September 2nd, 2021

#7799: This is my shocked face. No, really.

You could knock me over with a feather right now, I'm so damned shocked and surprised at this revelation. Remember the big to-do about the woman with the totally female penis at the Korean spa in Los Angeles? How the people protesting his her admission to the place were transphobes who don't understand that he she was a woman and had every right to be there?

Well, guess what: he she is a totally female serial sex offender. That's right! "She" has been caught committing sexual offenses before, and just guess what those offenses were?

Felony indecent exposure

So "she" is, in fact, a pervert who is sexually excited by exposing her totally female penis to unsuspecting women and--given the "felony" part--underage girls.

And yeah, this really is my shocked face. Who could possibly have seen this coming?

* * *

These people are very angry, and with cause:

Parents telling off the school board from Natomas school district over the marxist teacher who got caught talking about how he has 180 days to turn kids into communists.

I'm laughing at the commentary near the 6-minute mark. The school board called a "5-minute recess" and then escaped out of the back door rather than get yelled out by JUSTIFIABLY OUTRAGED PARENTS.

But after that, it gets GOOD.

Typical communists. They can't take the heat when faced with righteous anger.

I'd be really happy if the Wuhan Flu shutdown and this kind of nonsense led to the whole public school system being wrecked. If there is any government institution in this country that needs to go away, it's the fucking socialized educational system.

* * *

I thought those "far right groups" had been discredited as being FBI shills. One of the cofounders of one of those groups was discovered to be in like Flint with the FBI, FFS.

* * *

Reporters finally unhappy with antifa after one of their own is assaulted by a mob of assholes.

Yeah, behold the field where I grow my fucks, and witness that it is barren.

* * *

"The incompetence on display in that country is just the latest episode of blundering from a federal government that increasingly cannot do anything it should." The interesting thing is that the federal government spends so much money on everything, and the press is so beholden to it, that it looks as if it is successful--but it's not.
If the federal government can't win a war, can't preserve law and order, can't secure its own seat of governance, can't control the border, and can't defend the idea of America, then what can it do? Well, it can collect taxes. It can also guarantee lucrative employment for a class of elite mediocrities who will never endure consequences for their growing list of failures. As I write this, the president is reported to have refused to fire anyone for the Afghanistan disaster. That isn't because the buck stops with him; sacking someone would just be, as Axios reports, "tantamount to admitting a mistake."
The real hell of it is, all those things aren't an issue of "cannot" but WILL not.

Win a war? With the military saddled with all kinds of rules of engagement that prevent actually defeating the enemy? No. They simply will not win a war.

Preserve law and order? They're perfectly capable of imprisioning people for entering the Capitol building. They're also capable of sending people to prison for defending their lives and property against antifa thugs. They simply will not preserve law and order.

Control the border? They want unrestricted immigration. Illegal border crossings nearly disappeared under Trump, but came back with a vengeance as soon as Biden was installed. All the government ever had to do to stop illegal immigration was simply to enforce laws already on the books...and they don't. They simply won't close the border.

Defend the idea of America? Most of the shitheads in the ruling class went to high dollar universities which charge more for annual tuition than the median income in this country, and after graduating from those universities they were absolutely convinced that "the idea of America" is not only racist and bigoted and sexist, but also fraudulent. Why would they ever defend that?

But you know, the simple fact is that the government can't do these things because the people running it will not. And the end effect is the same, anyway. Regardless of why, the United States is clearly a country in decline, and whether the self-styled elites mean to do it or not, the fact is that it's happening.

* * *

Related: I have said and said and said that Social Security will not be there when I'm old enough to retire. Looks like anyone collecting SS benefits has, at best, fourteen years to collect them, after which it's adios muchachos.

I might get a couple of years' worth of payments out of them, before it all goes to shit; but that 2034 estimation is assuming that nothing else goes wrong, you know, like the dollar losing "reserve currency" status due to hyperinflation.

Right now, the only reason the dollar isn't toilet paper stems from the fact that the entire world needs to pretend really hard that it's not. The instant the world has any alternative, the dollar is going to be literally worthless. The paper it's printed on will be worth more than the face value of the bill, no matter how many zeroes they put on it.

"Honey, I got my social security payment! We're trillionaires! I'm going to the store to buy a loaf of bread with it!" Except by the time he gets to the store, even a trillion dollars won't buy a loaf of bread. But there's a guy in the parking lot who will sell you a loaf of bread out of his trunk for a silver dollar coin, and if you're lucky that loaf of bread will be up to 85% organic. (The other 15% will be concrete or melamine or styrofoam.)

* * *

Pixy gets this one right.
Amazon is trying to block Starlink at the FCC because Amazon sucks, says Starlink. (Ars Technica)

While these statements are self-serving on the part of Starlink, they are nonetheless accurate. Starlink is active now with 100,000 Beta customers and 1700 satellites, where Amazon's competing Kuiper service has yet to launch anything whatsoever.

Amazon has not had a single meeting with the FCC this year about issues raised with its own planned service, but has found time to have fifteen meetings to complain about Starlink.
Trying to use the federal government to hamper the competition--that's the common haven for those that can't do things.

* * *

It looks like one of the Ultima games, FFS. Googe Maps on an NES--that's hilarious.

* * *

Man, today--today was pretty craptastic.

