July 18th, 2021

#7740: Motor on its way

One of those auctions on Ebots where you can make an offer. I basically got shipping for free. No complaints.

Motor includes the centrifugal switch, so once it's here I can toss it into the washer and--hopefully--actually wash clothing again without having to go to the laundromat.

IDK, it's half an hour to wash a load of clothes there. Mom used to do it all the time in the 1980s: take 2-3-4 loads of dirty clothes over, wash them, bring them back, and then dry them one by one in the dryer. I'm not recommending this as a way to do things all the time, but half an hour out of a weekend is a minor inconvenience.

Anyway, that's all I did this weekend. Tried to fix the washer, failed, went to laundromat with Mrs. Fungus, bought her an ice cream cone, and then put the clothing in the dryer. Sat at my PC playing Hexiom Connect for a while, then eventually went to bed.

Today, made a conscious decision simply to stay in bed as much as possible, in order to rest my back. That lasted until about 4-ish, when my back started to hurt (I can't win) so I got up and did some WoW.

I don't know--I just feel flat today. It's warm and humid outside--uncomfortable but not really hot--and I just don't feel like doing anything at all. Ennui, but on steroids.

* * *

Nothing in the news really catches my interest. It's all the usual bullshit. Texas democrats fled to D.C. so that the Texas legislature won't have a quorum and can't pass the voter ID law there. Illegals can't vote if they have to show ID, after all.

Three of those democrats have Wuhan Flu, and probably infected a good 2/3 of the others in the $100,000 chartered flight they took without wearing masks. The vice-resident commie Harris met with those fuckers and refuses to quarantine. The usual "rules for thee but not for me" stuff.

Meanwhile the same democrats who just love it when millions of mexicans illegally cross the border can't be fucked to help out Cubans who are actual refugees of oppression. Reason: ex-Cubans won't vote for socialism; they've lived it already and are trying to get away from it.

Naked. Transparent.

...nine democrat fuckheads arrested for protesting something-or-other in the capitol building. They're democrat politicians, though, so they're out on bail, even as the January 6th folks are still being held in conditions that make Guantanimo Bay look like a country club. (Which it already basically is.) Same crime, different treatment. I think that if two people commit a crime, and one of them is an important politician who gets off scott-free while the prole gets the book thrown at him, the law should automatically be null and void and the prole's infraction stricken. And maybe compensate the guy for what happened to him.

* * *

Anyway, tomorrow is Monday. I can only hope that the week passes as quickly as last week did. That would be nice.