June 9th, 2021

#7675: Why do I say China is not as tightly controlled as the communists wish it were?

This is an example of why I think so.
Before you Pooh-Pooh platter this, remember that this is in China; a nation allegedly on the march to dominating the world and that for sure dominates its own citizenry. And no, this was not in Hong Kong with its subjugated western-oriented populace, nor even in Xinjiang, a province that is essentially a massive concentration/death camp for the Muslim Uighurs. This is in a major mainland city. Considering the Chi-Com penchant for physically and mercilessly crushing all dissent, the balls of these students to risk getting Rachel Corrie'd with a tank for something seemingly as petty as protesting a school policy indicates to me something deeper going on in that country. Yet, if unarmed youth who are censored and surveilled out the wazoo by an all-powerful totalitarian regime that would step on them like a bug for looking sideways are doing this, it could be a sign of deeper disaffection throughout the entire nation.
The communists do not have the control that they pretend, or wish, they had...and they are probably about three days' worth of missed meals from hanging from lamposts. Maybe a week.

* * *

Fauci claims that attacks on him and his credibility are attacks "on science" and nothing could be further from the truth, unless you're talking about the Lamarkian science that communists prefer to the real thing.

* * *

Anyone who thinks this is a good idea should not be allowed to vote. You own 55% of your house, but you pay 100% of the property tax and upkeep and-and-and??


* * *

Intel processors have backdoors in them which allow rewriting of their microcode. So, do the instructions in your encryption algorithm work the way the tech manual for the processor say they do?

* * *

These poor suckers think they can withhold taxes from the government. That won't happen. They're going to get a rather abrupt lesson on the real meaning of the tax code: "Give us your money, or we'll kill you."

Granted, properly planned and executed, a tax revolt can seriously cripple a government; but you need to be very sure that they won't sent armed goons after you. That's not a bet I'd make, especially not in 2021.

* * *

"Go f*ck yourself and die, for claiming I'm tainted or owe you something due to an accident of birth. And get out of my face, you useless shitbird." Sarah Hoyt knocks another one out of the park.

* * *

So, it's just possible that the washing machine may have died a permanent death. Today, when I came home for lunch, my wife decided to do a load of laundry. After I was back at work, she told me that the clothes she'd washed were soaking wet, indicating that they hadn't run a spin cycle.

I'm hoping "broken belt" but it's probably not the way to bet.

I had planned to come home, have some dinner, and relax...but I guess I don't get to, do I?

#7676: Belt

F-ing belt broke.

The thing is, it looks as if the pulley that goes on the transmission is just a hair out of alignment. And that would explain the noise the thing was making: when the agitator reaches the end of its counter-clockwise motion, the entire tub rotates clockwise with it, putting more load on the pulley...and if the pully had, say, ridden up in its groove, slightly, because one of the pulleys was out of alignment? THUNK, it would go, as the higher load forced it back into its groove, rather abruptly.

Until one time, it didn't, but instead came out of the groove, and got stuck between the pulley and the chassis.

On the plus side, the belt--like the lower bearing--is a standardized part and can be had from any sufficiently well-stocked hardware store. So tomorrow I'll hit up Ace with the standardized belt part number (4L320) in hand, and hopefully come home with a new one. Reinstall the transmission pulley so it's in proper alignment with the motor pulley, install belt--and test.

* * *

Right ear was bothering me yesterday. Tried to use foam earplugs while cutting the grass on the tractor, because I had them to hand and I didn't feel like going back inside to get the earmuffs (might have failed my saving throw versus comfortable). Left ear was okay but right ear hurt when I tried to put that side in, and it wouldn't go in very far.

So, at bedtime, I put in the earwax removal gunk and let it percolate for a while. Then I got back up and hosed out my ear, and managed to eject a wad of earwax just a hair smaller than one of those memory foam earplugs. Big enough that it amazes me that I could hear at all--and it hasn't been that damned long since I last did that, either!

I have always had a problem with excessive earwax, though, even though I very thoroughly wash my ears every time I shower. What a pain in the ass. Or ear, rather.

Anyway, the ear is still kind of bothering me today, so I'll probably have to give it another treatment. I don't see how there could possibly be more in there than I already got out, but it won't hurt to give it another go. Probably ought to do the other side, too.

I hate earwax.

* * *

Anyway, Wednesday is over. I'm tired.