavored popcorn, "fire-roasted street corn" flavor, and it's weird. It's meant, I think, to taste like elotes from a street vendor, with butter and spices and mayo on it.

The butter flavoring is spot on; it tastes like real butter, and the overall flavor is that of corn on the cob...but they added this weird flavor that I only just now realized was "smoke" flavor. I don't like it.

It'd probably be perfect without the smoke flavoring. Just as well; this way I won't eat any more of it.

* * *

As the day has worn on, I have started to feel less embalmed. That's progress. But I'm still not going to do anything strenuous today.