August 3rd, 2021

#7762: That's not what you want to see

I rode the bike back to work after lunch again today--stunning weather--but when I got home, rather than put it away right after getting home I had a look at the NE corner of the garage, with the intent to do something about making things better.

Well, back said, "No, better not," but before it did I managed to clean up a little bit.

So while I was doing all this I chanced to look at the motorized bicycle's rear wheel, and was gobsmacked by the fact that one of the spokes had been torn right out of the rim! Another one was bent pretty badly, and the spoke-mounted reflector was askew.

How did I not notice that last week?

I suppose it was because the light was failing and it was blisteringly hot outside and I was tired. It's not something you expect to see, anyway--but the spoke nipple had obviously pulled right through the rim, and was now hovering in space--and I'll bet that's the source of my "weirdness with the chain". Probably that spoke got caught in the motor drive chain and made that CLUNK! I heard a couple times.

So I'm going to have to figure out what to do about this.

Looks as if I can get a new rear wheel for $60-ish, then transfer the gears to it. Might be easier just to buy some spokes and replace the bad ones--but the way that nipple pulled through the rim, I'm not sure I can fix it. My idea of converting the thing into a fat bike would require too much alteration of the frame, so that's a non-starter.

Then there's this which converts a bicycle into a trike. Now, put fat tires on that bitch, and your only problem then is where to mount the sprocket for the engine....

Or buy a whole trike for $30 more. Heh.

Well, it's not an emergency, and the wheel is more than strong enough with a spoke missing. I'll just have to do some more tinkering, I guess.

* * *

So, getting home from work after 5 PM is a conditioned reflex. Once I'm home, I need to hit the can. Not sure what effect the cashews have on all this but there's nothing like being regular. Er, consistent.

I spent my entire day today working on tablets--literally my entire day. Seven tablets for the far offsite--I got five of them done yesterday (having spent most of yesterday on them, but for the trip to the near offsite to drop off that phone) but two weren't adding their email accounts right, so I left 'em overnight in case they wised up. They didn't so I spent my morning getting them to behave; and then I spent my afternoon working on getting them connected to the APN and making sure all their software worked on both WiFi and APN.

"APN" means "Access Point Name" and it's a kind of VPN that uses a cellular connection instead of WiFi. Apparently paying me to configure sixteen tablets is cheaper than installing WiFi all over the site.

All of this would go a lot faster if they hadn't taken away our company cell phones. That's why I didn't take that phone to the near offsite until afternoon: I was using its data connection to save me some time on getting those tablets configured. Corporate cells phones have unlimited data and it's a heck of a lot easier to use a hotspot to configure these tablets than it is to use the corporate WiFi. Before the tablet is set up to access the main WiFi network, you have to do this convoluted and annoying procedure to get the thing to connect to one of the other wifi networks. But the alternate network is slow and you have to enter the device's MAC in a database, then log in with this stupid-long password; and then, partway through the setup process, switch over to the main WiFi network.

Hot spot? Connect to it and go. You still need to switch over partway through the setup, but there's no fooling around with the MAC database and such.

Anyway, got all seven of these things configured and doing what they need to do, even though it took me two days because convoluted and stupid process is convoluted and stupid.

* * *

There's this YotoTubb channel, "TheCorvetteBen", and he fixes up Corvettes (mostly C3). The thing is, he sounds exactly like a guy I knew in high school. It's not--this guy's too young and too mechanically adept--but every so often it kind of throws me off.

I wouldn't mind having a C3 Corvette but we've already got one classic muscle car we don't drive. I need to get cracking on that Mustang.

For crying out loud, I need to get cracking on everything. I have more shit on my "to do" list than hours in the day.

* * *

Anyway, Tuesday is finished. Soon, it will be Wednesday, and a new workday will begin. But that's later.