June 14th, 2021

#7687: Gentlemen, I am pleased to inform you that a complete clutch kit will only cost...wait, what?

Finding not just clutches but steels for the dirt bike is proving to be a bit problematic. I can have a set of clutches shipped from Indonesia for a snip: $35. (Okay, more like a hack.) Steels, however....

Went to my favorite site for parts for the bike. A complete set of steels, clutches, and springs from there--admittedly New Old Stock Suzuki parts--$160.

I am generally an optimist (no, really!) but I am not so naive to think that this motorcycle has any parts in its clutch which are in spec. Reason 1: fifty years old. Reason 2: my brother rode it the most. My brother, who--in his adult life--gets about as much life out of an automobile transmission as I do from a set of brake pads.

I haven't decided how to proceed, yet, but I'll wager that I'll go with the eBay specials from Indonesia, and then get the steels and springs from the NOS place. That ought to keep the price of rebuilding the clutch under $100.

Well, no one said it would be cheap or easy to restore the thing. I just want it to work correctly before I take any steps towards cleaning it up, replacing the taillight, finding and installing some turn signals, and generally restoring the bike to full roadworthiness.

The electrical bits are complicated by the fact that it's a 6V electrical system, but I do not think that is a very big complication. Wonder if I could install a boost convertor for the headlight, and use a 12V bulb? That'd rule.

* * *

So, rumor has it that the Arizona audit is coming to an end, and they have found significant evidence of vote fraud--so much that Arizona's 2020 election results may be tainted.

The democrat-media complec (DMC) is trying to spin this a variety of ways, of course. No idea if they're getting traction.

So--let Arizona de-certify their results. Then what?

Biden is still president.

Let Georgia de-certify their results.

Biden is still president.

Let Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin de-certify their results, taking Biden below the 270 electoral votes needed to make him president. Guess what?

Biden is still president.

Regardless of the circumstances, the votes of the electoral college--however "fortified" they may have been--were counted on January 6, and the de-certification of the votes after they were counted has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the results of the count on January 6.

I'm telling you, it doesn't matter.

Do you think the supreme court is going to hear a case that could result in Biden being ejected from office? You must be on crack to think that. They wouldn't hear the case for the same reason they refused to hear any of the other "fortification" cases: before the vote, you don't have anything to sue over, and after the vote, it's a moot point. Well, it's now been five months since the electoral college votes were tallied.

The Constitution doesn't say that the president must maintain a certain number of electoral college votes to retain the seat for his full term; it merely says that when counted the tally must meet a certain figure. Says nothing whatsoever about what happens after the election is well over and someone discovers enough discrepancies to prove that one side cheated. There's no provision for that in the Constitution because the Founding Fathers did not expect any red-blooded American to allow things to slide this far. Of course, they existed before Karl Marx invented communism.

Anyway, point is? There's no joy going at it from the supreme court angle. That kind of case is why we even have a supreme court in the first place, but they'll punt. Congress? Ha! You can't impeach Biden; even if someone brought the articles of impeachment, the republican party lacks the will to do anything about it. Not to mention that Biden isn't the one who "fortified" the election in the first place. He's senile; he couldn't cheat at checkers against a four-year-old, let alone rig an election.

And if you think that the military will do something? Don't make me laugh! The military is compromised. Obama purged all the leaders who were not outright communists, and now the Biden regime is finishing the job. There's no way the military takes note of the results of the audit(s) and does anything other than say, "You guys just made that shit up. The 2020 election was the fairest, freest, and most honest election in US history." Creative interpretation of their oaths keeps them from doing anything. "The commander in chief tells me who the enemies, 'foreign and domestic', are!"

(Oh, so if Trump had told you that antifa were insurrectionists, you would have been 100% behind going to war against them? Don't all of you answer at once or anything.)

What other ways could Trump be restored to the presidency? Anyone who said "the 2024 election", get out, and don't come back until you have thoroughly reviewed all the material on the 2020 election and its "fortification". A lot of states are tightening up their voting laws, but there are three years and five months until the 2024 elections and a lot of lawsuits can be filed in that time, all designed to overturn the new laws. And, by the way? If the democrat voter fraud bill becomes law, millions of lawsuits citing federal supremacy will be filed, and just guess which way the supreme court finds for that case.

A rebellion? Even if there was a huge rebellion, so big that the feds couldn't beat it, it wouldn't be able to install Trump as president. I think the most likely scenario here is that the US would split into two countries. One would be the United States; the other would be something else. "Republic of America", call it. USA would claim that RoA was part of it, the same way China claims Taiwan is part of China. USA would have representatives and senators from the "states in rebellion" who were appointed by congress to fill the seats of those states--everyone pretending really hard that the RoA was still part of the USA--but because the RoA would have fought the USA to a standstill there would not be very much USA could do about it. Same way that China risks everyone in the world coming down on their ass if they seize Taiwan. (At least, right now.)

Aliens coming down from outer space and stopping the world for one day to prove that Trump won? Maybe. But when you're hoping for an intervention by the galactic overlord, you're really grasping at straws.

No, simple fact is, Biden is president, the Gangster Party has seized complete control of the nation, and we're stuck with riding this runaway train all the way to the end of the track.

...which is not to say they are going to retain control for very long. Sarah Hoyt's best estimate is that we're in for six months to a year of complete and egregious suck, massively perilously shitty suck, worse than the worst suck you've ever experienced, and then some. But then they cannot control things any further and they lose power, and I'd wager that the elites who don't flee in their Gulfstream G5s end up dangling from lampposts and a new government is installed, one that must basically start from zero.

Also no fun...but I expect we'll at least be free again.

* * *

Massive explosion and fire at a plant which makes lubricants. Lubricants for machine tools if I'm not mistaken.

Yeah, not good. Surely it's just an accident, not anything like something done on purpose by hackers or anything. Right?

* * *

Anyway, got some curtains to hang, so I'd better get to it.

#7688: Got the curtains up, anyway

Curtains in the master bedroom are done. And they look fantastic. So, I'm happy with them, and my wife is happy with them, and that's what counts.

The only thing remaining is to get a ceiling fixture (probably a fan) and we'll be ready for carpeting.

But with that completed, I can now work on dirt bike, as I see fit.

* * *

So, someone tried to spin the Iranian punishment for homosexuality (castration) as "government-paid gender confirmation surgery". No, really! I can't find the article now, of course.

* * *

Ridiculously nice day today. I rode the bike back to work after lunch; and when I was riding home I took a little detour. Then I remembered that today was Monday and that's cruise night here in the Fungal Vale. So I took a ride down main street and yes indeed, it was lined with classic cars.

So I want to get Buttercup running and over to the mechanic for a proper tune-up, and then if they can make her start reliably I'm going to start coming home half an hour early on Mondays and participate in cruise night again. That'd be fun!

But of course I've also got to get underneath and do something about the seals on the power steering. *sigh*

* * *

Anyway, that's Monday. Guess I need to go to bed in order to prepare for Tuesday. What a world.