July 1st, 2021

#7716: ACHES

Swept the patio and split some firewood, then worked on the bike a little more.

The cables--throttle and clutch--are way too long. I can probably shorten the clutch cable without too much trouble, but the throttle cable has nibs at both ends--a little one on the carb end and a big one on the grip end. Argh.

Well--anyway, the only things left to install are the gas tank, the chain, and its tensioner. Then I get to try starting it, assuming I can get the clutch to work right. *sigh*

Rather than try starting the bike by riding it, I might take the clutch cover off and try cranking the thing with a power screwdriver. We'll see.

* * *

So, it's marvelously cool and dry. The weather today was ridiculously nice, so after lunch I rode the bike back to work.

The back yard is still a swamp, and the front grass needs cutting again. *sigh*

* * *

Not too much here to talk about or comment on. I'm pretty wiped out.

I may need to go see a physical therapist about this dang back of mine. It's fine until I bend over, or spend any time sitting and leaning forward; then the muscles all cramp up and it just hurts.

* * *

So, I figured out how to fix the speaker problem I've had--you know, where my computer speakers lose the right channel.

Pull the input plug, short the rings and tip together, and then mirabile visu the right channel comes back.

* * *

Gonna listen to a few songs and then go to bed, I think.