June 12th, 2021

#7682: No, I'm not, after all.

It's really hot out today and I am just wrecked from my unexpected washing machine work on Thursday night, so I'm not working on the Jeep today.


1) Everything hurts
2) It will be twenty degrees cooler next weekend and it's going to rain today
5) Three, sir!
3) May or may not be setting up the pool this weekend.

My left shoulder in particular has been bothering me since Thursday evening. The left elbow--silent the entire day for the first time in weeks--began hurting again after that. Last night, elbow and shoulder, in concert, kept me from sleeping.

So, anyway, on with the usual bloviation.

* * *

It really is an exercise in epic, un-creative stupidity. Dark Herald fisks the article discussing "Queen Dani's Stupid Comic Book", which is the most awesome title of his post.

Related: "Your vagina is not...the center of human spirituality."

I'd like to address a point, here, that everyone seems to miss: that thing is not the vagina.

Calling a woman's pubic area a "vagina" is like calling the penis a "urethra". It's like calling your face a "mouth" or "nostrils". "Vulva" is the correct term; the vagina is a specific structure which is a part of the vulva.

When a woman takes a leak, she does not wipe her vagina afterwards; she wipes her vulva. (Wiping the vagina after urination is, in fact, counterindicated, as that causes problems like infection.)

Regardless of what you call, it, though, Advice Goddess is correct that it is not the center of human spirituality. If you think there is anything whatsoever mystical about genitals--particularly your own!--you have a pretty big problem and are in need of therapy and maybe medication.

Doubly so for these idiots who are talking about "steaming" them. The only things you need to keep your genitals clean are soap and water. Take a shower every day and wash them with soap and water, and they won't smell. If you want to "spend time" with them, to "show them you care", you can certainly do so, but no one needs to hear about it; and you should probably wash your hands afterwards.

Why does anyone listen to celebrities? Celebrities are idiots. They are people who are very good at performing, and that's all they are good at.

* * *

I read Intrepid Reporter but do not often link because some of the things he says are, ah, "inflammatory", if you get my drift...but I find some of his insights to be particularly interesting. And that link is very, very interesting.

The man himself is ex-infrantry. He was on the ground in the middle east and has seen the elephant, so to speak, up close and personal...and knows how to do things, and knows how things are done. Here, he talks about a european special forces soldier who has decided he's had enough of the Wuhan Flu bullshit and the lockdowns.
Jürgen Conings in Belgium. Now, if you haven't heard about him, let me getcha up to speed. Jürgen Conings is a Career Corporal Belgian Special Forces type. 30 years IRL Wartime shooter experience. Sniper, all around badass. About 5 weeks ago, the whole "We're locking you down for COVID again" was announced for Belgium AGAIN, well, he didn't take too kindly to that and was like "The fuck you are you bullshitin' motherfuckers!" at which point he went down, drew a metric fuckton of 'goodies' from the Arms room, as well as live ammo, and left a note on his bunk saying "I'm not locked in with you, you're locked in here with me!" and left a target list of people who he was planning on perforating.
So the government did what any government would do, right? They sent a squad of German special forces after him...which promptly disappeared, and fell out of contact.

There are two scenarios: either old Jürgen wiped out the squad of Germans, or he and the Germans joined forces and are all doing whatever it is Jürgen set out to do.

Either way? As Intrepid Reporter points out, the political purges happening to the American military are trying to drum out American versions of Jürgen Conings by the case lot. Those guys have skills that are not applicable to life in a free country at peace, but which would be extremely useful in a country which was falling to totalitarianist socialism, if you know what I mean.

These are men who can simply disappear into the wilderness, emerge from time to time to cause trouble, and disappear again. Which is a problem if the "trouble" they cause is to blow up pipelines and bridges and train tracks and power substations and....

* * *

Man, everything hurts and I didn't sleep very well. Back to bed.

#7683: It's raining now

I took Friday off because I was worn fine, but I didn't really get any extra sleep. What happened is that I got up a little while after my wife left for work, and then proceeded to stroll around the rest of the day (as opposed to running around) rather than get any, y'know, rest.

Just to clarify, I do not feel at all dissatisfied with how I spent my extra day off; I did not do anything that I did not want to. It was indeed restful for me to move at my own pace, without anything else to worry about.

...but while it was restful, I didn't really rest yesterday. Which is probably why I, after putting the last post up, went back to bed and slept until 3 PM. And now I feel fairly well-rested.

To be fair, I did not sleep at all well last night, thanks to various joints of my left arm; but I am a little embarassed to say that 3 PM on a day off is not at all atypical for either me or Mrs. Fungus.

Only a little, though. We are responsible citizens who work for our money and pay our bills.

Anyway, it's raining, and I can hear the rumble of thunder over the fan, and pretty soon it'll be time to make dinner.

* * *

Someone left a six-pack of Coke Zero hanging from our doorknob. I don't know why, but I was a little reluctant to do anything with it, out of sheer paranoia, until I realized that Joe had probably brought it over and tried to get my attention, but we were sacking it in and didn't hear the doorbell. I'll probably go visit him later this evening and ask about it.

Gee, I hope they're not moving or anything.

* * *

Baltimore is still a shithole. The city government responded to the businesses who threatened not to pay their taxes by flooding the neighborhood in question with police.

New York City, under Rudy Giuliani, showed how to get crime under control: enforce the law, all of it, and put people in jail for breaking it. Cities like Baltimore have done the exact opposite, instead deciding not to enforce "minor" crimes like shoplifting, and to stop requiring bail to be released from custody while awaiting trial. Predictably (at least if you're not a democrat) crime has skyrocketed in the places that are doing these things.

You know, it has been very common (over the past couple of decades) for the right wing to ascribe to incompetence what should not be ascribed to malice; but even the most steadfast adherent of Napoleon's maxim has to be furrowing his brows and thinking, "No one can be that fucking incompetent."

I mean, they can be--fourth generation red-diaper babies, here--but it just seems so unlikely that the incompetence could be wholesale.

* * *

Woke up from a crazy-ass dream that I was--for some reason--at a bordello, with this big galoot of a guy who was a friend of mine. Anyway he was surprised that the owner (whose nickname I, sadly, have forgotten) was a woman, and in her amusement at being identified she gave him a freebie: pick a room, pick a girl, go to town! I was at loose ends, so I wandered over into the studio, and started talking to one girl who was working on drawing manga. Apparently some of the employees of this particular brothel were manga artists, and this one worked on "Kumo", a title I really like, apparently, despite the fact that it does not actually exist. (The "Kumo" manga was a variation on WataMote, but it was not that title; nor was it the manga about the guy who gets reincarnated as giant spider.) Anyway, I was telling the artist how much I liked it, and that's about where I woke up.

I was going to try to figure it out, but there's probably no reasonable explanation that does not call my sanity into question.

* * *

Guess I'd better rustle up some grub.