August 4th, 2021

#7763: The democrats are ignoring the Constitution. What did you expect?

So, the supreme court ruled that the CDC does not have the power to emplace a moratorium on evictions. That one's pretty much a no-brainer: CDC's mandate is controlling and preventing the transmission of disease. Rental contracts have nothing to do with that.

However, the democrats think that the supreme court's opinions don't matter. I, for one, really wish we'd known that simply ignoring a supreme court decision was on the table. That would have put Roe v. Wade into an entirely different perspective, wouldn't it?

Of course the fact is that the other branches of government may not ignore the decisions of the supreme court. Ordinarily. Previously. Prior to the 2020 election fiasco.

Now that it's 2021, however?
Biden is admitting that Constitutional scholars and the Supreme Court said that what he wants to do is illegal, but he's going to have the CDC do it anyway, because fuck 'em, who's going to stop him while he runs out the clock.

This is the essence of despotism.

The President is knowingly, willfully, deliberately, and brazenly violating the law, but doesn't care because he's in control of Federal Law Enforcement and his party won't impeach him, so he can do what he wants because nobody is going to stop him.
But, hey--at least he doesn't emit mean tweets.

That's it, my friends. "Checks and balances" is history and we now have a dictator in the white house. When you have the executive branch knowingly and deliberately ignoring the decisions of any other branch of government--

It's actually kind of amazing to see.

"A lot of legal scholars are going to learn a lot of hard lessons real soon."

Here's the thing: Roberts has to convene an emergency session of the supreme court. He blockquotes a comment to a prior entry:
What will Chief Justice John Roberts do?

That will tell you how this CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS will be resolved.

What needs to be resolved? Whether SCOTUS and the US Court System are still Equal Independent Powers under the US Constitution. Or is SCOTUS just a debating society that can be ignored by the Exective.Branch when convenient?

Chief Justice Roberts has to call the Court back into session this week, or admit that his "deep concerns" about the power and legitimacy of SCOTUS he expressed as he ducked hard decisions and even changed his vote are absolute BS. He will confirm he is a pusillanimous failure.

Chief Justice John Roberts will DESTROY SCOTUS if he does not act.

Minority Leaders McConnell and McCarthy both better get off their butts and start screaming loud and hard, or the Congress will soon be neutered like the US Court System.
They're not going to. The majority is happy with the situation. They've got the presidency in perpetuity--2020 election "fortification" is what we're getting from now on if the Gangster Party has anything to say about it--so they don't mind setting such a precedent.

But right now, though it may not seem like it, we're staring a constitutional crisis right down the throat--and it's not even the first one we've had this year.

* * *

I think China is broadcasting its intention to invade Taiwan.

* * *

Taliban is demonstrating how a force armed only with rifles can thwart a better-armed adversary. That whole "nukes and F-15s" argument:
The Taliban is not shooting Afghan jet fighters out of the sky in dogfights.

They are shooting pilots and trained repair technicians on the ground when the planes land to rearm.
There is one airplane which is armored against fire from ground level, and it's not one the Air Force likes to use: the A-10 Warthog. It's a ground support plane, and it needs to be armored, because everyone you're trying to hit on the ground will be shooting at you.

Even if the opfor has air superiority, it has to maintain it.

* * *

Spent another day in the office, mainly clicking on things. Had to do some inventory work that consumed the bulk of my day. But the good thing is that there were tickets for everything I did, so I closed rather a lot of tickets.

Another ridiculously nice day, so I rode the bike again after lunch.

* * *

It hasn't rained, so the grass isn't really growing. I had to water the plant my wife bought this past spring as it was starting to look a little droopy.

* * *

Watching "Bikes and Beards" channel again--they bought a nonrunning motorcycle at auction and had to rebuild the engine because the previous owner had firewalled the throttle and burned up the rear tire, in the process utterly destroying the piston. I mean, the piston was in pieces at the bottom of the crankcase; the crank was bent. The cylinder and cylinder head were ruined.

...$83 in parts, they said. $83? That's got to be some kind of dealer discount thing or something because, holy shit, remember how I lamented that every minor part I buy for my bike seems to cost $20? Chain: $20. Gasket kit: $20. But the stator was like $60 and a replacment regulator was $30 and--

Oh well.