I had to run to the far offsite to replace a PC, to the near one to work on a monitor (which was already fixed when I got there) and got back to my office just in time for the meeting.

The thing is, over the past couple of weeks, my boss has been telling the on-site support folks how we have to fill out our time cards when we're late for work. And today she had an HR person on with her to explain how the whole thing is supposed to work. And holy shit--

Here's how it's supposed to work: let's say you're maybe 10 minutes late. What you have to do is to mark your timesheet with 0.25 hours of something or other, depending on whether or not your PTO balance is positive. You can then ask the supervisor if you can work 0.25 hours over to make up for the time, and if she approves it, you can make up the time and won't spend the 0.25 hour of PTO (or not get paid if your balance is 0 or negative).

This makes sure you get dinged for being late. The idea is to disincentivize tardiness etc.

The problem came in when one of the OSS techs asked about her morning today. She lives in the area of New England which was hit by massive storms yesterday, and--despite leaving early for work this morning--got to work 15 minutes late, through no fault of her own. (Tornadoes, massive flooding, a whole lot of no fun.) Was this enough, she said, to cost her the "perfect attendance" PTO bonus?

HR person said "yes", and explained why. And when she was challenged on that point, the basic answer was, "That's how it is, suck it." Though it was said a lot more diplomatically, that's what she essentially said.

Well, the coworker went ballistic, not that I blame her. The HR drone sounded very upset, like she was going to start crying after that, and once she was finished and it was just us and our boss again, other folks spoke up, and it was pretty bad. People who are normally very positive about the job we do (even its downsides) were speaking up and making pointed comments about the situation.

No one was happy about it. Which is rather understating the situation.

The thing is, most of the OSS people worked for the last company to provide IT services for this company. These people left the employ of the old company and signed on with the new one. A lot of them took pay cuts, and their vacation times were cut, and some other things happened, but they stayed anyway. Now--23 months after starting under the new company--now they're being told that they have to track their time to an obsessively fine resolution and that if they're late, ever, for any reason, some perks are taken away, "too bad, so sad". (But not really.) of the techs said, "That was a very unfortunate phone call," which is business-speak for "holy fuck are these people are treating us shitty!"

Myself, I think it's stupid, and I hate it as much as they do, but on the other hand I just don't give a fuck any more. All I need to do is to read some posts of the Fungus from when I worked at the shithole, taking billing calls for $Major_Wireless, and I feel enormously better.

The thing is? I get that you need to make sure your people are on-site, where they should be, on time and every day. I get that you don't want them to come in when they feel like it, and leave when they feel like it.

But at the same time, treating people who work in a job with a certain level of professionalism--and who have demonstrated it time and again--like you'd treat teenagers working the drive-through at a fast-food restaurant--it's just not smart.

I feel fairly confident that today, that HR woman convinced several of my colleagues to find work elsewhere. It's not what she intended to do, but it's what she sure as hell did--and our organization is going to be poorer for it.

* * *

Huh? Not me! Even with this stupid crap, I'm still making more money than I ever made before, I still have my own office with a window, and I can come home for lunch.

...true, the "office with window" is going away sometime in the next year or so. Moving my base of operations to the near offsite may make coming home for lunch a little harder. But you know, I can deal. It's fine.

* * *

As for me, I went to see the dentist. He confirmed my suspicion that the tooth that lost the crown is not salvageable. So it's got to come out, and he said I could do an implant or a partial. He doesn't do implants, but having learned how much they cost, I'm not going that route anyway.

Dentist said he could take the remains of the tooth out, but didn't want to, owing to the fact that it's in such bad shape. If it didn't come out nicely, "It'd look like a war zone in there." So I'll have to go to the oral surgeon for that. Not really a problem, just annoying, but once it's gone I guess that's when we start figuring out what to do about the rest of the problem.

The thing is, getting a partial, I won't notice it when it's not in. With the crown gone off that tooth, the only difference I feel is that there's nothing under the upper teeth on that side. You'd never know it, just looking at me. So I'm not worried about getting me some store teeth.

As previously mentioned, Mom went to full dentures sometime in her mid-50s, so I'm ahead of that situation. The other thing is, they're working on a way to regenerate tooth enamel--a simple treatment that could be done by anyone, no less, easy as brushing your teeth!--and if it's ever approved by the FDA then people will get a lot fewer cavities etc.

* * *

I suppose I should go do something, but there isn't anything I feel like doing. Hit a lull in WoW so I don't feel like playing. Can't play the game Mrs. Fungus bought without my shoulder hurting--

You know, that really annoys me. Back in grade school, one year, the gym teacher had us doing this thing where we'd be upright on our knees, let ourselves fall forward, and then catch ourselves and do a kind of reverse push-up. When I got home from school that day, there was a twinge in my left shoulder.

...and ever since then, I've had the occasional flare-up of bursitis. Over the past few weeks, if I hold any kind of mobile device in front of myself for too long, my shoulder starts hurting. That includes video game controllers. Argh etc.

* * *

So, Nissin makes a variety of Cup Noodles called "Stir Fry", and the particular flavor I had today is "Korean BBQ", and it tastes great. I think I'll have to go back to the store and buy more of this.

* * *

Well: tomorrow is Friday, and then we get a 3-day weekend, so I can't complain too much.